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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2020

True Crime: Modern Knights Templar?

by: Rob Palmer

Early morning on 5 October 1994, judge Andre Piller was summoned to Cheiry, Switzerland, a hamlet about 30 km southwest of Fribourg. The outlying barn was engulfed in flames. Entering the main house, investigators discovered incendiary devices that had failed to ignite. Briefcases filled with documents littered the room. If this was a mass ritual suicide, where were the other members of the Order?
A gathering of like-minded people seems innocuous enough. Bonded by tradition, family or hobbies, man is a social being. Ghost hunters, cigars, UFOs - there seems to be a group for everyone, as Facebook keeps reminding me.

What is to be done when certain groups edge closer to the realm of group, or societal harm?
The Knights Templar, as anyone with an internet connection and a pulse can attest, were/are a Crusader era chivalric order tasked with protecting pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem, and/or they were/are an ancient order wielding secrets to control humanity from behind the scenes, depending on whom you read.
In fact, the conspiracy theorist got it partly right. While the Templars may not possess an unbroken succession of leaders directly related to Jesus Christ, their influence has reverberated in the 20th and 21st centuries.
“All secret societies have an almost analogous initiation, from the Egyptian to the Illuminati, and most of them form a chain and give rise to others.” The Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries. Charles William Heckethorn.
“Today, there are said to be somewhere between 150-500 members of The Order of the Solar Temple." Tess Keyhoe. Blog.
Those of us of a certain age, Generation X, remember a life before the interweb. We, the lost children of the last quarter of the twentieth century, drove automobiles. We read maps printed on paper. The only GPS that spoke was the non-navigator in the passengers seat, juggling a Coke in one hand, a cigarette in the other, a McWaffle spinning on the tip of her nose, with a Converse Chuck Taylor planted on the windshield, attempting to explain to the driver the four lane drift maneuver needed to make the next exit. We listened to the radio, because we were always driving. The time slot from midnight to four A.M. was for Coast to Coast with Art Bell. In the same way that I find it difficult to remember a time before internet, I cannot remember a time before Coast to Coast. It's lineage can be traced to the mid 1950's, the rise of the populist conspiracy researcher, and the Long John Nebel Show. No outsider belief was too wacky for Coast to Coast. All in good fun, until Heavens Gate, the suicidal cult that took Coast to Coast and Courtney Brown seriously. In 1995, comet Hale Bopp was bringing its Dirty Snowball tour to the planet. Anyone in the United States with a consumer telescope and star map could view the comet, 1995 being the time the X Files achieved critical mass. In a Coke Classic case of confirmation bias, Heavens Gate found the way out for which they searched, through Courtney Brown.

In the reprint of his book on the Dogon tribe and their apparent ancient knowledge of the Sirius star system author Robert Temple laments the cults of Sirius that arose from the first edition of The Sirius Mystery. That's what an apology looks like, Mr. Brown. Temple briefly touches on the idea that certain people holding positions of power in various government institutions were dismayed by his research which, according to Mr. Temple, they viewed as essentially accurate and true. No evidence of efforts to hamper his research are given, but in light of the fact that government intelligence bureaus had a hand in promoting the 1950's UFO contactee George Van Tassel, a shadowy hand is not outside the realm of possibility. Why the CIA would be interested in such esoteric enigmas is anyone's guess. At least Sirius and the Pleiades are outside of the USA. The Agency stayed within its charter, for a change.
The modern Templar movement can be traced to Bernard- Raymond Fabre-Palaprat, a 19th century physician and claimant of the title Templar Grand Master, with the requisite documents of suspicious provenance to back up his claim.

Fabre-Palaprat claimed to have found the Levitikon, a text by 14th century Greek monk Nikephoros, based on a heretical gospel of John. Nikephoros sought to reconcile Islam and Christianity.
Drawing from sources as diverse as Aleister Crowley’s occult lodges, the Rosicrucians, and the ancient knowledge of the Dogon tribe, the Solar Temples aspirations included, “The establishment of correcting notions of authority and power... promoting the unification of Christianity and Islam..., and preparing the world for ‘Transition.’”
“Today we have secret societies across the world in each country-all with their own goals, and all being watched, as ever, by the state.”  Secret Societies: Gardiners Forbidden Knowledge.
Secreted with the Levitikon in the Paris Temple, Fabre-Palaprat claimed to have discovered documents relating to the O.G. (12th century) Templars. "There are cliques, anticliques, alliances, betrayals, conflagratory rumors, legendary enmities, and public bloodlettings, plus involved hierarchies of popularity and influence. You’re either In or you’re not." David Foster Wallace. Big Red Son
Appearing on the Art Bell show with a doctored photograph, remote viewings answer to Death Wish, and university lecturer Courtney Brown claimed that a space alien transport was travelling with Hale Bopp, and upon its arrival would begin the age of... I don't know, Martian volcano rescue Japanese game show, or some other equally unintelligible bullshit. So Bo, Peep, and the rest of Heavens Gate, donned their Nike Trainers and ran with it, ran all the way to a tragic demise to catch the Last Train to the Astral Plane.

To this date, Mr. Brown has not apologized for his leading role in the Heavens Gate fiasco.
"After 1314, with the condemnation to death of the last Grand Master of the Templars Jacques De Molay and the dissolution of the Order, there is no evidence that the latter survived clandestinely, which is why the only current subsidiary, which can try a certain connection with history, it could not go further back than the 1700s, even if, based on the documents arrived to date, they are from 1804 onwards and draw a succession that goes from Philip Duke of Orleans to the current Regent Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier.
In 1804, Dr. Fabre-Palaprat, doctor and chiropodist, restored the Order of the Temple through a new foundation of the latter. For his own reasons, Napoleon Bonaparte approved this "restoration", also allowing a great ceremony in Paris, honoring Jacques De Molay and all the other Templar martyrs. Napoleon, having become emperor, created a new nobility.

In 1808, thanks to the successful recruitment, the new Order had established Priors and Commanders in much of the Great Empire, including Italy and Switzerland. The Order of the Temple proclaimed its adherence to the "Roman Catholic and apostolic religion". This promising beginning was quickly swept away by Fabre-Palaprat when he reviewed the Statutes of 1705 to justify the absolute assumption of power, a schism that lasted until 1814 broke out. Priory of Sion. Web page. The roots of neo -Templars are in Gnosticism, traced to the Cathar sect in France in the Middle Ages. The Cathars taught a personal relationship with the divine was possible. Not surprisingly, they were wiped out in the genocidal Albiginsian Crusade, the Catholic church fearing the loss of its position as mediator between God and man.

Cathar priest were called Perfecti. The Bavarian Illuminati initially called themselves Perfectabilists. "Many claim that the main heresiarch within the order was Roncelin de Fos, a 13th century Templar who was of Cathar ancestry. At some point, Roncelin began forming clandestine "cells" within the order, spreading his heretical teachings and initiations." Rosamystica.fr. Website. Rosamystica.fr.  Priory of Sion, The Facts, The Controversy. Web page.

Transition One

"JDM: People have beaten us to the punch, you know.
LJ: Well, yeah. Waco beat us to the punch.
JDM: In my opinion, we should have gone six months before them . . . what we’ll do will be even more spectacular..." Cassete recording. OST members. Found by Swiss investigators.
"We, Loyal Servants of the Rosy Cross, declare that, as we left one day, we will return stronger than ever . . . for the Rosy Cross is immortal . . . Like Her, we are of all time and no time."
"Do you understand what we represent? We are the promise that the R[osy] C[ross] made to the Immutable. We are the Star Seeds that guarantee the perennial existence of the universe, we are the hand of God that shapes creation. We are the Torch that Christ must bring to the Father to feed the Primordial Fire and to reanimate the forces of Life, which, without our contribution, would slowly but surely go out. We hold the key to the universe and must secure its Eternity." OST Document. Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. You have probably studied this under an assumed name in psych. 101, known as the Group Mind Theory,  it attempts to explain collective thinking that is impervious to reason. Humans will act in ways that are otherwise anathema, carried by the energy of the group.

"Meeting at first in a house which they called “the Pyramid,” where every evening was devoted to rituals and meditation, they later moved near Geneva, to a large property which was discovered to be an ancient Templar command post. . . . There, living in a perfect fraternity where all was equally shared-salaries were put into a common fund and everyone received in return an equal share-they devoted all their free time to the cause of spirituality. Daily ceremonies quickly became operational in the highest degree, even more so because hermeticists, alchemists, and spiritually elevated people joined in. The Masters of the beyond regularly manifested themselves, with a presence visible, audible, and olfactory. OST documents. 1994, describing the early days of the Order.
Joseph DeMambro, reported small time grifter, founded the Temple of the Great White Universal Lodge Pyramid Sublodge,  (undoubtedly a reference to the Great White Brotherhood promulgated by Helena Blavatski's Theosophists) on 24 June 1976.
"It is etheric and differs from our ordinary constructions but could be compared to the aura surrounding our Pro-Ecclesia, or Temple at the International Headquarters, which is etheric and much larger than the building itself." Rosicrucian web page.
"We saw this Monsieur with a plastic bag over his head. Albert Giacomino. We said to ourselves at first that this could be—could be! Conditional!—a suicide with a fire.”

Monsieur Giacombino had been shot in the head, with no  weapon found near the body.
Early morning on 5 October 1994, judge Andre Piller was summoned to Cheiry, Switzerland, a hamlet about 30 km southwest of Fribourg. The outlying barn was engulfed in flames. Entering the main house, investigators discovered incendiary devices that had failed to ignite. Briefcases filled with documents littered the room. If this was a mass ritual suicide, where were the other members of the Order?
Around four that morning investigators discovered the house looked bigger on the outside. This led them to the inner sanctuary, hidden behind a secret door. A hallway, also filled with incendiary devices, led to a small room where the investigators found 18 bodies, arranged in a circle, radiating outwards. The sun? They were wearing Templar capes. In the next room, an octagonal space, with mirrors on the walls, were three more bodies. The final space held one solitary body. A total of twenty three bodies were found at the scene.

In aggregate, all of the sects founded by Monsieur Giacomino believed: "Those who have breached our Code of Honor are considered traitors. They have suffered and will suffer the punishment they deserve for the ages of the ages. All is accomplished according to the mandates of Immanent Justice. We hereby affirm that we are in truth, the judges appointed by a Superior Order. In view of the present irreversible situation, We, the Servants of the Rose+Croix, strongly reaffirm that we are not a part of this world and that we are perfectly aware of the coordinates of our Origins and our Future.

We proclaim, without desiring to create vain polemics, that: The Great White Lodge of Sirius has decreed the Call of the last authentic Bearers of an Ancestral Wisdom;

Justice and Sentence will be applied according to the parameters of a Superior Universal Order with the rigor imposed by the Law; • • • • • • The Seven Entities of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh left the Secret Chamber during the night of March 31, 1993, taking with them the capital Energy-Conscience of the seven fundamental planets of our solar system;

The last Elder Brothers of the Rose+Croix have planned their transit in accordance with criteria known only to themselves. After having transmitted to their Servants the means of completing the Work, they left this world on January 6, 1994, at 12:04 a.m. in Sydney, for a new cycle of Creation. We, the Servants of the Rose+Croix, considering the urgency of the present situation, affirm: that we refuse to participate in systems set up by this decadent humanity; that we have planned, in a full state of consciousness, without any fanaticism, our transit which has nothing to do with suicide in the human sense of the term; that according to a decree emanating from the Great White Lodge of Sirius, we have closed and voluntarily blown up all the sanctuaries of the Secret Lodges so that they will not be desecrated by impostors or by the ignorant; that, from the Planes where we will work from now on and by a just law of magnetism, we will be in the position of calling back the last Servants capable of hearing this last message." From documents mailed thoe day after the Swiss conflagration. Unexpectedly, another fire raged a few kilometers away. It wouldn't be the last, nor would the OTS remain silent, even in death.

End part 1.

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