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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2020

A Hunter’s Encounter with the Grays

by: Tom Dongo

This account of an event that occurred several years ago was related to me by a local man. It involved his uncle, and the location was the Yuba River wilderness in northern California. The incident is unique in UFO lore.

In the fall of 1985 John Larson’s uncle, who is a prominent California political figure, was bow hunting in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near the Yuba River. He had gone out hunting alone early in the morning and was carefully stalking along a well-traveled deer trail. He was walking almost noiselessly. He rounded a bend in the trail and was stunned by an unexpected sight ahead of him. There, not twenty yards away, stood six four-foot-tall humanlike creatures. The creatures were dressed military fashion in silvery blue metallic uniforms. The creatures were not immediately aware of his intense scrutiny. A moment later, they were alerted to his presence and turned quickly to face him.

Their countenances revealed that they were as surprised as he was. The California man could see that the little creatures resembled human children in proportion but they had grayish skin and shockingly large eyes. John’s uncle, experiencing extreme fright and near panic, raised his bow to show that he was armed and ready to defend himself. As the man brought up his bow, one of the small humanoids reached down and pulled something from his belt and pointed it toward him. The hunter said all he remembered was being hit head to foot by something that felt like gas. Then he blacked out.

When he came to he was lying face down on the ground at the edge of the trail. He peered at his watch and saw that it was almost four o’clock. He had been unconscious over five hours. He got up, brushed the sand and pine needles off and began to take inventory of his condition. He decided he was in good shape and seemed to be unharmed. Then he got another shock. He looked over at his aluminum-alloy bow and quiver of aluminum arrows. He saw that they had been melted, had cooled, and now lay in long hardened silvery pools on the ground.

Source: The Mysteries of Sedona, Book II; The Alien Tide by Tom Dongo. 1990. Used with permission.

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