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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2020

Transparent UFO with occupant

by: Brent Raynes

Back in 1983, my friend and colleague Shirley C. Fickett of Ellsworth, Maine, provided me with a newspaper clipping from the Bangor Daily News, from sometime in September of that year. A Helen M. Dickinson of Surry, Maine had written the paper after reading an article that quoted a leading UFO researcher who had spoken about the serious need for studying close encounters. Mrs. Dickinson wrote supportive of that viewpoint as she had herself had one. “Once you’ve had the good fortune to actually see a spacecraft…you’ll never again doubt their existence,” she wrote. “The being who visited at the outside of my second-story porch window in late summer 1979 I’m sure was amused by the incredulous look on my face. He graciously allowed me about five seconds to scrutinize him before making himself invisible, a feat I didn’t realize was possible at the time. He was quiet, orderly, displaying gentlemanly behavior, and he didn’t zap me.” The following year, in the April-May edition of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) Associate Newsletter (Vol. 5, No. 2) a front-page article on this case appeared. Entitled “Seated Occupant In Light-Bulb-Shaped 1979 Maine CE-111,” a sketch of the craft and the occupant drawn by Mrs. Dickinson was included. It turned out that a male visitor had arrived shortly before the sighting. It was late evening and dark outside. Inside lights were on. As he walked into the 30 x 10 foot enclosed porch on the second-story the man suddenly exclaimed, "What’s that?” Mrs. Dickinson, who had been sitting on a couch facing the east end of the room, followed her company’s gaze out the south windows that looked out over Patton Bay, which included a view of Bar Harbor airport across the bay. What they saw was an object going west to east past a window, so close [estimated 2-3 feet from side of house] that Dickinson exclaimed “any closer it would have scraped the paint.” What they saw was described as a small transparent craft, dimly illuminated within by the amount of light one might expect from a yellow candlelight. It’s size “just big enough for one occupant and shaped like an antique Mazda Edison Electric light bulb.” She claimed that she had a couple such bulbs. The being appeared to be a mere 3 to 4 feet tall.

She further added, “Believe me, after that few seconds, I knew my world would never again be the same. There was a whole universe full of new activity in which I had become involved. Now, I had seen a number of lovely space craft, but as long as they were way up in the sky they did not concern me. This, however, was another matter.”

Mrs. Dickinson stated that the head of the being to her resembled the “layered handage look” of some wasps’ nests and that the rest of it reminded her of Prime Minister Nehru “with his tight britches and the slightly cut shoulders of his tunic,” adding that it was “ever so slight…skinny.”

The being, Mrs. Dickson claimed, turned its head to look at her. “He turned like a porcelain doll, swivel headed. Also he sat straddling what appeared to be a square formica box, either white or pale blue. His right hand was extended forward to a control panel…”

“I saw no nose or mouth or ears…He was right-handed…that hand being extended forth to the control panel. His left arm sort of hung at his side. His feet hardly touched the floor, similar to a child’s in a too large chair.”

Mrs. Dickson had no idea that UFOs could become invisible until this experience. “He simply turned off like a switch…I’m sure we resembled fish with our eyes popping and our mouths hanging open. This craft (or one like it) returned several nights later over my neighbor’s porch and back field. He saw it.”

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