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Alien Memories

by Jo Ann

My handler took me to a small ship. I believe that we were the only two inside. He said we were going to UCLA, which is about 20 minutes from our home. I knew he was lying, as usual, because it took some time to get there on the ship. We were in a black universe watching the stars pass by. I said I thought it was beautiful and he just laughed.

We arrived at a large building that had many steps and pillars. I have been there several times in my lifetime. I still did not think it was UCLA, but it did resemble some of the older buildings there, especially the library.

We went inside and entered a vast room. (I also knew there was nothing this large at UCLA. There were many, many people standing in lines. The room had dozens (hundreds?) of tables that were surrounded by greys. When one person was finished with what was being done to them they would get up and come back up the steps. Then the next person in line would go to that table. It was very orderly.

I stood in line waiting my turn and did not feel any trepidation. There was a young blonde man in line behind me. He was wearing green P. J.'s and had a digital camera around his neck. My heart dropped because I thought he was planning to take a picture. I asked him what the camera was for and he replied that he was going to take a picture. I told him that I didn't think the greys would allow that. He said, "Oh no, they promised me that I could take a picture when I came again." I felt so sad for him because he obviously had told people of his experiences and told them he could prove it. You just know that the next morning when he checked his memory card it would be empty. I have thought of him often since then and it still makes me sad.

About that time my handler found me and asked me what I was doing in that line. I told him I was waiting my turn. He told me I shouldn't be there and took my arm. We walked towards the side and he said that I was part of a secret project. We went into a much smaller room. It was round, like a tube, with curved walls. There were the same tables along each side but only about ten per side. He wanted me to lie down on one of the tables but I saw a charred body on the one next to it. It looked like beef jerky. I told him that it didn't look very good and he said not to worry, it wouldn't happen to me. I told him that people seeing that body would not be reassured and he seemed very surprised. He said, "We will remove it."

I still wasn't happy about the situation but for some reason I did lie down and that’s the last I remember until the next morning. It was then I realized that they do not care for us at all. At the most, we are amusing lab rats. I was very sad because I had believed that they were, at least, careful with us. I know that they were not sure if I, we, would survive all of their experiments. Maybe this is what happens to some people who seem to disappear.

So, that is my most meaningful interaction. I have had many more. I was wondering if you have heard any stories like any of mine?

Monday, February 26, 2024