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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2020

An eye-to-eye encounter with an Alien

by: Brent Raynes

The subject in this case recalled that his UFO encounter had occurred on March 8, 1978, although he admitted that it might have been 1979 instead. He was a young man at the time, in his late teens, born back on October 3, 1960. His first name is Michael [his full name and those of two other witnesses remain on file with me] and in early 1987 he contacted noted Washington state ufologist Bob Gribble who referred his case to my friend and colleague Aileen Garoutte, who founded an organization called the UFO Contact Center International, which had members who operated support centers for UFO contact experiencers in diverse locations worldwide. From 1981 till its closing in 1995 I acted as an Associate Director for a support center here in Tennessee. With its closing, I met with Aileen to take custody of UFOCCI case files for safe keeping.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sharing this story with you.

In Michael’s own handwritten account he described how he was visiting with two friends, a male and female, at a trailer home a little over a mile up Woodard Creek Road in Skamania, Washington. “Beth [pseudonym[ was in the livingroom in a chair facing the window to the south and Bob [pseudonym] was in a wooden chair right behind her facing the same way. I went out on the porch to urinate and heard quite a few coyotes yelping profusely and then suddenly stop simultaneously. I thought it strange and was going to continue when a rumbling noise and ultraviolet light from the north stopped me. A large spacecraft with three colored screens in the front and a large rotating red light on the bottom center stopped in front of me at approximately 200 feet above the ground.”

“The center colored screen became transparent and I could see a man standing about center in the window looking down at me. He had a 50:50 mix of black and white hair. Salt and pepper. He looked quite intelligent and also had a mustache and full beard. Same color hair. He was wearing a loose-fitting white, long-sleeved tunic. As I was looking into his eyes, I felt my past being revealed through my eyes starting from the present and going backwards. About two years went by and I was trying to stop it when it stopped. The man in the ship had a wry smirk on his face and I broke away and opened the door hollering at [the couple inside] to come outside and look at this thing. Bob acted uninterested and Beth said she didn’t have to, that she could already see it. I finally got Bob to come outside and look. By then it was leaving, flying into the fog-bank above the Columbia River. He then said he thought he could see it. It had two large square red taillights like a car. We decided to look at the clock to see what time it was and it read 3:26 a.m.”

In Aileen’s notes dated January 26, 1987 I found these entries: “Witness went outside onto porch to relieve himself. Just as he was about to begin he heard a rumble. About that time he heard the coyotes going crazy, making a sound he had never heard them make before. He said it sounded like they were being mutilated. Then immediately there was quiet, nothing making any sound with the exception of the rumble.”

“At that point, he noticed the trees were turning purple and red like ultraviolet light. The rumble became so loud even the rocks were dancing on the ground. Michael said that he felt energy more intense than he had ever felt.”

“At that point, he looked up above his head and there above him approximately 100 to 200 feet was a huge craft. At this point he became terrified and felt his mind racing backwards like running a video backwards with every thought he had ever had being taken out.”

“When the ship was gone an hour had elapsed but he does not know what took place. He had flashes of scenes. One of the scenes was of three aliens, all looked basically alike, with salt and pepper hair. Humanoid. One was a girl. Remembering them he saw the girl behind a console looking at him. One of the men was bent over a console and the third was looking out a television monitor at him. He cannot understand how that could happen.”

In the file I read that Michael was hypnotized on March 7, 1987, by Aileen and another hypnotist, though if any additional details were uncovered they were not in the file folder.

Michael added that on at least two occasions “strange lights” had appeared in his home. He recalled one very memorable event: “I was about 12 years of age when a bright bluish-white glowing sphere came through my bedroom wall from outside and hovered at the foot of my bed for a moment and then continued across the house to my sister’s bedroom, went through the outside wall and left. It was approximately 2 to 2 ½ feet in diameter. My sister acknowledged its presence.” Michael acknowledged the following after his hypnosis: “My spiritual awareness has increased dramatically with thoughts of brothers and sisters in the cosmos. By trying to perceive myself and the world through their eyes, I have found that all kinds of new ideas and information have entered my mind. I have found new ideas of reasoning and mental exploration happen much more frequently than they used to. I feel that this all has a purpose and I’m only a short way to finding out what it is. I think that I have been followed from one house to another and I have been told that a green light has been seen over one of these houses late at night. I’m still hearing a strange high pitched beeping.”

“I was the only one who had eye contact. I feel that I was chosen for some strange reason. …After my contact period I didn’t sleep for six days and had energy that seemed limitless. On the average, I sleep about three hours a day and much of it isn’t restful. I can feel an incredible amount of energy in my body at times. I have detected energy in others and can at any time. I have been able to manipulate and interact with the energy of others to stop headaches and small pain.”

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