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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2020

The Day an Airplane was Suspended in Midair

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Altura Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date: May 17, 1973                                              
Time: 18:45

Celebrating the festival of “Dia de la Armada” (Day of the Armed Forces), several high-ranking Army members and their families were traveling from the Capital to Bahia Blanca in a Bristol Sky Van aircraft, with a capacity for 25 persons. The total flight plan was for 5 hours and 30 minutes. The speed of the aircraft was about 400km p/h and weather was excellent.

At one point, the pilots began to see a strange object approaching, traveling towards the southwest and emitting a luminous circular glow, heading towards the bow of the aircraft. Radio communication with Ezeiza tower informed them that there wasn’t any other traffic in the area. When the pilots changed their radio frequency the object suddenly shot towards the bow of the aircraft and then immediately moved away, causing sudden radio interference. At 20kms southeast of the town of Olavarria, the UFO reappeared and moved closer to the aircraft’s bow section. It then disappeared again leaving in its place a sort of small cloud.

At this point, the radio on the aircraft stopped functioning and once the aircraft entered the strange cloud, the pilots and the occupants were able to see the stars and the ground lights but realized to their horror that the aircraft was somehow “detained in midair” and that it wasn’t moving. For 90 minutes this uncanny scenario remained, approximately near the vertical of the city of Duranona. Ezeiza control attempted to communicate with the aircraft but it proved fruitless. To the pilots and passengers of the aircraft only 30-minutes had gone by. When the strange cloud began to disperse, they were again able to see the ground lights and that they were now obviously moving and were then able to establish contact with Ezeiza. The celebrations in Bahia Blanca had been postponed since everyone assumed that the aircraft had suffered some kind of mishap. Incredibly when they arrived at their destination it was 20:15 when they should have arrived at 18:45. At the time, according to military sources, there had been several Argentine Air Force planes and UFO confrontations over the area.

The pilot, Captain Dagostino, was interviewed years later. He had been the pilot of the aircraft.

  Source: Carlos Ferguson, “Aterrizajes de Ovnis en la Argentina” pp. 384-385 citing H. Roberto, Vision Ovni / Carlos Ferguson, “Encuentros entre pilotos y Ovnis en Argentina” Editorial Dunken, p. 106. 

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