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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2020

Elderly Ufonauts?

by: Albert S. Rosales

Elderly occupants?

Here are three cases that seemed to show the same type of entity. All three were reported in different countries. Are some of our visitors time travelers from the future? Who knows. Read the following accounts and think about it.

Location. Beausoleil, Alpes Maritimes, France

Date: Summer 1951                              Time: 2100

It was still daylight. Mrs X, 40, her husband, 49, and a police officer friend, Mr. Z, 50, were walking down the Rue Des Martyrs to a little square where a theatrical company was giving an outdoor play. Suddenly, above the square, the three saw at approximately 60 meters distance a transparent ovoid object which was slightly tilted in their direction. It was motionless at an estimated 7 meters above ground level. The audience at the play had their backs turned to the craft and none of them seemed to notice it.

The puzzled witnesses thought at first that it was some particular display and advanced quietly in the direction of the weird object. They were then able to observe the profile of a “pilot” dressed in a light colored one piece suit, who seemed fragile and old in appearance with a long white beard, with nothing on his head, but otherwise “normal” in appearance. This character was leaning forward, and the witnesses swore that he was extremely interested in the ongoing play. A second figure, less visible, was at his side. At this point of the observation, Mrs. X was less than 15 meters from the object and estimated that it was between 4 and 5 meters long. No description of the apparatus interior could be provided by the three amazed witnesses. The witnesses exchanged initial comments and then called to the audience to draw their attention to the incredible vision, whereupon the object departed very quickly, emitting a gentle whistling sound, and disappeared behind a building in a North-Northeast direction. The rest of the public seemingly did not see the object and were apparently angered at the distraction. The observation had lasted about thirty seconds.

Humcat 1951-3

Source: Anne Marie & Phillippe Maissa, Thierry Leplat

& Eric Zurcher    

Suspended animation?


Location. Tonnarella, Messina Province, Italy

Date: August 1966             Time: 20:30

A young woman, D.R., while looking out the window of her apartment located in the center of town, noticed a luminous spot quickly approaching her location from the direction of Santa Barbara de Montalbano, just southwest of where she was. As it got closer the luminous object began to assume a cylindrical shape and was transparent in nature. The curious witness watched the strange cylinder-shaped craft as it approached even closer. The cylinder was illuminated from within with a homogenous light. The craft then descended to within several meters of the ground and about 50 meters distance from the witness. She could hear a low motor-like sound apparently coming from the object. Inside the object was visible a male human-like figure that appeared to be floating in a vertical position inside the object. The figure was about 1.68m in height, while the cylinder appeared to be about 3m in height, the eyes of the figure were closed and he was totally immobile, apparently meditating. The facial features were human and he sported a very long gray beard, giving him an “elderly” appearance. The humanoid figure was wearing a one-piece red tunic type garment and what appeared to be sandals on his feet. The witness however was very impressed at a large silvery medallion which the humanoid had on his chest area, shaped like a circle with an iridescent spot in the middle. In an instant, the craft suddenly shot away quickly, disappearing from sight and again becoming a luminous spot in the distance, finally disappearing in the direction of Capo Milazzo.


Location: Quintero, Chile

Date: 1965                                    Time: 22:00

Caroline’s mother had asked her to go and fetch her younger brother from a neighbor’s house. Caroline, 9, then walked quietly towards the neighbor’s house when suddenly she saw a bright light coming from the yard of one of the nearby houses. Curious, she climbed on a discarded tambourine to look over the fence and see the source of the strange light. She then saw a bright light which frightened her since inside she could see two very tall figures wearing some type of tunic-like garment. She described the figures as looking like elderly men with long flowing salt & pepper hair that came down to their shoulders. But the most striking part was their eyes which were completely black. When one of the figures saw her it smiled at her. Frightened she ran away from the area.

  Source: Marcelo Moya, (December 10, 2016) Revista El Rayo, La Estrella de Valparaiso, p. 2                                                                      Type: A

Comments: Curious case, is not the first time such “elderly” entities have been described.

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