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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2020

Is 5G Related to the Coronavirus?

by: Dr. Greg Little

I have no intention of starting a conspiracy theory or rumor with this. However during my recent 5 days in Virginia Beach I was surprised to see new 5G towers erected on the beachfront. It was quite a coincidence for me because I’ve been researching the influence of electromagnetic fields on humans and I have not really looked into 5G.

Andrew Collins and I have been working on a new book that delves into shamanic processes, UFOs, mystical experiences, and the force behind it all. One area I have been really interested in and written about since 1990 is how electromagnetic energy waves effect human neurological processes. Now there is a lot that has been studied about that. If you will really examine your small print instruction booklet that came with your cell phone you’ll see a warning that virtually no one looks at. It is clear that electromagnetic waves emanating from cell phones, cell towers, and wifi all have biological effects. We are consistently told that they don’t exceed “standards,” but that’s another issue. My intention here is to address the current coronavirus-19 outbreak that began in Wuhan, China.

There has been a conspiracy theory in circulation that alleges that the installation of 5G towers in Wuhan created the epidemic because it somehow weakened the human immune system. Wuhan was one of the first places—if not the very first place—that had a complete 5G system installed and placed into operation. That’s why the coincidence seemed so stark and obvious to those who linked 5G to the virus. But the theory is considered to be bunk and I generally agree that the 5G wavelengths and power probably don’t do much to the human immune system. They are clearly biologically active, but there is no evidence that the human immune system is affected. But after doing a lot more research I have reached the possible conclusion that 5G may, possibly, have played a role in the current outbreak, albeit not in the way people think.

5G uses faster speeds that will supposedly allow for such things as fully autonomous vehicles that will need instantaneous communication. It is the basis for what is referred to as the Internet of Things, where machines communicate instantly to other machines. Cars, robots, drones, and everything else will be controlled by 5G. As 5G rolls out, it is completely acknowledged that exposure of the entire environment to electromagnetic fields will change (Simko & Mattsson, 2019).

A September 2019 study (Simko & Mattsson) examined possible 5G effects on a variety of health issues. They looked at the 6-100 GHz, millimeter waves effects on health from 94 published studies. Some 80% of the in vivo studies showed some response to exposure while 58% of the in vitro studies showed effects. Their conclusion was: “The responses affected all biological endpoints studied. There was no consistent relationship between power density, exposure duration, or frequency, and exposure effects. The available studies do not provide adequate and sufficient information for a meaningful safety assessment, or for the question about non-thermal effects.” So, what this means is we really don’t know. Yet here we are rolling out a new technology.

Almost all research on the health effects of 5G studied human and animal responses. An astounding range of biological effects were found on cells in both humans, animals, and insects. Bacteria and fungi oddly showed increases in cell growth in some studies. No studies I can find have been conducted on the effects on viruses. However, the study related, “There are also questions about the environmental impact, with potential consequences for human health. Since many MMW devices will be installed in the environment, the impact of MMW on insects, plants, bacteria, and fungi is relevant to investigate. Particularly relevant is the question of temperature increase in very small organisms, as the depth of penetration of the MMW could warm the whole organism.”

To me, the obvious factor that was missing was what does 5G do to viruses? The answer is we don’t know. Did the 5G installed in Wuhan somehow mutate a virus? Maybe, but who knows? No one. Right now we know that the CV-19 has mutated more than 30 times. Has 5G accelerated the rate of mutation? That’s the problem with technology as we enter this new world environment. We really don’t know. Not much research has been done on what electromagnetic fields do to viruses. I have found only two studies that addressed that issue and not a very good ones.

Back in 1954 (Pollard) a study was published on the effects of ionizing radiation on viruses. The radiation tended to inactivate a portion of the virus. However, the presence of water was found to attenuate the effect. Also found was that the effects—the “damage” to the virus—was cumulative and fully dependent on the amount of exposure. In brief the virus changed based on how long it was exposed and how powerful the exposure was. A 1958 study (Wilson & Pollard) found that ionizing radiation (which is supposedly not what 5G does) produces effects on viruses based on their surface coating and volume. In brief, there is a mutational effect.

Coronavirus is different in several ways especially with its exterior barbs that make it so sticky. There is more to it of course, but it’s clearly a virus that has spontaneously evolved or adapted to something. So the possibility I see here is that 5G microwaves may have somehow altered the virus to its present condition and it continues to mutate. This is admittedly utter and complete speculation but since we really don’t know what 5G does to viruses nor do we know the long-term effects of human exposure, maybe researchers should investigate 5G a bit more.

I was astonished to find that the city of Virginia Beach has no control over the installation of 5G towers. A state law allowed cell companies to place the towers on public land or public right of ways. They are ugly but it is what it is. For decades I have written and stated that all the electromagnetic pollution we are now totally immersed in represented an electromagnetic cesspool. I am fairly certain it creates anxiety, may be related to ADHD and some other disorders, and keeps people out of balance. That is one focus the new book with Andrew Collins will have.


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