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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2019

Alien encounter on Easter Island

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Near Hanga Roa, Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)

Date: 1950                                               
Time: evening

Veri Ica, known writer and poet of the Rapanui language, recalled a strange incident she experienced as a little girl. At the time, she would walk every evening along the same path to meet her father who worked at the nearby Airport. That evening they were both returning home and she recalls that the sun had not yet set. Suddenly she heard a loud noise and turned around to see a strange craft shaped like a disc which was hovering above a nearby hill. Moments later the object flew over the path in which they were on and landed on a field by a nearby house. As it landed, she could see the grass moving and the ground being heavily disturbed, apparently due to some type of propulsion system. The craft was about 5 meters in diameter and about the same in height.

The most bizarre part of the encounter was about to unfold. The craft had landed close to an apparent Rapanui man or native who was wearing a white shirt and ‘normal’ pants, giving the appearance that he had been ‘waiting’ for the arrival of the craft. Some sort of hatch then opened on the craft and a tall thin being, about 2 meters in height exited the object. The entity was wearing a silvery metallic one-piece, tight-fitting suit. The suit covered the entity’s hands and ears, ‘like a diver,’ while the face remained exposed, but she could only remember that it was very pale and could not recall any other features.

Now that the hatch had opened the witness was able to see inside and saw what appeared to be “silvery curtains” apparently made from the same material as the entity’s suit. Seconds later, a second entity, very similar to the first, exited the object and stared directly at Veri and her father. Ignoring them the two entities and the local Rapanui man began talking among themselves. Moments later, all three entered the object which then rose into the air and disappeared into the distance at high speed.

Source: Miguel Pedrero & Fran Contreras, Año Cero # 252                                  

Comments: Who was the man the two aliens picked up in their spacecraft and took with them?

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