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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2019

UAP Contact Network History Project
A Telepathic Override That Probably Saved My Life

by: Joseph Burkes, MD

Telepathy: transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.


During the early 1990s, on two occasions, while doing fieldwork with my contact team in Southern California, I experienced the acquisition of information by no known sensory channel. I suddenly “knew” one might say “at the level of knowledge” important details about sightings that subsequently occurred “as predicted.” CSETI Director Dr. Greer had advised our contact teams that such forms of communication could possibly take place in the course of our investigations. Nonetheless, it was very surprising when this actually happened to me. It was experienced not as a kind of “bolt out of the blue” but rather as a gentle confident sort of “knowingness” about what was to later take place on the night of our investigation.

In advance of the actual sighting I knew when, where in the sky and the number of craft that would appear. Being open to this sort of “guidance” can be very helpful. I know this is true because one night in June 2007 such telepathic guidance probably saved my life. At that time, I was working in California with a small group of Anglo activists that were close to the Hispanic contact network called Rahma. One talented contact worker that I will call Janie Krieger” (a pseudonym) had attended a CSETI training. I put her in touch with a “heavy hitter” (a baseball term) from Rahma who reported having direct telepathic communication with UAP intelligence. He took Janie under his wing and they went out into the field with another person that I had recruited. This other individual was a planetary scientist from UCLA.

The Rahma leader who will remain unnamed, (no pseudonym is appropriate) told us that he was regularly taking his Hispanic contact team to Mount Shasta. On one occasion in the field, he reportedly had a telepathic communication inviting him and another field investigator to go aboard an ET craft that was hovering above his group of Rahma activists. The disc shaped craft was reportedly some thirty feet across and was silently floating no higher than “a telephone pole.”

His group of primarily young Hispanics went wild with enthusiasm as the saucer hovered so close overhead. They were reportedly running around, dancing and cheering. This level of excitement is understandable, but doesn’t fit the usual protocols for boarding craft as once were prescribed by Dr. Greer back in the early days of his campaign. That was a heady time when we were being trained for the possibility of, according to the CSETI Director, “going aboard ET craft in full psychomotor control of our bodies.“ The Rahma team leader told me that the craft initially stayed overhead for a short time. While it hovered nearby, he reportedly was informed that it would return, but that only he and another activist would be allowed to board. After the young people departed, the craft indeed returned.


Curiously, this Rahma contact worker reported receiving the same guidelines for boarding that Dr. Greer had given us some fifteen years before in 1992. Back then the CSETI Director told us that the ETs had stated once boarding was agreed upon by both groups, then there would be no absolute guarantee that the human guests would be allowed to return. In other words, the possibility existed that under some circumstances it could be a one-way trip. I am pretty sure that Dr. Greer never shared with Rahma this information when I was in the leadership of CSETI. To my knowledge, on the one occasion that a high level Rama leader was in his presence, my former colleague was reportedly polite, but apparently was not interested in dialoging with his Peruvian counterpart. During the five years that I was an active CE-5 Working Group Coordinator, from 1992 to 1997, only one CE-5er besides myself served as liaison with Rama (later their name was changed to Rahma). This individual was United Airlines Captain Joe Vallejo. He was in my Los Angeles based team.

Now back to Mount Shasta. During the 2007 encounter in which a boarding invitation was made, one of the two Rahma contact workers was a mother with a young child at home. When she learned that return “was not guaranteed,” she declined the offer to board. After the craft departed they drove away from Shasta without having the rare experience of willfully being allowed to go aboard a flying saucer.

I was aware of this Mount Shasta incident in June of 2007. “Janie” and I were hoping to go into the field with the same Rahma “heavy hitter” who had reportedly been offered a chance to enter a saucer at Shasta. We wanted to be with him if another invitation for boarding was made. I know it now sounds like a long shot, but Rama activists have reportedly been able to enter dimensional portals called Xendras in both California and Peru. So, despite the low probability of our being chosen, we wanted to be there with him just in case another invitation might be made.


In 2007, I was commuting 1400 miles round trip every two weeks between LA and the college town Arcata, where my wife was living. It is located near the Oregon border. I did two weeks “on” in the ER and then ten days “off” with her. The remainder of the time I was either driving or flying across the state. What a schlep it was! (to use a Jewish expression.) Janie lived in San Jose that was about half way to LA, so I often stopped by to see her and other contact workers in the Bay Area. On one particular trip, Janie and I decided to drive up a road to see if we might find an appropriate location where a “landing and boarding” might occur.

In the mountains to the east of San Jose there is a county park that is accessible on a very treacherous road. It is a narrow two-lane highway that is bordered on one side by a deep ravine and on the other side by a steep rock face. This county road goes up the mountain with many switchbacks and has practically no shoulder or pullouts to move safely off the road. It was near dusk and her tiny VW Bug slowly went up the winding path. Every fifty to a hundred yards there was a sharp turn to the right as we climbed. These were hairpin turns and as one approached them there was no visibility of what was coming down the road.

It was getting pretty dark. We drove at perhaps twenty-five miles per hour on the straight portions of the road and far slower on the curves. I started feeling very uneasy. I experienced a premonition of danger but I couldn’t figure out why I felt that way. Usually my spirits are really high when doing contact work. Janie was an excellent driver, so I should not have been alarmed.

Suddenly she blurted out, “I just got the message that we have to pull off the road.” I agreed with her without asking why because I too was feeling a sense of danger, but had received no clear message as she did. But what were we supposed to do? On one side of the road was a hundred-foot drop into the ravine. On the other side was the wall of the mountain with no pullouts or highway shoulder in sight. We didn’t want to turn around and abandon our search. So she slowed the vehicle and we kept going. Fortunately, on one of the straight portions of the road we found a narrow shoulder. If we parked with one side of the Bug almost touching the rock face, we were mostly off the road. I got out of the car from the driver’s side because she had parked flush against the hillside. We then pressed ourselves against the wall of rock and waited.

In less than two minutes we suddenly heard the roar of car engines. Around the curve there suddenly appeared two muscular sedans with thick tires designed for racing. I was shocked. The young male drivers were actually drag racing neck to neck down the narrow mountain road and they were taking up both lanes!

On the side of a straightaway portion of the road, where we had barely been able to park, they whizzed by us at what looked like close to fifty miles per hour. After they flashed past with inches to spare, both drivers simultaneously jammed on the brakes as they approached a curve down the road. They whipped around that sharp turn with brakes screeching and disappeared.

Janie and I looked at each other in disbelief. If she had not received the warning to get off the road immediately, we probably would have been killed. With the ravine on one side and the rock face on the other, there was no place for us to go. Her tiny VW Bug would have been crushed and likely flung into the ravine like a child’s toy.

The idea that contact activists are actively being protected is something that I had heard prior to this incident. The notion that I, like many contactees, might have had a lifelong relationship with so-called “ETs” is something that I wonder about. On two occasions before age 18, I narrowly escaped death in what could have been fatal motor vehicle accidents. Many people believe that angels are looking after them. Contact experiencers sometimes say the same about aliens. The telepathic override that Janie reportedly experienced is something that I cannot prove to skeptics. The fact that we were on a mission for the loose network of activists that I refer to as the “Contact Underground” when this event occurred, should give courage to fellow contact workers. Not only are we not alone in the universe, but sometimes we might even be protected!


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