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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2020

Three USO Cases

by: Preston Dennett

I first began researching UFOs in 1986. From the beginning, I began to get reports of USOs, Unidentified Submersible Objects. While cases came from across the world, most came from the Santa Catalina Channel, off the coast of Los Angeles, California. Currently I have documented more than 150 cases in this area. The huge number of cases strongly suggests the possibility of some kind of undersea UFO base. At the very least, these craft are in our oceans in very large numbers. What follows are three dramatic cases of USO activity, each taken from my book, Undersea UFO Base.

Navy Encounters USOs

In February 1983 (date approximate) Dr. Gary Wagoner was aboard the U.S.S. Long Beach, a nuclear-powered, guided missile cruiser. Writes Wagoner, “While in the U.S. Navy, we patrolled on the outward side of Catalina one evening after a thunderstorm. I was a lookout at the time and had direct communication to the ship’s radar operators and the ship’s bridge. I, and approximately fifteen to twenty of my shipmates witnessed a UFO approximately three miles away, outbound from Catalina. It was a light, shaped like a half-moon, with a notch cut out of the bottom middle part. It changed in size from large to very small while maintaining the same relative shape. It also changed in visual intensity. It would blink rapidly, then remain lit, and then it would change size and blinking frequency. This occurred for about fifteen minutes. I asked the radar operators what they saw on the scope. They had no surface contact on radar. When I asked the bridge what it was, the sailor at the other side of the headset said the bridge officers are too busy looking at the object themselves.” Wagoner was not able to obtain any information about the lights from the bridge.

While this was the first time he had seen UFOs while onboard ship, it was not the last. “While on patrol in the Indian Ocean, I and four to six other sailors witnessed two very fast-moving lights streaking across the sky from one end on the level horizon to the other. The objects crossed that distance in about eight seconds. There was no sound…These two objects moved much faster than any fighter plane I have seen. Again, I asked the radar operator what the air contact was, and instead of the usual operator responding, an officer responded, saying that, ‘You did not see anything.’ I never asked again.” Wagoner feels certain that both sightings were of unconventional aircraft, meaning UFOs. As he says, “We were trained observers and very familiar with all types of aircraft and their appearance at sea.”

(U.S.S. Long Beach)

Lake Casitas USO with Humanoid Lake Casitas is located just inland of the coast in Ventura, which itself is at the northern end of the Santa Catalina Channel. In 1959, a dam was built which formed the lake. One day in 1964, Frank S. Kinsey (an Air Force pilot during World War II) was at Lake Casitas with his brother-in-law when they heard a loud sound of splashing water. “I looked out into the lake,” Kinsey later told MUFON field investigator, Robert D. Neville, “and here’s this object coming out of the water.”

The object emerged from the water with such speed that it sucked up a large column of water, which came loudly crashing down.
“I was flabbergasted…It was a round object and it looked like it had a cone on top, where a person was looking out at us…a being looking out at us…I could see the eyes staring at us. I happened to have a pair of binoculars with me at the time. I picked them up and looked and could see a person looking out at me.” The object was about thirty feet wide. The outside perimeter appeared to be rotating, and it emitted a painfully loud noise. Several portholes were situated around the top cone-section of the object. It was through one of these portholes that Kinsey saw the being. Kinsey said the window “looked like it was real thick, heavy glass of some kind, or maybe it might have been a plastic of some kind…” Suddenly the object accelerated, glowing first lavender and then bright orange-yellow. In a few seconds it was fifteen miles away and disappeared over the mountains.
Says Kinsey, “It had a gleam to it, it had a shine to it, like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a lot of metals here on earth that had a high gloss, but nothing like this that I’ve ever seen.”
Kinsey did manage to capture a photo of the object right before it moved away.

(Photo by: Frank S. Kinsey of a USO ascending from the waters of lake Casitas)

USO Encounter in the Bahamas

Another case comes from a gentleman I’ll call Dean Sanders. Here is Dean’s story in his own words: “In August of 1984, after completing a month-long cruise in the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas, we were on our thirty-foot sailboat, sailing from Walker Key, Bahamas to Jacksonville, Florida. We were about ninety miles off of Daytona, Florida. I was at the helm and my wife was sitting up with me in the cockpit keeping me company. Seas were calm with a light breeze. There was no moon, and the water was extremely clear. I would estimate there was at least 100 feet visibility.

“We were on a course of 310 degrees at about three knots. At about 1:00 a.m., I noticed a green-colored beam of light sweeping the water under the boat from right to left. This was followed by another, and another sweep of light under the water at regular intervals. This went on for a while, and the beams kept sweeping under the boat. As the time went on, the beams grew stronger and more well-defined. About fifteen minutes after we first noticed the light beams in the water, a large green object passed directly under our boat on a course of about 300 degrees. The object was round, about 100-150 feet in diameter, and had ‘spokes’ of green light radiating from it, rotating counter-clockwise, and bright lights around the mid-diameter. After the object passed under the boat, we saw the beams of light (now sweeping from left to right) for at least twenty minutes before we could no longer make them out. There is no way I can tell you what we saw, but it was real! I have seen submarines and can tell you this was not a sub!”

Dean said that it was as if the object had targeted his boat, heading right underneath it. It came in at a slight angle, traveling about fifteen knots, three times their own speed. “By the laws of chance,” says Dean, “for it to go directly under my boat--it’s pretty thin. I feel like it came by to take a look.” Neither he nor his wife felt any fear, but were mostly curious. There was no apparent effect on their boat in any way. The object hung an estimated 100 feet below them. They had a depth-finder down below, but they didn’t want to leave and miss the view of what was happening. “This thing was vastly bigger than my boat, and it had an inner ring of lights shining, but the outer ring had spokes of light, and it was all one kind of green hue…when it went under my boat, it had spokes radiating in all directions. I didn’t count them. I was in awe of the situation.”

It was the strange spokes of light that most impressed him. They seemed to stretch for hundreds of feet underwater. Says Dean, “The waters in that area are teeming with light-emitting plankton. I have always thought the energy emitted by the object was disturbing the plankton and was the cause of the light spokes.” However, Dean felt certain phosphorescent plankton was definitely not the cause of the object itself. “The round object had a brighter glow than I think could have been achieved by plankton,” said Dean, “and the circular array of lights was not plankton!”

Dean can only speculate about what he and his wife saw. He admits it could be military, but he doesn’t think so. After seeing me on television, he contacted me to tell his story.


These three cases represent only a tiny glimpse into the huge amount of USO activity occurring across our planet. We have only begun to discover what is going on beneath the surface of our oceans. As these and other cases show, UFOs/USOs are able to move through our oceans with ease. And the high levels of activity in certain underwater locations, such as the Santa Catalina Channel show that there is much about this phenomenon that we still don’t understand. Hopefully there will be further research into this rarely explored aspect of UFOs. (This article is adapted from, “UNDERSEA UFO BASE: AN IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATION INTO UFO ACTIVITY IN THE SANTA CATALINA CHANNEL,” by Preston Dennett. Blue Giant Books.)

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