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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, March 2020

Future Humans and the UFOs
By Diane Tessman

Flying Disk Press
4 St Michaels Avenue
Pontefract, West Yorkshire
England – WF8 4QX
2020, 239 pages, Paperback, US $15.00
ISBN: 9781711138039

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

This thought-provoking book explores the theory that some UFO visitors may be time traveling humans rather than extraterrestrial or interdimensional non-human visitors. Though it may sound as though the author has watched too many episodes of Doctor Who, theoretical physics and a review of the case evidence suggests that this notion should be given thoughtful and serious consideration. As the reader thumbs through its pages, what initially sounded as so much wild sci fi begins to quickly take on the character of something actually possible.

Diane Tessman’s decision to author a book on UFOs and time travel isn’t a simple flight of creative fancy that she decided on a mere whim one day to create. The guts of it go back to her early childhood, around age 4 or 5, when a very human looking man onboard a mysterious craft told her “We are from your future.” Diane had two separate encounters with this being, back in 1952 and 1953. In her preparation for this book, Diane included an interview between her and Dr. Jack Sarfatti, a theoretical physicist, delving into his complex theories on how the recently disclosed USS Nimitz and USS Roosevelt Navy fighter pilot sightings and interactions with Tic Tac shaped UFOs may be propelled by something called a “low power warp” that utilizes something named “metamaterials” that creates a “gravity free bubble.” As if his thoughts on UFO propulsion aren’t sufficiently out there, so to speak, this brilliant physicist and Diane even feel that they may have been in touch early on with the same group of future human time travelers! You see, back around 1953, when he was like only about 13, Jack answered the phone at his boyhood home in Brooklyn to a strange computer-like voice, presumably from the future, that asked if he would be interested in becoming part of a special project that would involve a number of bright young minds and how in twenty years everything would come together for his future life mission, which is when things began to indeed come together for him and he got his doctorate in physics from the University of California and came into contact with such notable physicists as Richard Feynman, John Archibald Wheeler, and David Bohm and controversial characters like Timothy Leary and Uri Geller.

Dr. Michael Paul Masters, a professor of biological anthropology, specializing in evolutionary anatomy, offered his exclusive thoughts on this subject and how many reported ufonauts are described as human like or humanoid in appearance and how eventually over time, due to genetic evolution, we become “them.” Some of the classic alien contact/abduction cases are examined in the light of the “future human” theory, like Betty Andreasson, Travis Walton, Betty and Barney Hill, and even the influences of Star Trek, whose creator Gene Roddenberry actually communicated with apparent future beings known as the Council of Nine through a channeling session.


Heaven Sent: Celestial Events Throughout a Lifetime
by Bill Boback

Paperback: 153 pages
Publisher: Lisa Hagan Books (January 27, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1-945962-25-7

Review by Robert A. Goerman

Heaven Sent is divine nectar served in a coffee cup. Some folks expend their lives in a desperate and futile search for the supernatural. Others are not so lucky. They hold dual citizenship with this world and the next from birth. As a boy, Bill Boback hears the music of Angels.

By the second chapter, young Boback enlists in the Navy of an America fighting our “Forgotten War” in Korea. As an electrician apprentice, he is assigned to four-hour watches in the electrical generator room deep within the bowels of the ship. It is here that he and two shipmates take turns encountering a “ghost.” Darting about the three large electrical generators that power the ship, this vague and dark something physically touches Boback and our sailor gets a little rattled. Contemporary researchers might call it a “shadow person.” Other paranormal researchers might make note of the electrical connection.

While taking military leave to visit his parents in February of 1953, Bill Boback experiences a close encounter with “an enormous flying saucer” twenty or thirty feet above his head near a busy outdoor shopping center. No one else apparently sees the huge daylight disc. Reality and time itself seems altered. There is telepathic communication with the UFOnauts. There is “missing time.” Although never acquainted with the terminology, Bill Boback becomes yet another victim of the “Oz Factor. “ The “Oz Factor” is a term coined by British UFO researcher Jenny Randles in 1983. She theorized that there appears to be a “zone of influence” surrounding UFO close encounters. Time seems to disappear and lose all meaning during the experience, as if the encounter is happening in a ”timeless, magical void.” Ambient sounds fade away and mundane activity ceases. These Active Paranormal Events seem witness-focused with an isolation factor at work. The “symptoms” of timelessness are being reported accompanying a variety of paranormal “high strangeness” encounters.
Boback constantly comments upon the timeless nature of his otherworldly experiences.
“There is no possible way of ever explaining the absence of time that I experienced. “ “I had no conception of time as it was irrelevant to me.”
“I was unknowingly once again experiencing a wrinkle in the fabric of time.”
Taking this journey with Bill Boback can be endearing and exasperating and maddening and marvelous all at the same time. Does he even realize that his Guardian Angels are the antithesis of our nefarious Men in Black?
Angels can dress in white clothing often inappropriate for the weather. They may ride in vintage automobiles or vehicles of a make and model unfamiliar even to car buffs. These vehicles can look like they just left the showroom floor. Angels are known for the benevolent warmth of unconditional love that resonates from their eyes. Angels can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.
Men in Black can dress in dark clothing often unsuitable for the weather. Sometimes, they leave no footprints through mud or snow. MiB have been seen riding in classic automobiles fresh from the showroom or cars that look like a mishmash of makes and models. Men in Black radiate evil and close proximity to them can be detrimental to the health of human beings. MiB can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. His stories are told to the best of the author’s ability.
Page after page is like listening to the wisdom of your grandfather.
Heaven Sent is really about Bill Boback's odyssey to revelation. He writes that “I have shared my experiences with the other side exactly the way they occurred and to the best of my memory. Memories without any false pretenses or assumptions as it would have been disrespectful for me to describe my spiritual encounters as being anything other than what they were.”

Some readers might find Bill Boback's interpretation of these manifestations a bit too quaint or naïve for their taste. Boback believes in God, in Heaven and spiritual realms, in Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, in the afterlife and all manner of psychic phenomena. His beliefs mirror many of my own. Something happens in your gut when you confront truth. Bill Boback's extraordinary memoir is magnificent for its profound honesty. Heaven Sent comes with my highest personal recommendation.

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