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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2020

UFOs and Nuclear Sites

by: Joseph Burkes, M.D.

The book " UFOs and Nukes" by Robert Hastings is one of the most important investigations in the field of flying saucer studies. I urge all disclosure and contact activists to read his book and watch his documentaries that are now on Amazon Prime. He was the keynote speaker at MUFON's 2016 International Symposium. In this 9 minute video, he outlines his extensive evidence documenting that UFOs are monitoring this planet's nuclear facilities.

The reasons given why nuclear installations are important in our ongoing discussions of flying saucers depends upon one's point of view. One that promotes conflict with the ETs is Tom Delonge. In a most asinine way on the Jimmy Church Show, he referred to the ETs as "ankle biters", presumably because some of them are believed to be short. He boasted that nuclear tests, in the high atmosphere some six decades ago, generated EM pulses that knocked them out of the sky. So, just from a self-preservation point of view, ETs should be interested in technology being developed that is designed to kill them.

As a former peace and social justice activist who is also a contact activist, I have a different read on their interest in nuclear technology. I was a leader in the American affiliate of "International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War” (Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1985). We spread the message that H-bombs are not merely weapons, but in their essence are instruments of genocide. So when UFOs shut down missile complexes, I imagine that "friends in high places" are sending a similar anti-nuke message. I can't prove such an assertion, but in my opinion it is not an illogical one.

Additional Comments: Ruling elites control the masses of people through promoting divisions, man against man, man against woman, white against black, nation against nation. Thus, it is not too hard to understand why the narrative Earth against ETs is covertly being pursued. If we had governments that represented the true needs of humanity, peaceful coexistence, solidarity and a more open relationship could possibly be forged with the array of non-human intelligences associated with flying saucers.

The military is not at fault for wanting to secure our airspace against ETs. They are doing their job as dictated by the national security state with the President of the United States as Commander in Chief. Some of the fault falls on the political elites that are controlled by the one percenters. They have cowardly refused to hold hearings addressing the phenomenon. For decades, they have not challenged the de facto policy of ridicule and denial that was strictly in effect until an important opening occurred in the fall of 2017. Having elite factions admit that UAPs are real however is not enough. In order to create a social movement that links flying saucers to the possible solutions for the fundamental challenges that our civilization must face we must recognize the following. A series of transformations that most find hard to even imagine, but have been taught by all spiritual teachers across the centuries, will be necessary. It is nothing less than transformation of consciousness that will lay down the foundations of kindness on this planet. In my judgment, spiritual development that embraces divine oneness, in combination with, progressive politics based on compassion and solidarity must prevail.

Monday, February 26, 2024