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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2021

Encounter With an Alien Craft and a "Green Goblin" A High Strangeness Case in Puerto Rico

by: Jorge Martín – Journalist and UFO researcher

Several UFO related incidents have occurred in sector Paraíso, located in the Rio Abajo area, between the municipalities of Fajardo and Ceiba, in the east of Puerto Rico. Paraíso sector is located at the foothills in the eastern region of the El Yunque rain forest.

Some of those incidents showed aspects of high strangeness, due to their unique details, and are an excellent example of the fantastic reality that permeates the events originating in El Yunque forest.

Mr. Edwin Rodríguez Castro, one of the witnesses to an incident in 1980 that had to do with a mysterious elongated craft that left El Yunque rainforest and flew over the town of Fajardo and then descended on the San Pedro airport, contacted me to inform me of his version of the facts. I visited him at his residence in Villa Carolina, in the municipality of Carolina, together with fellow researcher architect William Santana Font, and he told us what he saw in terms similar to those previously reported by other Fajardo witnesses. But Mr. Rodríguez and his family told us about other incidents that we report here, which occurred previously in the aforementioned sector of Paraíso and at his residence in Villa Carolina.

By 1979, the Rodríguez spouses had a farm in Paraíso sector, and sometimes they spent days up there. Their land bordered to the west by the mountains of the federal forest.

One night in November of that year, Rodríguez's wife, Mrs. Carmen Delgado, was driving a car in which she was going, along with her two daughters, to their house at the farm. It would already be 9:30 at night, and all of a sudden they were surprised by the presence of a large flying saucer equipped with multiple colored lights, which was positioned over their vehicle. Carmen and her daughters were terrified when they saw that ship over them. She stepped on the gas accelerator to flee from the object. Her daughters entered a state of hysteria due to the fear they felt, and the lady tried to control her fear in order to protect her daughters, but they, seized by terror and hysteria, grabbed her by the neck and scratched her, shouting that the Martians "... they wanted to take them”.

Carmen continued to drive the vehicle at high speed, sounding the horn loudly, and with great difficulty they reached the house, where her husband was, and then everyone saw, full of amazement, how the craft was moving away and it entered or seemed to merge with the side of one of the mountains in the forest area, higher up, disappearing there.

As if what happened that night were not enough, the next day, at his residence in Villa Carolina, everyone heard at night, around 9:00 P.M., beautiful music similar to that of a flute, which came from their backyard (such beautiful music has been felt in the area of El Yunque mountain, Mount Britton and in the Picachos, in the rain forest).

Following the beautiful sound, they reached the back window of one of their daughters' rooms, and when they looked out to see where the subtle and beautiful music came from, they were all astonished to see an incredible figure standing before them. When they looked out the window, they could see a little man “...similar to a goblin” standing on top of an electrical transformer box from the Electric Power Authority that was in the yard.

“He was like a little man,” Carmen and Edwin said, “similar to a goblin. He was no more than three and a half feet tall. He was dressed in a green uniform, similar to a military fatigue suit...but like iridescent, with long sleeves down to the wrists and a small button around his neck.

“He had a wide dark belt, and wore some boots that ended in a point, with the pants tucked inside the boots. He had something like a weird hat on his head, which looked like a fireman's hat...kind of pointed up and with eaves on the sides, all around. But the most impressive were his eyes, which emanated light and were very striking, with an almost hypnotic look.

"We couldn't see the color of his skin very well, because it was at night, but it looked grayish or greenish, dark...and he had little ears like pointed up. A very strange thing."

According to everyone, that fanciful being was watching them, motionless, but as the daughters of the marriage began to shout and Edwin ran outside, he moved quickly and disappeared. The family and their neighbors made a search, but it was all in vain. They found no trace of the entity.

Although there was no evidence to assure it, the family was convinced that the appearance of the little man had to do with the incident of the previous day at their farm in Paraíso. “They wanted something from us,” Carmen said, “and they came here. But what could they want...or is it that they want to communicate something to us?

“Something important happens up there in the rain forest. Those beings are there, because we saw that ship enter one of the mountains. "

While the family described the little man observed by them, I made a sketch of his approximate physique, based on the details they offered, and when I showed it to them, they all said that it was identical to what they saw that night (see illustration).

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