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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2020

When Indonesian Police Confronted Aliens

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Alor Island, Nusa Tenggara Northern, Timur Province, Indonesia
Date: July 1959
Time: various

According to former police Chief Alwi Alnadad, it was reported that some strange beings were seen on the east side of Alor Island. Their height was about 1.80m and their skin was reddish. Their eyes were human-like and their hair was wavy white. They wore dark blue clothing with long sleeves and high collar tops, with belts on which hung a gray cylinder-shaped object and they wore black ‘military’ boots.

Their appearance was very strange to the local inhabitants that thought that the beings acted suspicious and appeared to be searching for something. The inhabitants then surrounded the strangers and shot at them with arrows. Strangely the arrows didn’t seem to harm them. The strangers then quickly scurried away into the jungle and vanished.

Some days later another report indicated that some strange beings with dark blue clothing had been seen in a village in southern Alor Island. There were six beings and they had the same characteristics of the ones reported days before. However, this time some of them were bearded. Another report came from Pantar Island (west of Alor Island) in which some locals reported seeing strange beings apparently searching for something unknown. Next day, east of Kalabahi city, a villager was apparently briefly abducted by the strangers in dark blue clothing. The villager had just climbed down from a sugar palm tree (Enau) when several beings surrounded him. He tried to run but some of them pointed at him with a cylinder-shaped stick which caused him to become paralyzed. He heard them speak among each other, but he could not understand the language. One of them then showed him a circular object resembling an alarm clock. He was asked (in his language) to watch the object and he could see anything “that was far away”. At first it didn’t make sense since there were hills and jungle surrounding his location but then he realized that the strangers wanted him as a “guide.” But then he was soon released. The next day a six-year-old child was abducted by the strangers, and later he was found by some locals in a field frightened and confused.

The different reports from completely different locations seemed to be similar in various details. Taking the case seriously the police decided to take action. Several police officers led by Alnadad surrounded an area where the strangers had been last seen. Around midnight the group of strangers appeared, only about 13 meters from the armed policemen. Immediately the officers all opened fire at the strangers. Incredibly, after the barrage and the smoke cleared, no blood or dead bodies were found at the place where the strangers had stood. The shooting had been almost at point blank range, but the police only found some felled trees and found footprints that ended five meters away. They had no idea how the strangers had escaped. After this particular incident several locals watched a white glowing oval-shaped object flying over the sea at great speed. It flew over the beach from west to east. Apparently after that the strangers were not seen again.

Source: BETA UFO Indonesia and J. Salatun “UFO: Salah Satu Masalah Dunia Masa Kini” 1982 (The present-day UFO problem), Jakarta (Idayu Foundation)

Comments: After greeting these apparently unearthly visitors with arrows and then bullets no wonder that Earth must be considered to be an unfriendly wasteland by any visitors from outer space or any other place. We should also note that these incidents apparently occurred very soon after the New Guinea visitations.


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