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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2020

Bizarre Alien Encounter in Germany

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Tuttlingen, Germany
Date: July 25,1992
Time: after 2:00 a.m.

Mr. Rolf Fuller had driven with his brother from Eberswalde to Tuttlingen. He was fatigued because he had spent a sleepless night. On that warm summer night, he had sat with his relatives on the balcony with a view towards the nearby wooded hills and the clear sky. At approximately 22:30 he observed a “star” moving slowly and growing in size. At first its color was white, then red and blue, and then white again. When it had come to within a few thousand meters Mr. Fuller recognized it as a pyramid of light. It moved closer from an elevation of 45 degrees and remained stationary at 35 to 40 degrees. This lasted for 2 seconds. It looked as if it left glowing pyramids in its wake, looking like a time exposure of a moving object.

The pyramid carried out circular movements with its base, which measured some 50 meters, while its pointed top remained stationary. Every 2 to 3 seconds a flash illuminated the area underneath the pyramid. After a while, the pyramid backed away in an upright position, describing an S-shaped horizontal curve. Towards one in the morning the pyramid was “reduced” in steps, as if it were “swallowed” up by a vertical wall.

For some strange reason, Mr. Fuller did not draw the attention of any of the other seven members of the family to the appearance. Lightning from the pyramid was thought to be due to a distant thunderstorm and no further attention was paid to the phenomenon. Towards 1:30 Mr. Fuller and his brother broke up in order to reach the house at the other end of Tuttlingen, where they intended to spend the night. They arrived there at two in the morning on July 25.

Sometime during the night Rolf Fuller woke up and found himself in different surroundings. He was in a room about 5 m in diameter, which was weakly illuminated by reddish light. A small figure, no more than 1.30 m to 1.40 m tall, in a blue suit with a black belt was standing in front of him. It wore a dark blue peaked cap. Its arms were long, and so were its fingers. Its face looked like that of a “rabbit without its ears.” The entity had big, slanted, closely spaced dark eyes, a small mouth and a very small nose, no ears and stubbly hair. It had a chin that jutted out. Rolf Fuller was surprised, “What in thunder is the matter?” he asked and shook the small being, which carried the symbol “L I ^” in a yellow field on one sleeve.

At that moment each of his arms were seized by two entities even smaller than the first one, wearing grayish brown coveralls. They weighed very little. He hit one of them on the face with his elbow, so that it fell down. He could easily lift up the two individuals hanging on to his right arm. The entities do not seize him directly with their fingers, but each pair clamped its arms around his and crossed its fingers around an arm of his. Their intention was to lead him to a medical couch. Fuller could tear himself loose.  He made a somersault over the couch, got back on his feet and lifted the couch, which turned out to very light, in order to throw it at the entities. However, when he realized that he could not escape without their help, he put the couch down again.

Rolf Fuller stood up to the “boss” and demanded to know what he wanted of him. He didn’t get an answer. Fuller addressed this individual as “boss” and “fat one”, tapped his belly lightly with the back of his hand and said: “Say something!” Suddenly one of the entities jumped on his back. Again, two of the beings seized his arms on the left and on the right. Fuller kicked with his legs and struck the “boss”, who lost his cap. The entity on his back pressed its hand on his mouth, whereupon he fainted.

The entire episode had lasted about five minutes. As Rolf Fuller woke up, he sat upright in his bed. The five entities were still with him and pushed him into a horizontal position on top of his brother. Fuller saw all entities double (similar in the way Betty Andreasson described them). This multiplicity of projections merged into a single one and disappeared all of a sudden. Outside dawn is breaking. Rolf Fuller, under the impression that he still has to defend himself, seizes his brother, who is eight years younger than he, and pushed him out of bed. The brother didn’t take this very seriously, because he believed he was taking up too much room in the bed. After that both of them fell asleep. Fuller believed that he was fully dressed while he was with the entities.

  Source: Ihlobrand von Ludwiger, Mufon 93 Symposium Proceedings    

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