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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2020

Mound Builders:
Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten Record of Ancient America Re-Released After Nearly 20 Years

by: Dr. Greg Little

Over 20 years ago I was asked by a Director of the A.R.E. (the official Edgar Cayce organization) to take a look at Edgar Cayce’s readings that mentioned Native American mounds and evaluate how well Cayce’s statements about them compared to what mainstream academic archaeology then believed. At that time the Clovis-First idea had just been shattered in archaeology and been exposed as a 70-year lie, which had been widely touted and even enforced in the field as irrefutable “scientific” fact. During those 70 years of Clovis-First, many deliberate cover-ups of contrary evidence took place within the archaeological field, something that was known to many professional archaeologists. In addition, newly released DNA studies had just revealed unexpected results showing that the ancient Americas had been inhabited far earlier than believed and migrations had come from places that had previously been thought to be impossible. In the Afterword of the 2000 book “The Lost Hall of Records,” I suggested that one of the newly discovered DNA types might well be from Atlantis (mtDNA haplogroup X), and in the Mound Builders’ book, we further advanced that theory.

When I began the evaluation process, I really didn’t know what to expect to find in the Cayce material and was surprised to find that 68 of Cayce’s readings specifically mentioned Mound Builders and ancient America. In the subsequent analysis, I inadvertently found a series of deliberate lies and deceptions made by academic archaeologists in college textbooks written in ways that cast Cayce in as bad a light as they could. After speaking to the worst perpetrator of the deceptions, I lost almost all respect for the profession of archaeology. Several years later, I found that another archaeologist and a geologist working in archaeology perpetrated even more deliberate written lies about Cayce and they even went so far as to fabricate fake archaeological artifacts and plant them in the hopes of embarrassing future researchers. Their actions were known by many, many other archaeologists and geologists but were never questioned nor exposed by any of their colleagues. My conclusion about mainstream archaeology is that it functions like a cult, is dominated by opinion and beliefs touted by them as “science,” and it appears to feel justified in using whatever method it desires to ridicule “outsiders.” Like all cults do, it requires its students to only read and accept as truth the material promulgated by the cult itself.

The ARE’s John Van Auken and my wife Lora served as coauthors of the Mound Builders’ book and all of us worked on our own sections of it. The conclusions we reached in the book were as follows. Cayce was at least 77% correct in his direct statements about the history of ancient America. We also determined that there was insufficient evidence to either confirm or deny another 20% of Cayce’s assertions. Finally, we found that 3% of Cayce’s statements were wrong or inaccurate.

When the book was first issued in 2001 it had a large, positive effect on the Cayce organization and sold extremely well, being carried in bookstores everywhere and sold via various internet websites. The book went out of print around 2010 and even used copies became very hard to find. For several years we have had many requests for the book to be rereleased because used copies were being sold for over double the original new cost, and in some cases 4-5 times higher in price. As a result, in August 2020, the book has been reissued in it’s original, unchanged content, but with a slightly adjusted cover.

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