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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2019

Panic in the Patagonia

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Punta Loyola, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
Date: September 21, 2017                           
Time: 3:10 a.m.

In an area where other strange encounters had been reported in 2014, 2015 and 2016, a local man was on his way to work for shift change traveling south at about 10km before Punta Loyola when he saw a strange white “helicopter” traveling at a very low altitude, and at 150m from the road, in a southeast direction. When he arrived at the office, he told his co-workers what he had seen and at 3:30 a.m. they received a radio call from a man driving a petroleum transport tanker traveling along the coast south from Punta Loyola, and that he had seen a landed helicopter between the road and the sea, without lights, completely white in color and with four rows of windows. Since he was carrying petroleum and volatile chemicals he did not stop the truck, but saw the strange helicopter only about 10m from his right near the sea.

The main witness and a couple of other employees then decided to investigate, and responded to the site in a company truck. One of the men was on the roof carrying infra-red equipment. They spotted the landed helicopter at a distance and quickly approached to about 100m from the strange aircraft. They stopped the truck and extinguished all the lights. At that moment, the main witness saw passing from his right to left, crossing the roadway and walking towards the helicopter, a medium-sized humanoid figure, thin, and with two outstanding features. It appeared to have a longer than usual neck and two long arms that hung below its knees. This entity then boarded the helicopter and the craft rose immediately towards the east - towards the sea. According to the witness, he was able to obtain several images with a camera adapted to the infrared equipment which he later gave to authorities in Rio Gallegos, presumably for analysis.

Using flashlights, they searched the ground where the helicopter had been but did not find any footprints. They did though find traces of where the helicopter had landed which seemed to have rested on wheel-like protrusions. They also photographed these ground traces.
Source: Witness’s report to MUFON CMS site               

Location: Puerto Coig, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Date: October 19, 2017                                
Time: midnight

A group of five adults were camping near this abandoned port city, located at the edge of the sea near provincial route 57 and about 125km from Rio Gallegos. They planned to stay 10 days as they were all amateur astronomers and wanted to explore the perfect view of the sky at night in the region. Around midnight they began to hear a muted sound like distant but insistent “purring.” At first, they thought nothing strange of it, but the sound continued for almost an hour. After that they saw an electric blue light to the west resembling the beam of light of a searchlight. It was in a very small valley about 500m from their location. They decided to see what it was, thinking that it could be an oil extraction operation.

The five adults reached about 200m from the location when they saw a large light-gray or white helicopter with no lights, which remained within the beam of light illuminated from below. They stopped and watched the helicopter with binoculars and noticed that it had no markings and practically made no noise. The rumble or purring sound came from below in a hollow.

Suddenly, about 80 meters from their location, they saw a figure come out of the hollow and walk in their direction. The figure was tall and they thought it was a person at first, but looking at it a little more closely with the binoculars it seemed not to have any hands or feet and seemed to be floating just above the ground. Its head was connected to the body by a long thin neck on which it had an object resembling a dark necklace with a light which revolved around him. They took several photos with the cell phone adapter (40 megapixels) through binoculars while this was happening. They became frightened as the creature lifted one of its arms that seemed to end in a handless stub and pointed in their direction. They ran in a panic to their campsite without looking back. When they arrived at the site, they threw everything in their vehicles and drove away from the area at high speed. Apparently, they gave the photos to someone in Rio Gallegos for further study.

Source: Witness’ report to MUFON CMS                               

  Location: near Puerto Coig, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Date: October 20, 2017                                
Time: evening

The witnesses who were investigating tourist locations in the area had decided to check on some strange events reported to them by locals. There had been unusual movements of strange vehicles in the area, helicopters and personnel wearing protective suits, like those commonly used in scientific research. Locals told them that they should make inquiries in the center of the provincial territory to find the truth. They followed a track towards Puerto Coig. They soon came upon two men who cautioned them not to advance along the road after torrential rains in the area. They ignored the warnings and moved on, surprised not to find any roadblocks like the two strangers had mentioned.

They followed some tracks whom locals said were made by a caravan of high-end off-road vehicles, white in color and identified only by a symbol or logo drawn on the side. This logo resembled a circle crossed vertically by a line, reddish orange in color. The witnesses were also interested in the region as they had heard rumors referring to UFO sightings, suspicious activity during WWII and even reports of underwater bases. They followed the RP-9 that was pointed out to them on a sketch provided by locals. The road was very lonely and suddenly they saw one of the white vehicles with the orange logo parked next to the road. They drove by it and quickly realized that the vehicle had begun to follow them. They pulled off to the side and stopped their vehicle and the white SUV soon arrived at their location. They had stopped at a scenic location overlooking the Santa Cruz River valley. The four witnesses saw two very tall figures exit the white SUV, a man and a woman, both over 2m in height, dressed in impeccable colored suits of a fabric similar to that of iridescent silk that shimmered.

They introduced themselves, only providing their first names, and when the witnesses were going to do the same the two strangers told them that they already knew who they were and called them by their names. This was shocking to the witnesses. In a very polite tone, they asked the witnesses if they could help them with anything. They told the strangers that they were looking for information on what happened on Route 3 and in Puerto Coig. They thanked the witnesses for their sincerity and took a moment to go to their vehicles from which they returned to tell them that they could only “partially collaborate” with them but that they should leave their vehicle at this location and accompany them in their vehicle. The witnesses (strangely) agreed, and boarded their luxurious 4x4. The trip lasted about 3 hours (approximately) and they were traveling at 100km per hour, traveling south on side roads. Their hosts did not say a word throughout the trip. They only offered them drinks and something to eat. According to the witnesses, at a certain moment during the trip they had a feeling that the road was changing directions and felt disoriented and felt as if they were descending down a slope.

They finally arrived at what appeared to be some kind of construction site on which two other similar vehicles were parked. The two strangers invited the witnesses to disembark and stretch their legs and then access the toilets. The surprised witnesses had not expected such elaborate facilities in the middle of these foothills, made out of porcelain stone with hot and cold running water, with scented toilets and a heated environment. There were four other people in the place, two couples also of high stature who greeted them and then left in their vehicles. Their hosts told them that they should wait a couple of hours and that the facilities were at their disposal. They showed them a fully equipped kitchen where everything was electric, something that was very curious since they had not seen either solar panels or generators outside. They then invited the witnesses to make dinner to their liking, which they did.

No less than five hours passed, and it was already getting dark when they saw a huge white helicopter landing about 50m from their location. A single figure exited the helicopter and then entered the dwelling. In doing that their hosts extended notepads and a couple of pencils, since all their cellphones, laptops and camera equipment had lost their battery charge. Then a tall man, about 60-years of age, introduced himself to the men shaking their hands and told them that they had 30-minutes to work out 5-questions which he would gladly answer. Basically, the answers were mostly non-committal and the man told them that “his group” had been assisting locals and investigating events in the area, that they were part of a “global” organization and there was something about the presence of non-human entities in the area which were concerned with the future development of humanity and fear for its extinction, just like the hundreds of species humans had eliminated. The witnesses were not able to add any new questions and were left with more doubts. The 60-year old man retired around midnight. They then invited the witnesses to spend the night with the warning that they should not leave the premises. They were shown their sleeping quarters and the showers and were allowed to spend a quiet and restful night. They woke up the next day around seven and their hosts very patiently allowed them to wash and have breakfast as if they were in their own house. They left around nine o’clock in the morning towards the location where they had left their vehicle, arriving there around noon. It had been another silent trip and upon arriving they found another of the white SUV’s that had apparently spent the night keeping an eye on their transport. The couple bade goodbye, and their devices remained with discharged batteries. They made their trip back to Chile after obtaining fuel and taking turns driving.
Source: Witness’ report in the MUFON CMS site                  

Location: near Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Date: October 20, 2017                                
Time: night

The witness was driving south on National Route 3, towards the city of Rio Gallegos and was approaching an area called Coy Aike (an indigenous Tehuelche name). It was dark and there was little or no traffic on the route. He was traveling in a 4x4 SUV at a speed of about 100km an hour. After descending past the Coyle River he saw some lights on the road in the distance, very dim and distant. As he approached and passed the bridge and started to climb up the hill he suddenly saw two fuzzy figures in the middle of the road less than 150m away that seemed to be floating just above the ground.

The first thing that occurred to him was that they were lose animals, so he instinctively accelerated the vehicle and was about to strike them when the headlights showed two strange beings with long necks and arms that seemed to lack hands, a long torso and legs also lacking any feet. He could see faces that were nothing like humans and in the lower part of their necks they wore a kind of very black necklace. He thought about stopping but he had been going very fast and knew he would tip over if he attempted to stop. He expected an impact but incredibly the vehicle went through the 2 entities as if they weren’t there. This happened in a place where there are some hills, and then the route curves to the right. He looked through his rearview mirror and the strange entities were still there in the middle of the roadway. He drove on for a few meters and stopped, and then waited a couple of minutes and then got out of the vehicle carrying a can of pepper spray in his hand. He inspected the SUV and it didn’t have a scratch. He went back to his vehicle and stayed there. Taking him a few minutes to calm down, he then continued on his way.

About 10 km south of the encounter on top of a hill he saw a white helicopter crossing the road from east to west, flying very low over it. He also felt a slight sound [sound vibration? – editor] and was surprised since the helicopter had been very close. That scared him some more and he continued his drive to Rio Gallegos.
Source: Witness’ report in the MUFON CMS site                  

Location: Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Date: October 27, 2017                                
Time: night
On the night of October 24, the crew of a damaged fishing vessel reported seeing a large white helicopter flying very low over the rough seas.
On the above date, a couple who was traveling on national route 3 leaving Caleta Olivia in the vicinity of La Lober reported seeing crossing the route an almost transparent humanoid figure that looked like a “ghost” only at about 30m from them.
Then on October 30 an oil tanker was followed for several kilometers by an intense red light on provincial route 12.
Source: Witness’s report in MUFON CMS                             

Location: Near Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Date: November 11, 2017                            
Time: various
On November 7, two teenagers reported seeing a sphere-like object leave the sea in early morning hours at Punta Chaffers, north of Puerto Deseado.
On the above date, a photographer who worked for a mining company saw a vehicle and three strangers on the side of provincial road 47. When asked if they needed anything one of them answered in a deep serious resonant voice, “No”. A little startled the photographer drove away. The figures were apparently human-like but unusual in appearance (no details). On November 14, a group of tourists who were exploring the source of the Deseado River about 60km from the sea were preparing for camp when they were interrupted by a strange trumpet-like sound. They could not place the source. Later that night, while they were gathered around a fire, they saw a humanoid silhouette close to their location, of which only the pale outline was visible.
On November 23, a group of rural workers saw 2 objects flying over the Laguna Verde area in large circular motions and then descended several kilometers away. And on November 27, a policeman on duty on a provincial road reported seeing two white vehicles approaching his location at high speed and disappearing before his eyes just before reaching his location.
Source: Witness’ report in the MUFON CMS site 


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