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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2021

Hosted by Brent Raynes


Clas Svahn (born 1958) is a Swedish journalist and UFO researcher. He is employed by Sweden’s largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter since 1990 and has worked as a professional journalist since 1978. In 1974 he founded a small UFO group in his hometown Mariestad and joined the nationwide group UFO-Sweden. During 1991 to 2013 he was the chairman of that organization and is now its international director and vice chairman. Since 2017, he has been chairman of Archives for the Unexplained, AFU, an archive he has been actively involved with since the early 1980’s.

He is also a member of the Euro UFO Networks steering committee.

Svahn has published nearly 30 books on different topics, many of them about UFOs and ”the unknown” but also about cults and unusual natural phenomena. He is often representing UFO-Sweden and AFU in the media and gives lectures. He is also the editor of the magazine UFO-Aktuellt.

Two contributions of Svahn’s that are available in English are some material he wrote for UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry by Michael Swords and Robert Powell ed [Anomalist Books, 2012] and his book Files of the Unexplained [AFU, 2019].

He is married to Anneli and has two sons.

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