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Brief Report on 2011 Bahamas Expedition:
The Search for Bermuda Triangle Planes — and More—Help From Pilots and Mechanics Requested

By Dr. Greg Little

Eslie and Lora Wading into shore

Over a two-week period in May 2011, we (my wife Dr. Lora Little and I) completed a long and arduous expedition around Bimini, down the coast of West Andros (extending south about 200 miles), and then north through shallow waters of the Great Bahama Bank. The photo above shows Dr. Lora Little and Eslie Brown (who was on the entire trip) with our primary exploration boat in the background. The catamaran boat has a draft of only one foot making it ideal for work in shallow water. The fuel range is about 175 miles but we also chartered two Bahama boats as a “mothership” and backup. The mothership carried extra fuel and we spent the nights on it meeting it at prearranged destinations in deeper water. We experience phenomenally good weather but several times the weather and visibility became—in a word—eerie. There was also one scary event, but it is best left for the film.

Our major purpose was to investigate over 100 underwater dark spots we had previously found during an aerial survey. (See http://www.mysterious-america.net/bermudatriangle0.html for info.) We also investigated several crashed planes on land in remote Western Andros and reinvestigated several planes we believe to be planes reported to have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. In addition, we reinvestigated several sites of interest to the ARE’s Search for Atlantis Project (http://www.mysterious-america.net/atlantisarticlei.htm). Details regarding the major finds involving the Bermuda Triangle will be presented in a documentary for release in 2011 and the results of the “Atlantis-related” areas will be released to ARE members in ARE publications. A brief summary of some of the finds and a solicitation for information is below.

NC-16002—Commercial DC-3

In December 2009 we announced that we believed we had found the remains of one of the most famous planes to have ever disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle (http://www.mysterious-america.net/secondbermudatrp.html). The discovery was made as part of a National Geographic show. The entire Nat Geo show is available here on You Tube. One pilot who was very interested in this plane asked us to look at both the engine as well as one of the planes batteries, which we found and actually pulled up. The battery is shown below along with another photo showing the engine.

Battery NatGeo Plane 0 DC-3?

Engine NatGeo Plane 0 DC-3?

Is This A Cessna 140?

One of several planes we found on land is shown below. I believe that this small, 2-seat, high wing plane is a Cessna 140. The wings, incidentally, were covered with coated canvass. If any of our readers could assist in the identification of the make it would be appreciated. Like many private pilots, I trained in a Cessna 150 and I can’t recall ever seeing a 140.

Closeup Greg and Plane Wreck AP3

We also found a large cargo plane underwater, with its cargo strewn on the bottom around the plane, as well as other planes on land, which we have already ruled out as Bermuda Triangle planes. The cargo plane is a mystery. The most intriguing plane find is described in the section below.

AVCO Lycoming Aircraft Engine ID Needed

One of the spots we had previously seen from the air, located about 80 miles off Andros and 100 miles south of Bimini, turned out to be the crashed remains of a twin engine aircraft. The pilot’s headphones and microphone piece were removed from the cockpit. There was other cargo in the plane. It seems unlikely that there could have been any survivors, even if they survived the actual crash. The location is simply too far from any land. The photo of the plane is shown below and we would like any pilot or mechanic’s opinion as to the make of the aircraft. My father, a pilot and WW-II Naval air veteran believes it may be a large Beech. It looks like a large Piper to me.

One of the engines had its plate removed and is shown below. Our hope is that someone can run down the model and engine number and eventually find the specific plane the engine was installed on. The key information on the plate reads:


If you can assist, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Other Investigations

During the trip we reinvestigated the area we have called the slabs and another area we called the “columns.” These have been previously reported (http://www.mysterious-america.net/atlantis2010.html). Geological testing of samples from both of these areas has been completed and carbon dating of the area called the “columns” has been completed. While these results are to be presented to ARE members first, I can state that the results were not what we expected. The columns area has now almost been completely recovered by shifting sand and we found up to 9, huge cut and polished slabs of stone in that area. The photo below shows Dr. Lora Little in an intriguing area where two slabs are arranged at the bottom of a square depression.

Lora at Double Slabs S of Bimini

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