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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2020

‘MIB’ Incident at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska

by: Frank Hannaford

It is just past Sunset on a Saturday in late Summer of 1988 and family members were gathered on the front lawn of a home on Northridge Ave. Located on the side of a good-sized hill, we had a good view, across an intervening valley, of Forest Lawn Cemetery’s hilly North edge, along which Young Street runs. The map below, provided for context, has markers for where the house was, layout of Forest Lawn, and the relation of locations.

While not at all unusual to see ‘moving lights’ in the sky, as air traffic to and from Omaha’s Epply Airfield regularly traversed the area, someone noticed something odd and called our attention to an oddly lit object moving very slowly, then seeming to drop down at the North edge of the cemetery. We all watched and became convinced that either a helicopter or small plane had landed. No sounds though or anything to suggest a crash, but so odd that we decided to jump in car and go take a look.

I drove the car, accompanied by my wife (Linda) and our sister in Law (Judy). We were on Young Street in only a few minutes and as we approached the cemetery, ‘something’ quickly took off and shot up into the sky.

We were stunned and, of course, very curious. So much so that we decided to go into the cemetery the next day, Sunday, and look around. I drove to the cemetery on Sunday, accompanied by my wife (Linda), her brother (Mike), and her father (Burt). Note that Burt had been a Deputy Sheriff and served in the North Atlantic during World War II; man was not afraid of anything!

We drive around the cemetery and really don’t see anything odd, until we reach the spot marked on the map by other red dot. We are driving up an inclined area and noticed an area that looked quite out of place.

There was a good-sized area where the roadway was ‘totally clean’ and, in fact, on stopping and getting out, it became apparent that there was a wind-swept circle maybe 30-40 feet across. Flowers on some fresh graves, for example, were all blown out and away from center of this area.

In addition, as we looked closer, there are marks / slight indentions on the roadway that formed a triangle, as if something had set down on it.

Then high-strangeness sets in. We are bent over looking at all this when we hear a commanding voice ask, “What are you looking at?” and “What are you doing here?” We look up and see a car has pulled up quietly behind us and a couple of “guards” of some kind have stepped out and are approaching us.

The car looked like it was a sedan from the forties or fifties. The “guards” were dressed in dark clothes and were wearing Sam Brown belts. Being old enough, I was immediately reminded of the old “California Highway Patrol” series with Broderick Crawford.

They slowly approached as both Burt and I started to tell them we were just looking around.

They just had such a menacing way about them as they kept approaching that we all just headed towards our car, got in and left. As we drove off, they just stood in the road and watched us leave.

Only after leaving the cemetery did we ‘recover our wits’ and discuss what happened. It just seemed so odd and menacing. The more my father-in-law thought about it, the madder he got.

He was so upset, that, in fact, he drove over to the cemetery the next day (Monday) to complain about their “guards” behavior.

Imagine his surprise to learn that, in fact, they had no guards at all, certainly none that fit the description. They had an overnight periodic service that drove around the outside and could respond to gate / building alarms, but nothing during the day.

We were forevermore “haunted” by the experience, often speaking of it and wondering what the heck actually transpired.

We finally settled on two possible explanations: First, given there was a fresh grave in the area, it seemed possible that “something” dropped in to retrieve either a body or maybe an implant. Second, that a craft of some type had an emergency of some kind and just landed in the first available spot where no people were likely to be around.

In either case, the “MIB” were there as “clean-up”, just in case someone noticed the visit…someone like us.

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