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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2019

Strange visitation in Rancagua, Chile

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Rancagua, Chile

Date: 1985                                               Time: night

The witness, a pregnant woman 37 years of age, lived in a fourth story apartment complex on Manzanar Street and was going through a difficult twin pregnancy. On her fifth month she claims she was visited by a “ship” while lying in bed next to her husband. She attempted to wake her husband, but she couldn’t move. She could see the ship hovering outside her window which she described as a “classic gray disc”. Suddenly four entities, short gray types, about 1.20m in height, entered her bedroom. She felt no fear as the beings spoke to her nicely and told her “beautiful things,” all telepathically, which calmed her down. Soon the entities surrounded her bed and unsure how they transported her onboard their ship, she was floated right through the closed window. Onboard the ship she felt “comfortable” as the entities performed several tests on her, using what she described as “luminous wands or bars.” They seemed to concentrate their efforts on her stomach area, apparently monitoring her pregnancy.

She is not sure how she returned to her bed, but soon after the incident she suffered a miscarriage and lost her unborn twins. However, despite the tragedy she was left with a feeling of love and peace. She imagined that the entities had done all they could have done to save the babies. She considers them good and gentle.

Source: Archives of Robert Othmar Vettiger  

Robert Othmar is an independent Chilean Investigator that used to be a government employee 


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