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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2020


by: Tom Dongo

I have a partner, Michael, and we do treasure hunting in extremely remote areas of Arizona. Most of this is wagon train and stagecoach ambush loot that has never been recovered. In the Fall of 2010 we were deep in the old Apache homeland on the Mogollon Rim. It’s at an elevation of about eight thousand feet. We found something extremely unusual (which I can’t talk about here and it’s not illegal artifacts).

I had gone back to his truck to get some tools. It was a short walk of about 15 minutes. It’s impossible to get lost in such a close area. I got the tools and headed back. I was going down a shallow canyon that had about two feet of dry maple leaves on the ground. I glanced down at my boots for a few seconds so as not to trip – and when I looked up again I was not in the same canyon. I should have been just minutes from Michael’s position. I discovered I was about four hundred yards from where I was seconds before. We had originally come in this way so I pretty much knew where I was – although at that point I was thoroughly confused.

It took me almost a half hour to get back to Michael’s location with shouting and using our powerful two way radios. The question is, who or what (and why) teleported me away from that spot when I looked down at my boots. I remember the instant I was teleported and it is an indescribable sensation. To this day, I think Michael sort of thinks I got lost. I have spent a big part of my life in the woods – so ….

Not a chance.


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