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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, July 2020

Heaven Sent: Celestial Events Throughout a Lifetime
By Bill Boback

Lisa Hagan Books
2019, 153 pages, Paperback,
ISBN: 978-1-945962-25-7

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

As a young man growing up in Warren, Ohio, beginning around the age of four, the author periodically heard what he was certain was the incredibly beautiful music of angels. This foreshadowed the many remarkable events, that in the course of his lifetime, inevitably occurred. During the Korean War Boback joined the Navy becoming an electrician apprentice assigned to the electrical generator room located in the bowels of an LST [Landing Ship Tank] where he and other shipmates from time to time encountered a ghostly presence. During his tour of duty, the author had strange experiences in the legendary Bermuda Triangle.

Boback claims that early one morning in February 1953, while on military leave visiting his parents at their new home in Park Forest, Illinois, he had a remarkable UFO encounter. He had just pulled into the parking lot of an outdoor shopping mall and stepped out of his dad’s car when he spotted a small dark saucer shaped craft hovering off in the distance. What happened next was largely unheard of at the time, though now the UFO field recognizes that such reports are fairly common. A few minutes later the craft appeared directly over the shopping center, hovering not more than 100 feet or so off the ground. It was huge. He writes how he doesn’t recall how he got there, whether he walked or ran, but suddenly he found himself looking directly up from beneath this enormous craft. He guesses that he was a mere 20 or 30 feet beneath the UFO at this point. He saw numerous markings on its underside that resembled something like Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols. During this time he received mind-to-mind communications with the occupants who assured him he was among friends.

This is one of those “missing time” cases. It too was as though he was isolated from anyone else in what today we might call a quantum bubble – a classic example of the so-called “Oz Effect” – but back then who could he have told and been taken seriously? Serious researchers at that time would have dismissed his case outright as “lunatic fringe.” Today it’s a different story.

More and more, Boback gradually began to awaken to greater dimensions of reality, discovering that he had a helpful spirit guide, that he could at times sense and even help or connect with the recently departed, firmly convinced without question that there was indeed an afterlife, having some of the most incredible paranormal and spiritual experiences that one can imagine. He came to recognize how many things in his life seemed beyond coincidence – he often felt the presence of a guidance that led him to his soul mate and much more.

This book is filled with many incredible firsthand accounts. Even how the title of the book, Heaven Sent, came about is yet another incredible story. At this point, I won’t give any more of the book’s details away. I’ll simply encourage people to read it for themselves.


Primal Wisdom of the Ancients: The Cosmological Plan for Humanity
By Laird Scranton

Inner Traditions
One Park Street
Rochester, Vermont 05767
2020, 208 pages, 6 x 9 Paperback, U.S. $16.99
ISBN: 978-1-64411-028-7

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Laird Scranton is the previous author of other books dealing with ancient cosmology and language, such as The Science of the Dogon and Point of Origin. In this latest volume he further delves into a comparative review of the remarkable similarities to be found in many different ancient cultures that, though separated by time and location, have much in common in terms of cosmological philosophies and religious symbolism. Striving to leave no stone unturned, the author explores the cosmological knowledge of such diverse and ancient cultures as those of the Dogon, Maori, Egyptian, Vedic India, Buddhism, Gobekli Tepe, Tibetan Bon religion, and the Hebrew kabbalistic tradition.

A lot of ground is covered here. Sacred geometry, initiations and rituals, traditional myths, the concept of a nonmaterial twin universe to our own, and so much more. The inclusion of the African Dogon tribe and their Sirius related cosmology has always been fascinating to me since years ago reading Robert K.G. Temple’s book The Sirius Mystery.

This is a thought-provoking read.

Undersea UFO Base: An In-Depth Investigation of USOs in the Santa Catalina Channel
By Preston Dennet

Blue Giant Books
2018, 226 pages, Paperback, U.S. $14.95
ISBN: 978-1984340702

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

In the May issue of this magazine we posted an article by author Preston Dennett on the USO [Unidentified Submersible Objects] side of the UFO phenomenon. This article contained three impressive accounts of unidentified objects that proved they could also navigate our waters. However, if you’d really like to get a much bigger dose of information on this subject I highly recommend Preston’s book Undersea UFO Base. Soon after he began studying UFOs back in 1986, he began receiving reports of the OSOs as well, and over the years the cases continued to accumulate until he decided a book length presentation was needed to properly bring light to this situation.

In this book you’ll read of anomalous incidents described by members of the Navy, the Guard, police, lifeguards, and others. Preston even discovered that reports of such activity off the southern coast of California goes back a hundred years, and the location of an undersea UFO/USO base is even suspected, nicknamed the “Malibu Anomaly.”

This is a very fascinating book!

Thursday, August 18, 2022