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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2020

The Amazing Case of Dr X

by: Joseph Burkes M.D.

Published in 1977, Jacques Vallee’s classic “The Invisible College” in my opinion is a must read for UFO investigators and experiencers who are willing to think outside of the box. In “The Invisible College” Dr Vallee states: “In this book I will not confine myself to the examination of the physical reality, but will step...to the experiential and even to the mythical.”

Dr. Vallee describes the case of “Doctor X” that demonstrates how a UFO encounter can be associated with amazing physical cures as well as a change in experiencers’ belief systems.

A medical doctor in the south of France holding an “important official position” had a sighting. According to Dr. Vallee, the event was thoroughly investigated by a team that included an astrophysicist, a psychiatrist and a physiologist.

Three days before the sighting the physician injured his leg while chopping wood. A large hematoma had formed that was still hurting on the night that the incident occurred. At 4 AM the doctor awoke during a storm and found his 14-month-old child gesturing towards the window. The physician assumed that the flashes of light were merely lightning. He gave the child some water to drink and looked out the window. There he saw two disk-shaped UFOs. Both had horizontal antennae. The flashes came about one per second and were associated with an increase in the brightness of the two glowing saucers. This was followed by a blast of light between them. The floating duo reportedly approached the doctor’s house silently. The antenna of each object then touched the other and the two craft merged into one object. A blast of light emanated from the UFO that struck the doctor’s face. A loud “bang” was heard and then the object dematerialized.

The physician woke his wife up and it was she that noted that the wound on his leg had completely healed. Over the next few days he noted that other injuries had disappeared as well. During the Algerian War he sustained a wound that left him weak on the right side. He was unable to stand on the right leg alone. When working for any length of time the right side of his body quickly fatigued. After his encounter as documented by medical examination, these injuries disappeared.

Six days after the event, famed French investigator Aime Michel evaluated the doctor and found him complaining of generalized weakness with abdominal cramps. In addition, a strange triangular shaped area of red pigmentation appeared around his navel. Michel thought this might be psychosomatic. This notion was abandoned when the doctor’s infant child developed the same red triangle around his navel.

In a two-year follow up period, Aime Michel found that there was no return of the symptoms related to either the war injuries or the wood chopping incident. The triangular rash came and went on both father and son. In addition, a dramatic change of beliefs took place in the doctor and his wife. This was documented by the testimony of friends and family. Dr. Vallee stated: “They seem to have acquired an almost mystical acceptance of the events of life and death, which is puzzling to those who had known them previously,” p 24.

For the doctor and his family events of high strangeness also recurred periodically. Vallee labeled them as “paranormal.” They included telepathy, one incident of levitation that the doctor reportedly could not control, as well as electromagnetic effects involving the malfunctioning of clocks and electrical circuits. These occurrences defied prosaic explanations.

“The Invisible College” is currently available on the Internet as a Kindle book as well as hard copy


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