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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2020

Flying Saucer and Alien reports from the Swinging 1930’s

by: Albert S. Rosales

Back in the gang-riddled 30’s, right before the great stock market crash, there were reports of what appeared to be modern day encounters with aliens (or humanoids) and their craft, over a decade before the so-called modern era of flying saucers that erupted on June 24, 1947. Here are some interesting examples:

Location: Central Desert, Western Australia
Date: 1930
Time: unknown

An aboriginal man remembered camping with his tribe when they saw a green light spinning around in the sky. It landed behind some trees. Soon lots of little men shining with green light came out from the trees. They walked around the tribe, looking at the witnesses, and then walked back to the object, which then took off. Source: Bill Chalker, The Oz Files

Location: Iraja, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Date: 1930
Time: evening

Two boys, Raymundo Carvalho (10) and his friend Adelino, saw a ball of smoke in the cemetery and went to investigate but were unable to gain entrance. On the way back in the direction of Madureira they came across a clearing with mango trees. Adelino went to get a mango he had knocked down from the tree with his catapult. On doing so he encountered a being dressed in a one-piece suit with webbed feet. The frightened boys ran off. Source: Edison Boaventura, 2015, p35 citing investigation by himself and Walter L. Barbosa in 1987

Location: Texas, exact location not given
Date: 1930
Time: 10:00 a.m.

A young woman was driving the family car in an isolated hilly area when she remembers turning a curve on the road and running up to and under the side of a huge “thing” sitting by the road. She was within a few steps of it, almost under one side of it when she stopped. It was sort of shiny gunmetal color----round and shaped like two dinner plates face to face with a dome in the upper top side. It was about 100 feet across and about 15 feet thick. There was a small slender door, and the door chute let down to the ground with steps on the inside of it. The backside of the ship sat on the ground, but the downhill side was braced up with two slender legs with round plates on the ground as feet. There was one man of normal size, about 5 feet, 10 inches to 6 feet tall and about 165 to 180lbs. This person came walking in the road to meet the witness and forced her to stop while he talked to her. Or at least she thinks he talked, although she did not see his lips move, and he turned his face away and looked down. While she seemed to hear him speaking, several other persons came walking up behind him. She took the 8 to 10 of these “persons” to be a troop of Boy Scouts, about 8 to 10 years old, average size. However, when near her, she saw that there was a big difference. They looked a bit like Japanese or Chinese. They had exceptionally large slanted eyes, exceptionally large cheekbones, and very thin lips. And they did not look like children but adults. They smiled at her but did not speak. She had to smile back because they were sort of pushing each other around (horseplay) like each one was trying to get in front to see better and acting like kids will. The clothing they wore at first, she took to be scout uniforms, tan in color. But when they came up close to her, she saw that there were no pockets, buttons, edges, wrinkles, or pocket flaps. Exceptionally clean, very neat, and nice. They wore little tight caps cut like baseball caps with little narrow bills. The larger man was dressed the same way. Off-hand the whole bunch seemed like a scoutmaster and his troop of scouts.

She had a small argument with the man. He said, “Lady, you’ll have to leave the highway and go around as we have the road blocked here.” She said, “What is that?” pointing to the saucer. He ignored this question and said, “Never mind, you’ll just have to go around. We want the road left clear and open and cannot let you through here. You are a wonderful driver and you can make it all right.” (The man was directing her to drive off the road down into a rocky gully and then up another hillside to rejoin the road some distance away). She still argued and said, “I can’t put this big car down through that creek and rocks. It’d tear my car all to pieces, and I could never get out the upper side, and besides you don’t own this highway.” But somehow, she could not help herself, and dazedly drove very slowly and fearfully down into this creek and rough canyon. She realized that the man was walking right along the side of the car, at her elbow. She felt very safe and was able to make the crossing and was no longer afraid. This was about 0930A-1000A and it is the last thing she remembers until she came to herself walking in on her home porch at about 12 o’clock that night---about 15 miles distant. Where she was, where she went, what happened to her those many hours, she has no idea. Neighbors had driven along that area during the day, and later told her family that they saw her car parked on the hill beyond the canyon. Her dad was starting a search party when she came in.

Source: Michael Swords, IUR, Fall 2003
Comments: According to the source the witness had asked for help from the Condon Committee, but they ignored her. No hypnotic regression was ever performed.

Location: Montebenichi, Arezzo, Italy
Date: August 1930
Time: morning

An old woman was washing some clothes in a local creek. After hanging a couple of black socks on an iron string between two poles, she heard a loud hissing sound and felt a gust of wind. At that point, she saw a sort of “spinning top” which landed about 20 meters from her. A door opened in the lower part of the object and a ladder came out from it, touching the ground. Two beings, each 1 meter tall, emerged from the object via the ladder. Both walked around the woman a few times---nearly touching her and continually emitting a sort of “twittering” sound. After a few minutes had passed, the beings took the socks from the rope and brought these with them into the object. Shortly after, the object took off producing a hissing sound and a gust of wind. Source: Maurizio Verga, Itacat

Location: Chiloe, Chile
Date: January 1932
Time: daytime

The witness, Jimena Blanca Guerra Guerra, was only 10-years-old at the time and lived near the seashore. One day while collecting crabs and muscles at the seashore she was approached by a very tall man, at least 3-meters in height, and very strongly built, that came from behind some rocks. He walked slowly towards her, smiling. He wore a leather helmet, from which protruded exceedingly small ears. The man was extremely tanned - almost black in color. He smiled at her and greeted her “in her head” telepathically. He told her, “Don’t be afraid. I come from extremely far away” at which he pointed at the sky “that behind the stars was his home” (there were no stars visible that morning). He told her that he had come for the water but could not use this one since it contained salt. He asked her if she could go to her house and bring him a glass of water. He would be incredibly grateful. She agreed and ran home telling everyone that there was a man dressed like a ‘woman’ on the beach (he was wearing a sort of long gown). However, her parents did not let her go back to the beach and she began to cry. Later she would always walk by the area in the hope of seeing the strange man again but never did.

Source: Archives of Robert Othmar Vettiger citing interview with witness’ grandson (2000)

Location: Agua de Enmedio, Cadiz, Spain
Date: 1935
Time: morning

Cristobalina Nunez Navarro was six years of age at the time and remembers that one morning a sort of round airplane descended to the ground near the farmhouse. A door opened on the craft and three little men came out. She described them as having large heads, “like melons”, very ugly, with gray skin “and bumps on their faces”. They communicated with Cristobalina’s father, Francisco by using ‘hand signals.’ Then the young children were to go inside the farmhouse, including Cristobalina and her sister Rafaela, 5 years old at the time. According to Cristobalina the reason was “because her father did not trust the little men”. She further described them as only about over 1-meter in height and wearing green uniforms “like the military”. According to her there were about 10 witnesses, including her mother Josefa Navarro and other locals. Her mother then offered them food and they entered the farmhouse and sat around the table and spoke in an unknown language. The object was round and very shiny. After what seemed like an exceptionally long time the little men returned to their “airplane” which rose up into the sky silently and disappeared from sight. According to Cristobalina at one point she approached the craft and touched it and it felt soft and warm to the touch. Apparently, the object returned one month later and hovered over the area but did not land the second time.

Source: J. J. Benitez, “Solo para tus ojos: Cuarenta y Cuatro años de investigacion Ovni” (For your eyes only: 44 years investigating UFOs).

Location: Near Chashniki, Belarus
Date: 1937
Time: 11:00 a.m.

7-year-old Ludmila Chepik was shepherding some cows and collecting flowers on a meadow near the River Uloy when suddenly she saw a “man” descending from the sky towards her without a parachute. He descended to about 1 to 2 meters from her. The man was approximately 113cm in height (dwarf like), of athletic build, with broad shoulders and a disproportionately large head. He had a narrow waist, and something like heavy boots starting at the knees, like wide trousers, red in color. The man wore dark tight-fitting clothing. He had a helmet on his head, resembling that of an ancient Russian warrior (?). The helmet had a cone-shaped “bulb” protrusion on top. His face was visible, reddish in color and was wearing something resembling a transparent visor. The entity spent approximately 1 minute with the witness. He opened his visor, produced a protracted smile at the girl, looked around, and touched the grass. He carried an oval device in his hands. After that, he waved his hands, and zoomed soundlessly up into the sky at high speed. After gaining an altitude of about 100 meters, he seemed to compress into a ball and dissolved into thin air.

Source: Aleksandr Kuzovkin, Selected reports of UFO observations in The USSR 1982

Location: Juminda, Estonia
Date: 1938
Time: unknown

Two Estonians saw a “frog man,” and one chased him some hundred feet, when he disappeared. Height about 3.5 ft, legs slightly more than half this; head hemispherical, directly on body without a neck; body with a hump on chest; mouth “a straight slit extending over great part of head;” eyes also slit like. Skin “looked like brown-green pegamoid material” except for the hands, which were “human colored.” The being walked “very strangely - the legs were moving in a careful lifting fashion, yet very elegant, as though our gravity were too small.” When chased, “the being accelerated enormously, so to speak, propelled by a terrible flutter of its feet.” It was thought to have vanished behind some latticework beside the path. Humcat 1938-2

Source: Sven Schalin

Location. Near Markowice, Poland
Date early May 1938
Time: 04:00 a.m.

The witness, a Mr. Kovac (pseudonym) suddenly woke up and noticed two young-looking dark-skinned men at his window. They appeared to be carrying a piece of heavy machinery between them and Mr. Kovac watched for fifteen to twenty minutes, during which time he was unable to move or cry out. In his own words, he felt “paralyzed”, as if in a “force field”. The following morning, in a field of rye adjacent to his home, Mr. Kovac found a flattened area some fifteen to twenty meters in diameter which had four holes in the center. Mr. Kovac said the holes looked as though legs supporting something had been in the holes. On a later date, more recently, a medical examination revealed certain complications which Mr. Kovac feels are in some way connected to the paralysis and UFO. He was apparently hospitalized, and the investigator could not locate him later.

Source: UFO Brigantia # 15, January 1986, p. 2 citing “WYUFORG”

Location: Saarijarvi, Kullaa, Finland
Date: November 29, 1939
Time: 1700

The day before the great Winter War began, 14-year-old Arvo was in the forest with his father collecting firewood. When it was getting to be twilight they headed home. Almost at once the boy noticed on the right side of the path, on a small rocky hill some 2-3 meters high, a strange device 3-4 meters in diameter. He assumed it was a moonshine factory and since he had never seen one before he wanted to have a look. His father however deterred him from approaching the object. He observed the device from a distance of about 70 meters. He described the device as being 3-4 meters in diameter, narrowing at the top, which was hidden by the dense firs. The bottom section was round like a kettle and it was about 2.5 meters in height, supported by perhaps three landing legs made of 2-3 rods ending in triangular plates, which he would observe later. From the bottom of the craft emanated a “dull” flame like that of an upside-down candle, 1.5 meters long. From the sides of the lower section of the object shot out 5-6 strong flames of different colors angled at 45 degrees down and about 1 meter in length, emitting a loud noise resembling that of escaping gas.

Standing outside the object was a 160cm tall human like creature, which was clad in an astronaut-like suit with a round helmet, which had an oval opening. It was carrying a box, which he was apparently using to “direct” 2 or 3 robot-like creatures, which had box-like heads. At least one of these robots lifted his legs extremely high when walking, so Arvo could see that the legs were like two rods below the knees ending in a plate. It was not possible to make an exactly accurate or detailed observation of their activities due to the twilight and covering trees. The next day, the Winter War began, but Arvo went to the landing site, despite his father’s objections, and also refused to go fetch firewood with him. At the site where the object was seen there was a triangular mark of a support leg. There was also a strong, unpleasant smell in the area.

Source: Heikki Virtanen, Finland

I could have included hundreds more UFO-like events from the 1930’s but for brevity purposes I chose several of the more interesting ones only.

Albert S Rosales

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