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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2019

Ghosts: Who Are You?

by: Diane Tessman

As the first human emerged from evolution’s womb, a mysterious, vaporous twin slipped through also. Ghosts have been with us since our species began but to this day, we do not know who they are or from whence they come. We accept the same definition of a ghost which primitive people offered: “Ghosts are the restless souls of people who died.” Our emotional response to ghosts reflects myth and superstition, but our 21st Century scientific knowledge remains silent. We just accept the subjective explanation which was given before the wheel was invented, as to what/who ghosts are. In truth, we don’t have a clue!

To be clear, in this essay we are not referring to spirit guides, the spirit realm, or any other paranormal phenomenon except ghosts. They should not automatically be lumped together with spirits. If you feel contact or messages from a spirit, whether it is your spirit guide, a nature spirit, or even a dark spirit, you are feeling telepathic contact. Your consciousness is temporarily blended with another entity which almost always remains unseen.

Ghosts, however, are extant entities. They are outside, seldom communicating within your mind and possibly not realizing you are there; ghosts seem to have their own agenda and habitat, perhaps an old house, theater, or hotel. By definition, ghosts are visual, even if sometimes transparent. Here are a few theories on who and what ghosts are:

Entity-Echoes: Is there an entire planet-full of ghosts, meaning that all of us pass into this strange other-dimension when we die? Perhaps we, the living, only perceive a few ghosts but billions of others exist; after all, other multiverses are invisible to us. Will we all be just an echo of an entity, someday?

Or is it as we assume, the ghosts we see are “entity echoes” of a few former humans caught in bizarre molecular trap while most of us, good and bad, travel onward upon death, going wherever we go? What are the qualifications to be a ghost? Some ghosts are murderers, others are victims, while some ghosts seem to “just be there.” Most people are frightened of ghosts. Humans are frightened when we come face to face with the unknown, be it extraterrestrial or ghostly, but perhaps our knee-jerk fear of ghosts in particular is because we all fear deep inside, that we will become one. Does this keep us from trying to learn more about them and their source?

A side effect of our own fear is that people decide ghosts are dangerous. The truth is, no one, to my knowledge, has ever been killed by a ghost. If someone sprains his ankle running away, that’s not the ghost’s fault.

Are some ghosts trying to be friendly, to ask for help, or at least make contact? Usually it seems the answer is no. Their faces are often distorted, their eyes fixed and expressionless. However, ghosts do vary; some seem to have a strange awareness. This adds another layer to the puzzle.

We don’t have a logical clue why a few people who have died, would get caught in time, and become a stuck-groove in an old fashion phonograph record which keeps repeating. Is it only their physical image which gets stuck in the grooves of reality? Ghosts often seem incoherent, yet they perform functions, drifting down to the lake, marching, brushing their hair, working in the field, or at least moving from room to room.

Allowing science speculation to run free, here are a few theories regarding who/what ghosts are. These are not the traditional, brief explanation that ghosts are restless souls of dead people; it is time to do some scientific investigation and delve deeper into this phenomenon which is as old as our species. Holograms:

Truth is, we do not understand scientifically how ghosts can even exist. The closest our technology has come is a hologram, but ghosts exist in creepy old houses where there is no holographic equipment.

The ghosts of Roman soldiers march along the busy M6 Highway in Britain and have been doing so since long before the highway was built and thus before the equipment to create holograms was invented. In Roman days, the road was several feet lower and many of the marching ghosts are reported to have no feet, therefore. These Roman soldiers would seem to be caught in their own time. For these and countless other reasons, ghosts are probably not holograms created by the technology we know today.

The ghost soldiers of Gettysburg’s bloody battleground are seen by many tourists. They run through the woods, then run back again, in raggle-taggle uniforms, muskets and bayonets ready for bloody action.

The White Lady is said to haunt churches and graveyards. She is dressed in old fashioned clothing from the 1800s or before, and usually appears when someone is in a state of physical or emotional despair at the church or in the graveyard. She seems sad, empathetic, and seems to have good intentions.

What phenomenon causes holograms not of our current technology?

Holographic Earth and Time Glitch:

If the universe is a hologram as Stephen Hawking and other great minds have decided, then Earth is a part of that great hologram; Earth is thus a fractal hologram of the great hologram. Perhaps, ghosts are a feature of Earth’s holographic creations, too. Ghosts seem to be very much of Earth. They often dress like old fashioned humans, they relive or re-enact human events, they inhabit houses, churches, hotels, theaters, hospitals.

Earth must have a magnificent consciousness. It is Earth who/which made all of us. Maybe Earth creates ghostly forms as well as the billions of living lifeforms she has created. If she can create a human through her formidable evolutionary force, she certainly can create a ghost!

A time glitch might be involved wherein a living human observes a past current of reality, like oil running into water. There, in that renegade past current of time, stands a ghost. This would still be a phenomenon of Earth’s holographic nature since other theories regarding the nature of reality do not usually allow for “time travel.”

Ghostly Molecules:

It is common for ghosts to appear in the place they died, often of violent causes. Kate Farmer (1865–1892), was an American woman who died under mysterious circumstances, at Hotel Del Coronado. To this day, there are sightings of her ghost at that haunted hotel, its “haunted status” acknowledged by management.

Kate Morgan had one child with her husband but the baby boy, died two days after birth. She left her husband and joined up with a shirt-tail relative in 1885, but he apparently left her alone and ill. In late 1892, she checked into the Hotel Coronado under an assumed name; the staff described her as beautiful, reserved, troubled, and melancholy.

Kate Morgan was found dead on November 29, 1892, on the exterior staircase of the Hotel del Coronado leading to the beach, of what was believed to be a self-inflicted gushot wound to the head. However, the bullet in her head did not match the bullets in her gun. Despite this, the case was never reopened, and was designated a suicide

Question: If someone dies violently, do their molecules of consciousness become blended into the surrounding physical environment? We do know these days that forensic experts find tiny particles of DNA at murder scenes. In the case of a gunshot wound to the head, brain matter is probably blasted into a wooden staircase, for instance. Does this phenomenon create ghosts?

There is a famous case which nearly proves this theory. Eastern Passenger Flight 401 developed a chain of problems on its approach to Miami on December 29, 1972. Problems centered around the fact that the crew did not receive instrument confirmation that the landing gear had locked into place. As the three crew members worked to solve this potential threat to landing safely, they lost track of the fact they were losing altitude. They were over the Everglades and so had no lights on the ground for visual clues.

The passenger jet plowed into the Everglades, 67 passengers survived, 94 died. Captain Bob Loft survived the impact but was so severely injured that he died during the rescue efforts. Don Repo, Flight Engineer, survived long enough to reach the hospital, but he also died. Eastern Flight 701l remains one of the worst crashes in American aviation history. Soon, the ghosts of Don Repo and Bob Loft began to manifest on other Eastern flights; they always appeared individually, never together. The first manifestation happened when a woman passenger sat next to a man with ashen pale skin and a vacant, glazed look in his eyes. She called the flight attendant out of concern for this man who refused to look at either woman. Suddenly, he vanished! The passenger was extremely upset but when she calmed down, she identified a picture of Flight Engineer Don Repo.

Captain Bob Loft was first spotted wandering around the undercarriage of an Eastern flight preparing for departure. Loft even spoke to the ground crew, insisting that no checks were required as he had already done them. The pilot of this flight was so unnerved that he canceled the flight.

Don and Bob continued to show up on Eastern flights for several years. There is a long, fascinating list of their appearances, including the time Don Repo warned of a malfunction which turned out to be real. He may have saved many lives. Experienced, trustworthy pilots and crew encountered these Flight 401 pilots and made reports frequently for several years. How could the ghost pilots of Flight 401 keep showing up on other airline flights – only Eastern! The only plausible explanation which emerged is that there was a corporate decision to use undamaged parts of Flight 401 on other jets in the fleet. In other words, Eastern Air Lines cannibalized and reused pieces of the wreckage in other airliners. So, as one official put it, “I guess we recycled Loft and Repo too.”

But, how could this be, scientifically speaking? The only answer seems to be that bits of consciousness – of beinghood – of the two pilots, were fused into the cannibalized Flight 401 parts salvaged out of the wreckage. Perhaps DNA enters into this phenomenon, at this point no one knows for sure; many ghosts seem to be fused into the hotel, the house, the river bank, the plane debris, whatever the place, in which they died violently.

But, how can microscopic particles of consciousness (or DNA?), lodged permanently in a wooden staircase or recycled airplane part, shine forth a ghost? That is the problem with this otherwise possibly helpful theory. Does one quantum particle of Don Repo, lodged in a recycled plane part, contain his entire image or even his beinghood? We do know that one strand of our DNA contains our entire genetic code, but again we arrive at the question, how do microscopic particles of a person, whether particles of consciousness or physical DNA, manage to project a ghost which/who takes plane rides?

Ghosts, Part of the Simulation:

Respected physicists and other scientists are positive that our reality is a simulation created by a highly advanced computer of alien origin; or as a variation, possibly our reality is a part of the simulation which is the nature of the universe itself. Ten days before he died, Stephen Hawking announced, “We live in the matrix,” and he added, “The universe is holographic in nature.” Dr. Hawking is not alone in this conclusion. One of the pioneers of the “computer simulation” theory is Nick Bostrom, a highly respected professor at the University of Oxford and Director of the Future of Humanity Institute. Rich Terrell, of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, has helped design missions to Mars, discovered four new moons around Saturn, Neptune and Uranus and taken pictures of the distant solar system. Terrell also is a proponent of our reality being a computer simulation. Elon Musk is another proponent. The theory that we live in a computer simulation is not considered far-fetched these days! If we do live in an advanced quantum computer simulation, fitting ghosts into it is a slam dunk! In fact, this theory also easily explains paranormal events, angels, demons, and extraterrestrials who visit Earth in their flying saucers. All of these would be simply a part of the simulation and programmed into the reality as easily as a cat or a tree, or a human. Envision an advanced video game on steroids!

The simulation ghosts could be given a degree of awareness or could remain “vacant,” gazing straight ahead with their ghoulish eyes. Their clothes could be from any civilization, be it ancient Rome or the Wild West of America. They could look like your Aunt Sally who just passed, or Charlie Manson. Perhaps they are in our simulation to stimulate our curiosity and spiritual search. When researching the computer simulation theory, the distinction is made between “computer simulation” and “computer emulation.” A simulation is like a video game wherein no internal sensitivities are programmed; however, in a computer emulation, emotions, intuition, all the traits which are human, are experienced. Ghosts might be computer simulated while we are emulated. Consciousness itself could be emulated through artificial intelligence; this is the huge step which artificial intelligence will probably take some day. We all see this AI challenge coming! What will happen when artificial intelligence achieves consciousness?

Therefore, a civilization advanced beyond our present state, could equip human and animal members of its computer simulation with consciousness, while others, like ghosts, would have less-than-consciousness within the simulation; these ghosts would have visual form but not which remain permanent. Ghosts would come and go like a dream, within the emulation.

Dark Matter Ghosts:

We are composed of baryonic (visible) matter. Physicists have discovered invisible dark matter, which is abundant throughout the universe. In fact, there is approximately six times more dark matter than visible matter. However, dark matter has proved difficult to track down even though it is all around and through us. What if there is a form of intelligence within this elusive dark matter, just as in our world of matter?

If there is consciousness and intelligence within dark matter, it might have the ability to project into this visible world of ours. Perhaps ghosts are part of the images that the dark world projects to us. (“Dark” is used here as “invisible,” not “evil”). Dark matter permeates us, it is everywhere. Earth also has a dark matter halo many times larger than our rocky, solid Earth. Earth’s dark halo is also considered to be Earth, and its existence is far older than humankind.

Why would dark matter intelligence project ghosts into our world? We can’t guess their thinking because even their laws of dark physics would be different than ours, but perhaps this intelligence likes to watch our behavior when we are frightened or when confronted with the unknown. Maybe they account for Jacques Vallee’s “pranksters,” and they do it because they can. The Dimension Next Door: If not from Dark Earth, images not only of ghosts but of angels, demons, images of Mother Mary, fairies and more, might be projections from a brane (membrane/multiverse), overlaid with our own. Physics tells us that there are indeed other dimensions touching and even banging into ours. Jacques Vallee has suggested the answer to “things that go bump in the night” throughout the history of humankind, emanate from an adjacent mysterious “place.” Carl Jung also influences this concept, saying that the human subconscious interacts with a strange, mythical dimension. Either we summon these “beings of another brane” or they have the will power to come to us, but they connect through our subconscious mind. Ghosts As Thought Forms:

Tulpa are best known as thought-forms created by accomplished Tibetan monks. They resemble humans in appearance but are thought to display bizarre behavior if the monk is not fully in control of his thought-creation. What if some human minds have this basic ability, rather like those who are inherently gifted at playing the piano? Why do most people visit an old house rumored to be haunted, and see nothing, while a few people visit the same house and see the resident ghost or at least a strange light?

Perhaps with the stimulus of being in a haunted house, humans unknowingly create or at least interact with the “resident energies,” and create or summon a thought form whom we call a ghost. Carl Jung’s theory of the power of the human subconscious works into this theory as well.

In fact, it may be several blended theories which account for ghosts – a coincidental confluence of circumstances. Or possibly, the explanation for their existence is still a secret within the realm of mysticism, the ghosts managing to elude any scientific reality.

Do alien planets have ghosts? If we humans don’t annihilate ourselves, we will find out one day if alien planets have ghosts as well. However, the ghosts might have the last laugh because we still might not know who and what they are!

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