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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2021

Miniature UFO inside Nashville home!

by: Char Touchstone

It was Saturday, December 5, 2020. Very early on this morning, maybe around 2 a.m., I awakened because there was a small object in my room that was odd shaped, with what looked like metal wiring sticking out from all sides. It was a sort of round square shape, if that makes sense. It reminded me of the Borg vessel in Star Trek, but it was not as perfectly shaped or “neat” looking. It was about the size of a football and it was lighting up one side of my room in front of the window facing my backyard. I thought, “Am I awake or asleep?” I was definitely awake. Then I thought, “My God, this must look exactly like what Mom described in her experience.” [More on this later – Editor] I watched it for a while. I was not afraid. I realized I was being watched and felt this is what woke me up, the being watched – as if you feel someone staring at you. I could tell there were two beings inside. Somehow, I knew they were just watching me and nothing was going to “happen.”

It first emanated a soft white light, like a glow, all around it, radiating in a disc shape all around it, which did not make sense because the object itself was not disc-shaped at the moment. Then the light turned to lilac or lavender, then back to white.

It next turned on its side, changed shape to a disc, but still football sized, and then it totally and instantly disappeared, and all the light was gone. It was dark as could be in my room again.

I went back to sleep with no issues (which is extremely odd for me to be able to do under normal circumstances), just amazed.

Of note, about a year or so ago, I was opening blinds in my room before I left for work. As I opened the blinds in my bathroom, which also looks to my backyard, I saw an immense ship, the typical saucer shape. It was just above the sky tree-line in the distance. It was at least the size of two football fields and just sat there. I was shocked, and then it very, very slowly descended toward the ground, disappeared, and that was it. That was my first time to see one.

Editor’s Note: Char and I have shared a number of interesting synchronistic experiences over the last couple of years. In regard to her above story, this report came to me when I was deeply involved in pondering cases of miniature UFOs. It reminded me of John Keel’s statement of how just as he was pondering a certain type case or theory he’d suddenly receive an account(s) that would seemingly further confirm it. Here’s an example of that, plus details on her mother’s alien encounter back in 1957, that I wrote about in my Reality Checking column back in the July 2019 issue [to be found at the lower portion of that feature]: http://www.apmagazine.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1340&Itemid=53

The mention of how odd it was to Char that afterwards she went soundly back to sleep after this extraordinary experience seems also noteworthy to me. I have heard of this type of thing from too many other experiences over the years. Some researchers have speculated that people have been induced by alien beings to go back to sleep or to lapse into unconsciousness as a result of an encounter. Another possibility to consider is how the experiencer may be psychologically overwhelmed by what he/she is perceiving and thus temporarily shuts down.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023