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Gold Coins Found At Bimini:
Are they confirmation of a 1926 reading by Edgar Cayce?

By Dr. Greg Little

Of all the 14,000+ psychic readings made by Edgar Cayce, perhaps the most “sought after” and least openly discussed “artifacts” he mentioned involve gold—specifically gold at Bimini. The search for the gold started immediately after Cayce gave a 1926 reading and astonishingly continues to this day.

In 1926 and 1927 Cayce related that Bimini had been the site where 120,000 gold coins (and a lot more silver) were buried and also that the largest vein of gold in the world could be accessed in the inlet between North and South Bimini, approximately 15-feet or so below the bottom. An astounding amount of drilling, sampling, and site inspections have been made in attempts to find the gold vein, and others have apparently quietly been searching for the gold coins. Since we (Dr. Lora Little and I) became actively involved in the ARE’s Search for Atlantis starting around 2002, we have essentially ignored the gold issue and steered away from doing anything in the areas where the Cayce readings indicated that gold was present. However, in April/May (2011) Lora and I made our longest and most time consuming trip into the Bahamas, a trip that spanned about 600 small boat-travel miles over nearly two weeks of time. The primary purpose of the trip was to identify the nature of over 100 dark spots we had previously located in an aerial survey and to continue our search for “Bermuda Triangle” planes. Another article in this issue of Alternate Perceptions mentions some of the results. However the trip extended from Bimini south to the southernmost part of Andros and encompassed land exploration of West Andros and a large portion of the underwater Great Bahama Bank.

Over the time period of nearly 2 weeks we managed to informally speak with many locals. It was during one of these casual conversations that the gold discovery emerged and what we were told was essentially confirmed by others independently. To some extent, it appears to be what would be termed “common local knowledge.” In short, many old gold coins had been found in very “old” jar-like containers on South Bimini Island. They were allegedly found some time ago and the discovery went unreported. The individuals who found the gold coins supposedly left Bimini and the Bahamas. Locals have always assumed that what had been found was pirate treasure. There is no detail available about the date of the discovery, the dates on the coins, the specific type of jars found, nor is there any mention of the names of the alleged finders. However, it is clear that the supposed discovery was not decades ago.

On August 14, 1926 Cayce related in a psychic reading that in March of 1839 a schooner carrying loot from a robbery and mutiny shipwrecked on Bimini. Five individuals managed to initially survive the shipwreck and all of them soon died from various causes. The group’s leader, named William Desmond, was buried in a quickly constructed “vault” on South Bimini with 120,000 gold coins and various amounts of silver. Cayce spoke of specific trees and a spot on South Bimini where the vault could be found. Immediately after Cayce gave this reading an effort was mounted to find the gold coins but a 1927 reading requested by the same people made it clear that the gold was not found.

The coins we were told about could certainly have been pirate treasure but they also match what Cayce related about Desmond’s gold. In truth, we’ll probably never know, but the specific location where the coins were found do match the location Cayce gave. As to legal ownership of such finds in the Bahamas, even Cayce knew immediately who owned the loot. In his initial 1926 reading, Cayce made it clear that it all belonged to the government (the Bahamas).

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