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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, May 2020

The Hidden Universe:
An Investigation into Non-Human Intelligences
By Anthony Peake

Watkins, an imprint of Watkins Media Limited
Unit 11, Shepperton Road
London N1 3DF
2019, 241 pages, Paperback, U.S. $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-78678-280-9
Reviewed by Brent Raynes

This is Anthony Peake’s eleventh book and it’s quite unique and quite different from his previous works as he takes a sharp focus on so-called “non-human intelligences.” I had interviewed him not long after the release of his first book Is There Life After Death? for Alternate Perceptions magazine [December 2007]. In that book he explored the most challenging question of life. Is there some form of consciousness surviving beyond bodily death? He has delved deeply, and of course continues to do so, into remarkable testimonial accounts of unexplained, anomalous occurrences and sciences like parapsychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics that may help to offer insights and answers. He makes a valiant effort to both verify and understand how such reported anomalies of near-death experience, out-of-body travel, precognition, déjà vu - and so many other anomalies - may ultimately operate. In The Infinite Mind, co-authored with Prof. Ervin Laszlo, even the electronic voice phenomenon is looked into. He had even written a book entitled A Life of Philip K. Dick: The Man Who Remembered the Future. Dick, of course, was a well-known science fiction writer who penned such classics as Valis, The Minority Report, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? He also claimed a variety of psychic and mystical-type experiences and corresponded with noted UFO author Brad Steiger about UFO contact experiencers he called [and Brad wrote a book by the same name] Star People. Mr. Dick thought he might fit that very same profile of experiencer.

In our very first interview as Anthony was explaining his theory of the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad I interjected how this “daemon” he talked and wrote about so much, which he associated with the non-dominant right hemisphere of the brain, fit with a certain account in UFO author John Keel’s book The Mothman Prophecies. Anthony had just described a case of a “daemon” type presence coming through a psychologist’s hypnosis session with a subject of his. Keel had written of hypnotizing a woman experiencer on Long Island in 1967 when an entity unexpectedly came through and accurately predicted two plane crashes. Anthony got very excited at that point, exclaiming that hypnosis was one of the ways the daemon could be reached and how in many accounts this hidden self knew the future! One of Anthony’s primary points is how many such experiencers who get glimpses into the future share symptoms resembling temporal lobe epilepsy. Anthony and I even did another interview where we talked about another noted novelist, Whitley Strieber, who in 1987 came out with a book entitled Communion, describing what he claimed were real personal alien encounters that he and his family had experienced, and he too had wondered about temporal lobe epilepsy.

Anthony has produced here a brilliant, thought-provoking book dealing with his research into “non-human intelligences,” a term these days that has become fashionable in ufology for what used to be simply called “aliens.” The publisher, Watkins, lists this book’s subject matter on the back cover as “UFO’s and Extraterrestrials,” though Anthony’s true focus and reach with all of this are the parallels between what people today describe as encounters with beings that ufology generally takes for granted are ETs to the other non-human being descriptions and categories such as angels, demons, djinn, fairies, little goblins, and other historical and archetypal forms that bear some curious and fascinating similarities to our modern non-human “ETs.”

The Hidden Universe makes a strong case, in my judgement, for the importance of pursing a comprehensive historical, cross-cultural, multidisciplinary, science-based “connect the dots” fact-finding pursuit with a sharp focus into the consciousness and physics components of this data. Anthony finds throughout history and the world compelling accounts that point to a truly complex enigma that strongly suggests answers and implications far more profound than previously imagined. From the northern region of India where cave art has been found portraying strange humanoid like figures and how locals to this day worship such paintings and tell of legends of small beings coming down from the sky in spherical objects to the Uru-e-Wati-Wau tribe of Brazil’s Para state with cave depictions of the makuras, small glowing beings with large eyes who local legend says came down from the sky long ago and taught the locals how to plant seed and grow corn, to so many other stories from around the world that possess remarkable similarities to our modern “ET” encounter reports.

This is not an Erich von Daniken kind of book though. Anthony Peake pursues a far wider and more complex path that seeks to explore and better understand very misunderstood anomalies of consciousness and physics wherein surface appearances can be extremely slippery and misleading and at times more archetypal than literal, pursuing bewildering aspects like the mind-created reality of a tulpa, the comparisons between shamanic dismemberment and alien abduction medical exams, the possible role of the pineal gland in our perceptions of alternate realities, and so much more. My review here simply cannot begin to sufficiently cover the vast terrain of thought-provoking speculation and evidence that this author provides in a scholarly fashion.


Dark Fleet:
The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System
By Len Kasten

Bear & Company
One Park Street
Rochester, Vermont 05767
2020, 240 pages, 6 x 9 Paperback, U.S. $16.00
23 b&w illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-59143-344-6

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

For those who follow, or at least wish to become more familiar with the controversial allegations of a secret Nazi space program and of an ongoing battle between us and a hostile Reptilian race determined to conquer our world, long-time UFO researcher and author Len Kasten lays out the stories and claims. On a cautionary note, I encourage the readers to be questioning and discerning. Known historical facts are mixed with claims of people identified as American and British “supersoldiers.” For example, there’s an American named Tony Rodriquez who at a young age claims he was abducted into a Nazi program, abducted by Greys, drugged and mind-controlled in the MK-ULTRA program, was taken to the moon and trained by the Nazis to become a suicide bomber in a conflict between Mars Marines and Insectoid ETs. At one point in his story an Insectoid bit off one of his feet, but lucky for him a Space Marine put him into a regeneration tank where he regrew a new foot.

Rodriquez has “recovered memories” of being on planets out there in the Pleiades and Orion system and other remote locations out in space. He’s said to be now writing a book about his life. Hopefully it’ll be one with sufficient evidence to verify his “recovered memories.”

Then too there’s Randy “Captain Kaye” Cramer, who is supposed to be a space-traveled Marine, is shown in a picture showing him “on Mars,” though he’s casually dressed with a light leather jacket, no helmet, standing in front of a backdrop that looks like it could be part of a western movie set that looks like a desert scene from out in the Monument Valley of Utah and Arizona, with those tall stone spires, and of course buildings, some with rounded tops, included in with the imagery. Maybe I missed the part where the background is strictly for illustrative purposes. Anyway, Cramer claims there are alien races living on Mars, the Reptilians and the Insectoids, and that he was one of the lucky ones who survived a skirmish with the Reptilians that he said took a thousand human lives. We also read that according to some of these ex-supersoldiers who have recovered their memories of their travels to other worlds and meeting alien races, that due to a partnership with the Reptilians we gained the knowledge of time travel.

These are the kinds of stories and information that can be found in this book. It’s a lot to take in, so be critical and discerning, and try not to be taken in. Remember that incredible claims require credible proof. Having stated that though, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from seriously researching and investigating any facet of the UFO subject. Just try and maintain your objectivity.

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