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September 2020

Issue 270

Alternate Perceptions Audio Interview
with Linda Sigman and Michael Moore
UFOs, Mothman and Bigfoot
by: Brent Raynes

Alternate Perceptions Audio Interview
with Nomar Slevik and Mike Stevens
UFO abductions and High-Strangeness
by: Brent Raynes

Mound Builders
Edgar Cayce’s Forgotten Record of Ancient America Re-Released After Nearly 20 Years
Dr. Greg Little

John Keel: The Indiana Jones of the Unexplained, from UFOs, to large hairy monsters, he chased them all half way around the world.
An Interview by Timothy Green Beckley

Problems in North American Chronology, Part 4: The Archaic Period
by: Bill Branch

Rationale for Lack of Prussian Blue Staining on the Walls of Homicidal Gas Chambers used in World War II:
A Chemical Perspective
by: Brett I. Cohen, Ph.D.

Advent of the Flying Saucers -1947
by: Rick Hilberg

Unearthly encounters in the woods
What type of entities are we dealing with?
by: Albert S. Rosales

Reality Checking
My Personal Journey into the Crazy but Fun World of UFOlogy
by: Brent Raynes

Encounters with the Unknown
Transparent UFO with occupant
by: Brent Raynes

Classic Mysteries
Brazilian UFOs: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Dangerous
by: Brent Raynes

New Book Reviews
by: Brent Raynes

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Conspirinormal Interview with Brent Raynes and Robert Davis, Ph.D., on the FREE study of UFO contact experiencers, DMT, shamanic encounters, and Raynes’ book Visitors from Hidden Realms

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality, with neuroscientist Anil Seth

Edgar Cayce and Atlantis, with Dr. Gregory Little

Strange Realities conference 2020 [online], September 25, 26, & 27, with speakers Brent Raynes, Allen Greenfield, Tim Binnall, Timothy Renner, and many others.

DNA from an unknown ancestor of humans is in people today

The Man Who Contacted and Filmed The UFO

Parapsychology and UFO Experiences: Lessons for Physics, presented by Claude Swanson

Remembering Parapsychology Pioneer Andrija Puharich, described by Jeffrey Mishlove

Their Shared Near-Death Experience Formed An Unbreakable Bond

Dr. Jack Hunter, an anthropologist exploring the borderlands of consciousness, religion, ecology, and the paranormal, with Anthony Peake on the Consciousness Hour.

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