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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2021

Multiple witness case of UFO and tall humanoid beings in Russian encounter

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Malyi Byadan Lake, Balyktah, Megino-Kangalasskiy area
Yakutiya, East Siberia Russia

Date: August 17, 1990

Time: 1740

Three schoolgirls, Maria Dyakonova, 7th grade, Anya Mohnachevskaya, 6th grade and Lilya Artemyeva of the 6th grade were gathering berries near the dry lake of Malyi Byadan, located 3 km from the village of Balyktah and had decided to take a short break. Suddenly they heard a strange sound on the northern slope of a hill which at first they took for the engine of a helicopter. The sound then they could tell began approaching their location. At that point, it became similar to the sound of a “Druzhba” (a car?). They looked up and saw a large rotating round object, golden in color, flying in their direction. It resembled two saucers joined at the bottoms. The girls became terribly frightened and hid in the hollows of the slopes, from which they were able to watch the object. The craft hovered in the air just above the ground. It was about 200 meters from the witnesses. The object appeared higher than a 1-story building and was about six meters in diameter. Neither windows nor doors were visible on it.

The surface was very smooth. It looked polished. Soon a hatch opened in the bottom of the object and a ladder jutted out of it. Two very tall humanoids descended on the ladder to the ground. They wore shiny silvery suits. The ladder was immediately taken back inside the hatch and the hatch closed. The terrified girls watched the huge entities walking side by side. The beings walked strangely without bending their knees while moving. They stopped next to a motorcycle apparently left there by another berry picker (Grigoriy Sotknikov). The aliens then proceeded to inspect the motorcycle very closely, apparently taking it apart and then putting it back together. They spoke among themselves in an unusual loud hoarse voice (similarly to someone with a cold). Their speech was completely alien and incomprehensible. The beings wore something resembling shiny covers or metallic plates on their knees. Both were more than 3 meters in height. The right arm of both aliens was very long, and the left arm was somehow twice as short (the aliens apparently wore some type of devices on their right arms). The aliens had round black eyes and thin mouths. Their noses appeared to be covered also by metallic plates (apparently respirators). On their heads they had what appeared to be antennas on both sides. After studying the motorcycle, the aliens returned to their flying machine. As they began walking back to the object the aliens turned around and stared in the direction of the girls, who became even more frightened, jumping out of their hiding places and running home. During the investigation, two more witnesses were located, a 27-year old woman named Elena Zyryanova from Moscow and a middle-aged local resident named Elena Arturovna Sotnikova the sister of motorcycle owner Grigoriy Sotknikov. They were able to confirm the girl’s report.

Source: I. Kychkin “Socialist Yakutiya” August 23, 1990

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