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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, December 2020

Roommates from Beyond:
How to Live in a Haunted House
By Tonya and Joey Madia

New Mystics Enterprises, Inc.
Leavittsburg, Ohio
Website: www.newmystics.com
2020, 227 pages, Paperback, U.S. $20.00
ISBN: 978-0-9821842-3-3

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

If you’ve already read Tonya and Joey’s book Watch out for the Hallway then you already know that they’re two very accomplished, competent and highly credible paranormal investigators. They’re both lifetime experiencers and for over a decade they’ve been diligently researching and investigating everything under the broad umbrella of the paranormal world.

They dedicated this book to their dear friend and colleague, the late Rosemary Ellen Guiley, one of the most highly respected paranormal authors and researchers today who took this couple under her wing and helped them to further cultivate their latent psychic abilities and to further bone up on their investigative skills, actually taking them into the field with her to various sites of reported paranormal activity. Rosemary, also a publisher, encouraged them to author books. She saw much potential in them and actually published their first works in this field – Tonya’s first book Living the Intuitive Life and Tonya and Joey’s book written together Watch out for the Hallway.

This book shares their personal journey, detailing for the reader what they have learned themselves, the proverbial important basics, as they point out, of the who, why and what. So whether you’re someone who has found themselves unexpectedly living in a haunted house and you need some guidance and insight, or you’re a newbie investigator into the paranormal realms and you need some instruction, Tonya and Joey have written both a very entertaining, educational and instructive book.

This is a book I can certainly highly recommend! Furthermore, while I’m at it, let me mention that there’s a very enjoyable and insightful audio interview in this same issue where I and Barbara Mango recently interviewed this fascinating couple.


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