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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2021

A Story About How a Non-human Intelligence Outsmarted a Crop Circle Hoaxer

by: Joseph Burkes, M.D.


I met David Kingston in 1997 in Southern England. He was a crop circle investigator. In addition, he served as a tour guide of what are called “sacred sites” such as the Paleolithic stone circles at Stonehenge and Avebury. I will always remember his great dedication to both the contact and the UFO truth movements, his energy as an organizer and his kindness as a host. While visiting with David, he told me about an amazing conversation that he had with a young American writer and confessed crop circle hoaxer. His name is Mr. James Schnabel. A talented author, perhaps best known for his well-researched 1997 book “Remote Viewers”, Mr. Schnabel was a major player in the campaign to “debunk” investigations into the crop circle phenomenon. Apparently, he became quite skilled at hoaxing crop formations in an attempt “to prove” that the phenomenon was merely man-made. It was around the time that two elderly men popularly known as “Doug and Dave” made the ambitious claim that they were responsible for virtually all the crop formations during the previous decade. In 1992 Jim Schnabel won second prize in a crop circle-making contest held for hoaxers.

Rumors that the Security Services were Operating against Crop Circle Investigators.

During the early 1990s, many crop circle investigators were concerned that paid intelligence operatives were carrying out disruptions of their studies into the genuine phenomenon. One enterprising investigative writer went by the name of Armen Victorian. By using a ruse during a taped phone conversation with Mr. Schnabel, Victorian actually managed to get Schnabel to admit that he was part of just such an intelligence operation. Mr. Schnabel later claimed that he was aware that the caller was trying to trick him and that he went along with Victorian as a joke. The tape and transcript of the Victorian-Schnabel interview in my opinion told a very different story. Reviewing the audio file in preparation for sharing this story many years ago, I was left with the distinct impression that Mr. Schnabel was on the level when he described an international intelligence operation to disrupt crop circle investigations because of a fear in high places that the genuine circles were being created by sinister and possibly even satanic forces.

A Counter-intelligence Operative Comes Clean

With this as an introduction, let us return to what I heard from David Kingston while I was visiting with him in 1997. He told me that sometime in the mid-1990s, Jim Schnabel had attended a public lecture and slide presentation in which David and another crop circle investigator were the speakers. (I can’t recall the name of David’s co-worker; it might have been Paul Vigay.) After the presentation was over, Jim reportedly took David and the other presenter aside and told them the following story. He confessed that as the result of a very disturbing experience, he would no longer be hoaxing circles. The following narrative is in my opinion a re-affirmation of the incredible psi capabilities of a non-human intelligence responsible for genuine crop circles. According to David, Jim told him that it was his custom as leader among the hoaxers to meet with his team well in advance of the time they had scheduled to go out into the fields to create a crop formation. At such meetings, over some food and a couple of beers, with paper and pen they designed the specific pattern to be created. As a group they agreed on which field would be the best place for their mischief.

Consciousness Link Was Revealed by the Genuine Crop Circle Makers

As the story goes, on at least one occasion when they arrived at their selected target under the cover of darkness, Jim was surprised to find already cut into the crops the exact pattern that they had previously agreed to create. Convinced that there had to be a security leak, Jim decided to change the plan. He announced to his team that he alone would design the formation. No collective drawings were made and he alone would choose the targeted field. Sharing this information with no one, he led the team out into the field. To his shock and dismay, the exact configuration that he alone had mentally designed was once again already cut into field!

According to David, Jim Schnabel described himself as a devote Christian. David told me that this shocking incident probably challenged some of Jim’s most basic spiritual beliefs and was very upsetting to the young man. For these reasons, Jim possibly felt compelled to share the story with others who were knowledgeable about the power and scope of the genuine phenomenon. In any case, Jim was reportedly speaking “off the record” and asked that they not publicize his account of why he would not be hoaxing crop circles anymore.

After my summer visit to England in 1997, I unfortunately did not keep up with David’s activities. Responsibilities at home and my medical work kept me out of the UFO field for almost a decade. I had wanted to find out from David the name of the other investigator that was present when Jim Schnabel shared the details of his upsetting experience as a crop circle hoaxer. Now it’s too late. David is gone and this report becomes just another rumor. If true however, it is another amazing demonstration of how non-human intelligence, as it has been said, “can access your consciousness as readily as you or I access light by turning on a wall switch.”

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