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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2020

The Pink Cloud Incident

by: Joy Barish

The subject in this story named Jeri (full name and exact location withheld by request) lives in Texas. She underwent her experience in October, possibly 1974 or 1975. I was first told of this episode around 1980 by this correspondent of mine. She was in her mid-twenties at the time. She woke up one morning, 2-3 a.m., feeling an uncontrollable urge to take a letter to the mailbox. She shared a box with her aunt at this time and was living with her parents. She says she first smoked a cigarette and afterwards walked out of the house and in the darkness saw what appeared to be a pink light darting very quickly over her, so quickly that she could not see anything but a pink glow. Then, in front of her, she saw a dog of hers named Tinkerbelle, who had disappeared 3 or 4 years earlier. Suddenly it was there before her, running ahead of her, and then it just vanished (1). Then Jeri saw a figure at the end of the driveway. She glanced up and saw a beautiful pink object, like circles within a cloud, and it was apparently this which had caused the darting pink cloud. This light was above thye trees and just remained there, quite a ways from her. She could not move at this point. The figure she saw was dressed in silver, with black hair streaked with silver, and he was the exact image of her brother-in-law who was 15 at this time! She felt “he” was telling her that he was “from another planet,” but at the same time she was wondering why her brother-in-law was trying to scare her with a Halloween costume (2).

Then Jeri felt she went to a hill beside her parents house where they talked, she and this entity she calls Orville. She described to me a strange belt he had on, with these colored buttons on it. There was a red button on the belt which he said was an oxygen tester, a green button which was a transmitter, and a gravitational control button. He then demonstrated the orange button saying, “It toes this” and when he pushed it he disappeared! He said to her when he came back (rematerialized) that the top half of it activated an orange (?) force field and the bottom half deactivated it. That is when Jeri says she had to excuse herself and go inside to get a cigarette lighter and a Doctor Pepper soda (3).

When Jeri got back from the house she felt she wanted to “spend as much time with him as possible” but felt weak and dizzy, with her heart pounding violently. Orville disappeared again at this point. He wouldn’t explain why he did, but said his energy flow was so powerful it was affecting hers (4).

She doesn’t remember a great deal of the conversation except Orville said whe3n her life span had ended he would be back. He said something about “time passing quickly out there.” He told Jeri he doubted he would be back before she was used up, burned out. Died? He kissed her and said he had a most pleasurable evening and that others he had tried to communicate with were not so cooperative.

In a later letter she told me she remembered he had said “blessed are those who dare to be different.” She remembered this particular statement because at that moment a blinding light flashed from his right palm and his eyes, and totally engulfed her. She felt extremely hot at that moment. (5) She said, “It was so hot it hurt like the devil,” and had to cover her eyes.

She got very panicky at this time and began to think that maybe he was the devil “come to collect his dues.” She felt too that maybe her ex, who had been trying to get their son away from her, had set this scenario up to drive her insane perhaps.

She remembered that during the conversation the being next gazed in the direction her ex-husband was living, and he seemed angry at this point. He told her he would always take care of her, for her not to worry, and every few moments, as they talked, he changed appearance to every person she had loved, like a kaleidoscope, and his voice changed like a “victrola speeding up.”

Later Jeri had nightmarish dreams in which Orville and some small mouthless entities (elves?) were attempting to entreat her back on the UFO. She had these dreams every night, but happily they ceased after a while. Jeri reminds me now that she saw the small mouthless ones when with Orville but she had not mentioned this to me earlier. She said they looked her over when she was with Orville.

In the recent nightmarish dreams she’s had she has felt as if she was on a platform and was unclothed, but was encased in something she could see through. Then she felt she was on the ground and they gave her a dove necklace and a flower ring. Then they were gone. Now I am not sure if she had this experience with Orville in her dreams or just in the last few motns. But the information seems pertinent anyway. I will try to find this out. These tyupes of dreams sound like out-of-body experiences and show possibly that Orville and the company of mouthless smaller entities were trying to lure her back.

I want to close on two interesting points. Remember the dove necklace? She said further on in that letter that she keeps feeling she has it on her still, as if a chain was around her neck. On page 219, in the Thomas Keighly classic, there is a German tale of an extremely ‘small man’ appearing to one of the Counts and briefly the small man asked the Count if some people could come to his house to make a feast in the kitchen. A great crowd of little people appeared in his kitchen who cooked, cut up wood, and laid out dishes. In the morning, the little man presented a sword, a salamander cloth, and a golden ring to the Count saying that long as he kept them all would be well in the country. They were long preserved in the family, but it says when a certain Count Jobst and his brothers were in the minority and Francis Von Halle was governor, two of the articles, the sword and the salamander cloth, were taken away, but the ring remained with the family until they became extinct. No one knows what has become of it. Jeri said she feels ‘chain’ on her neck when she moves and this she finds very distracting and strange. Another fairy/UFO souvenir gone awry, given only for symbolical value? Like the book Betty Hill tried to take and the book Betty Andreasson tried to take when leaving the ‘craft’?

There is a Welsh tale of some human who had visited a small island in the center of a lake and was offered the choicest fruits and flowers. He tried to take a flower from one of their gardens but as soon as he touched unhallowed ground the flower vanished and he lost his senses.

Notes: 1. This makes me think of fairy phenomena, which I’m very interested in. People who supposedly died but ensconced with the fairies and then finding out they had been kept captive with ‘them’ for years. This suggests Jeri’s dog had been taken by them, which is common in pure fairy and pure UFO cases.
2. Fairies have imitated humans, familiar people in our life, also dogs, cats, pigs, trees – you name it! They are able to change shape instantaneously. I know of a case which occurred in British Columbia [written up in Fate a few years ago] wherein two young women picked up a young man who was hitchhiking [they had seen a UFO just before] and later on, after some very strange events which occurred in the car [i.e., the young man floating above car seat, etc.] one of the young women realized ‘he’ had been the exact image of her young husband!
3. In a case in England’s Flying Saucer Review [Vol. 23, No. 6], in an article entitled “Flying Humanoid in Puerto Rico,” by Sebastien Robiou Lamarone, we read about the story of one Senor Adrian de Olmos Ordonez, aged 42, who on July 12, 1977, allegedly saw a 3 ½ foot tall humanoid. He described this strange being putting his hands to his thick belt and how at once two red lights and two blue lights seemed to be rotating on this strange knapsack like box on his back. He also noted that when the lights came on two beams of light, pointing downward, appeared from the underside of the box. He said the beams of light were the same color as the sparks one sees as in welding. Simultaneously he heard a humming noise like the sound of a small electrical drill. In the Senor Ordonez case the pressing of the orange button seems to have been to enable the being to rise not the air.
4. Jeri seems to have been out-of-body, weak and dizzy or about to go out. Of course, when she “couldn’t move” at the beginning of the encounter she probably went out then.
5. One is immediately reminded of the Betty Andreasson case and her fiery Phoenix and link to this the waves of heat/cold experienced by undergoing rebirth, as described in Kundalini Evolutionary Energy in Man by Gopi Krishna.

Editors Note: The late Joy Barish, a resident of Sharon, Massachusetts, delved deeply into fairy lore and its similarities to many UFO entity cases. Here's one of her early articles. I'll always be thankful to her for introducing me to another one of her many correspondents back in 1985, Dr. Greg Little, who since then has been a close friend and colleague and who has contributed tremendously to this publication in numerous ways.


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