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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2020

Hi Brent, Wow…small world. Yes, I’d love to meet sometime and talk. I am, of course, aware of your book. I’m actually reading it a second time now. I’ve been a full-time freelance professional writer for over 20 years. Back in the 90s I collaborated with Whitley Strieber on a graphic novel series based on his Visitor experiences. I spoke with John Keel on the phone a few times back in the late 80s. Extraordinary fellow. Your book is a great read, by the way. A real page turner.

I grew up visiting cousins in the country, in Woodland, Kentucky, near Brandenburg, and it was a very strange place. Ghost lights in the woods, poltergeist phenomenon, UFOs, even talk of ‘Goat-Man.’ Many years later, I read The Mothman Prophecies, and then Jadoo. It was like a light went on in my head. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this guy John Keel lived the same childhood as me!’ We both shared a science background, as well [my formal education is in paleontology], but clearly I observed some very strange things as a kid that just didn’t make sense. Irritatingly, the adults around me just seemed to let this stuff roll off their backs…but I was like – “There’s a flying saucer” 50 yards away! We’ve been staring at it for 20 minutes! In broad daylight! And it’s REAL!” To aunts and uncles and my parents it was “just one of those things.” I suppose they had other things like bills and mortgages to worry about. Heh. In an interesting, very recent bit of synchronicity, I had read about the Kelly Goblins encounter in Hopkinsville, Ky., when I was a kid and, decades later, I connected with Geraldine Sutton Stith on Facebook. Her father “Lucky” Sutton was a main witness to the event back in 1955. Well a couple weeks ago Geraldine and I discovered by accident that we’re cousins, by marriage! Stranger and stranger. I portrayed a more menacing version of the Kelly Goblins as the antagonists of my HALLOWEEN LEGION graphic novel.

Martin Powell
Florence, AL


On the subject of teleportation, materializations and dematerializations, this reader wrote:

This sort of phenomenon has a long history in India, along with most every paranormal event we can know. Of interest is the biblical story of the "post resurrection." Jesus showing up to his friends in "the upper room". It is reported he materialized through a closed door. Good 'ol Thomas said, "I don't believe it". Jesus had him touch a wound. It was sufficiently tangible for our doubter Tom to admit it was indeed Jesus. His post resurrection body apparently was beyond ordinary physical limitations. I have experienced two events of teleportation. Two wine glasses materialized, fell to the pavement, broke, and the stems are still present, an apparent celebration of a particular event occurring at the time - very synchronistic. Another was a simple, but entirely real cigar lighter that fell to my feet. I was amazed, checked it out, put it in my pocket, from which it later, to my disappointment, disappeared leaving me with no proof. Later that evening, the lighter showed up in a cigar carrier. It has now become lost, I know not how. Often it seems that teleported objects later disappear. I'm surprised that the stems of the wine glasses are still with us. Yes, events so unbelievable that even I have to revisit in memory these events to reaffirm their actual occurrence. There were several reliable witnesses to the broken glasses. Only I experienced the lighter, but it's material reality was carefully checked by me, in my disbelief. Although not biological, these were (and are) real and perfect material objects. These events are related to psychokinesis, which I have experienced. The powers of mind/spirit are truly awesome, but generally not subject to conscious direction, therefore not repeatable under scientific analysis. "There are more things in heaven and earth than dreampt of in your philosophies, dear Horatio".

Rip Parker
Dallas, Texas

Sunday, May 19, 2024