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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2019

Exploring Sacred Corridors

by: Steve Erdmann

Some people had more intimate connections with the UFO (flying saucer) problem than others. Dr. Irena McCammon Scott, PhD, appears to be one such person, having worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Battelle Memorial Institute, and the Aerospace Center in Satellite Photography. Scott has received top-secret security clearances and was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB).

“Our new smoking guns include positive statements from three presidents of Battelle and their colleagues about UFOs,” says Scott, “discoveries that might confirm the accounts of vaults under Wright Patterson, and inside material about the writing of many important documents such as the Pentacle Memo and Blue Book materials.” (p. 110) (SACRED CORRIDORS: Secrets behind the Real Project Blue Book, Wright Paterson AFB, Roswell, Battelle, Memory Metal, Dr. J. Allen Hynek and UFO Cover-ups, Irena McCammon Scott, PhD, Flying Disk Press, 4 St. Michaels Avenue, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England WF8 4Q. 2019, 299 pages, $17.50.) .


Scott goes over territory that most Ufologists and some of the public already know, adding interesting perks such as WPAFB had 35,900 employees in 1990, that the Roswell UFO crash occurred about the same time as Kenneth Arnold’s personal UFO sighting, that Scott was involved in reporting Elroy John Center’s work on “Memory Metal, Nitinol,” as well as reporting the Holt sisters’ mentioning of Cordell Hull’s connection to the 1939 preserved aliens in vaults under the Capitol Building. She talks authoritatively about Projects Sign, Saucer, Stark, White Stork, Golden Eagle and Special Report 14.

Thomas Carey and Donald Schmitt explored possible UFO-related buildings at WPAFB in their book INSIDE the REAL AREA 51 such as the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) Buildings 620, 45, 18, and hanger 23: Scott and her accomplice actually photographed these sites.

Scott also uncovers an additional mention of the 1947 Roswell UFO debris being sent to the Roswell Army Air Field by radio announcer Joe Wilson who had spoken to WPAFB officials who told him the debris was on its way (p.18) “…definite hard evidence…”

Wright-Patterson AFB has its own Area 51 inside the base causing its high security. Consisting of areas A, B and C. Area A contains the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) where official UFO studies of Project Blue Book (BB) were conducted. The alleged Hanger 18 was actually identified as, presently, Building 4 A-E. Special crates to carry the debris were probably built to accommodate transport on a B-29 bomber. A possible underground area was part of WP Area 51 near the old WF (Wright Field) runway, later to become WP. Ufologist Earl Grey Anderson’s mother worked with Operation Paperclip employees and said she was aware of “an underground city” in that area (as well as Area 51). Scott’s husband also concluded the same thing from the days she worked there. In 1947, it would have been known as WP Area B, possibly eight buildings 18-18G and Building 23, now called the AF Research Laboratory-Sensor-Directorate-Target-Signature-Branch. The wreckage was probably shuttled back and forth between the Aeromedical Facility, Building 29, and Building 18 F. Carey and Schmitt believed that an underground passage exists between Building 18 and 23, and a vault in the basement of Building 18 A. Building 23 was built originally in 1934 and housed tests for aircraft. Building 18 F was said to be used for cold storage of entities.

Robert M. Collins described underground facilities in his book EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE. Scott finds documents also describing said facilities at the T-Building at the Mound Nuclear Plant, and Avionics Building 620 is said to be part of the vault arrangement, involving Buildings 620, the Avionics Laboratory and Building 739. Collins told of stairs beneath the Avionics Double Vaulted Doors which led to a building in the proximity of the parking lot: Building 739 to the west of 620 and connects 739 and 620. Scott takes the readers on a written “tour” of WP, telling of what she considers “clues” or incidents where the alleged “alien bodies” had been serviced at WP. The infamous ‘Blue Room’ that official persons were sometimes warned not to make inquiries about, according to Carey and Schmitt, was the National Air and Space Intelligence Center located in Area A, also labeled Building 856. “The NASIC Building,” says Scott, “appears to be by far the most secure building in the high security portion of WP.” (p. 30) Carey, Schmidt, and Leonard Stringfield felt UFO artifacts and alien bodies were stored in the FTD Building, their informants referred to it as the “Inner Sanctum.” The FTD went from the Air Force Systems Command in July, 1961 to the Foreign Aerospace Sciences and Technology Center (FASTC), and then became the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) in 2003.

Scott was part of a NASIC lecture in which Dr. Bruce Ashcroft said, contrary to popular opinion, that not all UFO information had been declassified. There were allusions to John G. Tiffany who alleged to have handled Roswell material, and talk about Brigadier General Arthur Exon who said metallurgical tests were done on the UFO material. .


Battelle, noted for the creation of many scientific inventions, was also co-manager of the U.S Department of Energy, including the Oak Ridge and Brookhaven National Laboratories, was foremost in nuclear physics, chemical and mechanical engineering. Battelle had an association with UFO phenomena when WP sent some of the 1947 debris to Battelle because Battelle had some of the world’s best metallurgists.

Under Project Blue Book, Battelle conducted a “massive statistical analysis” of UFO reports called SR-14, Top-Secret at one time, particularly discussed through a January 9, 1953 “Pentacle Memo.” The Memo was classified under Howard Cross and called for a massive scientific study of the UFO phenomena as part of Battelle’s Project Stork, possibly connected to Project Blue Book Report No. 13, as Battelle referred to it as “Project Bear.”

The Pentacle Memorandum listed scientists with excellent metallurgical, scientific backgrounds who were at the managerial level at Battelle. Howard C. Cross likely headed, says Scott, Battelle’s Project Stork and the formation of SR-14 (p. 54). Other principle scientists were Vernon W. Ellsey and Richard J. Lund. Evidently, metallurgical analysis of UFO artifacts played a heavy part at Battelle.

A high-level review of the plan by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Air Force Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) and the Robertson Panel was interjected at this point to shanghai the further progression of the UFO projects. “In short, the fix was in.” (p. 59) Scott says many mysteries remain about the Memorandum, not the least of which was that a “second copy” had been dropped by a ‘leaker’ or ‘leakers,’ but none of the copies had official Battelle letterhead (p. 61). “…the leakers also must have viewed the leak as important because of managing to leave several copies.” .


Scott describes SR-14 as a “well done, credible study (that) strongly showed that UFO phenomena exist” and that “good UFO sightings” represented “one chance out of a billion” that UFOs were conventional. It was based on 3,200 cases as the “best” of 13,000.

Such startling findings were attacked by the CIA-guided Robertson Panel and the infamous Condon UFO Report. “Beginning in the late March, 1952, Battelle started analyzing sighting reports,” says Scott, “and encoding the described characteristics onto IBM punched cards for computer analysis.” “When all six characteristics were considered together, the probability of a match between Knowns and Unknowns was less than 1 in a billion or even much less than that. One chance in a billion shows that there exist tremendous odds against the idea that UFO phenomena are prosaic.”

Bruce Maccabee, Historical Introduction to Project Blue Book Special Report No. # 14 by the United States Air Force. Scott says that “highly significant results” came from SR-14 and its “well-executed experimental design” using protocol for the Chi-Square Test. The Robertson Panel never did say that UFOs did not exist, only that they were no threat, and they needed to be diminished as reports and that UFO groups needed to be monitored. The Condon Report continued in the same vein.

The intent and motivation of the Panel, whose first meeting was on January 14, 1953, can be seen by the fact that noted researchers, such as J. Allen Hynek, were excluded, and Hynek had, in one instance been asked to leave the room. “This speaks for itself,” says Scott, “about the intent of and true investigative purpose of the Panel.” (p. 70) The largely publicized 1969 University of Colorado Condon Report was pretty much a contemptuous study of UFOs as directed by the Robertson Panel. (p. 71) .


Government UFO investigations went by several special names: Project Sign, Project Stork, White Stork, Golden Eagle and Project Bear. The Pentacle Letters or Memorandum held enough importance to list the President of Battelle. The Memorandum emphasized the need for further studies of UFOs, psychological examinations, astronomical opinions, and the scrambling of jet aircraft when needed. Scott outlines the results of SR-14: “It very, very strongly shows that UFOs are not prosaic phenomena.” Clyde Williams was Director of Battelle from 1934 to 1958 including the time of the Roswell crash. Williams seemed to have links with past UFO players Donald Douglas, of the Douglas Aircraft Company, James Bryant Conant, Major General Curtis E. Lemay, Vannevar Bush (alleged signatory of the MJ-12 document), and Linus Pauling. Scott admits that the claims and allegations concerning the Ultra-secret MJ-12 Committee started in 1947 appear to be hyper-sensitive and many of the details “hoaxed,” but there still appears to be indications of such a “hidden organization” of such a nature in existence. Dr. Robert Sarbacher, An alleged MJ-12 member, says Scott, was not found in connection with Clyde Williams, but Sarbacher did mention UFOs to William Steinman, and Sarbacher suggested John von Neuman, James Conant, Vannevar Bush, and Dr. Robert Oppenheimer had been involved in UFOs. Sarbacher pointed to Dr. Eric A. Walker as one who had pertinent information about MJ-12. Canadian researcher Wilbert B. Smith was briefed by Sarbacher and had said “a committee of high-ranking people, headed by Vannevar Bush, had existed.” (p. 96) .


Through the efforts of researchers such as Bragalia, Schmitt and Carey, Elroy John Center’s connection to Roswell debris research and the later nitinol ‘memory metal” had been well-established. Daughter Cathy Center confirmed this to a fellow student in 1958: Center’s friend, “Nick” Nicholson, a former Battelle engineer, revealed to Scott and Bill Jones, that, indeed, Battelle held crashed UFO debris (p. 99). Nicholson was a Battelle scientist in physics and electronics for nearly 20 years with Top-secret security clearances. Center had an association with Howard C. Cross, who had worked on nitinol at Battelle. “And if Center worked with retrieved UFO crash-debris at Battelle,” says Scott, “it’s possible that Cross did, too – actually it is probable because as we discovered Cross was probably the head of Project Stork and was Center’s supervisor.” (p. 101) Howard Cross was a metallurgist and expert in exotic metallurgy. Scientists at Battelle were misled to believe they were investigating Soviet materials, and when they discovered the deception, those involved became depressed because of the deception. Most of John Center’s scientists had dealt with titanium and the ways to purify it and the making of alloys. Interestingly, member A.C. Ekert’s connection was the study of the effects of magnetic flux on metals and the measurement of same. .


It was not just three or four crucial individuals that were connected to SR-14 and nitinol, but a whole collage of interested people, twenty or more of different ranks (pp. 172-177). “Moreover these people would have numerous connections with Elroy John Center,” says Scott, “further suggesting that his report might be based upon fact. Some individuals were on the Pentacle Memo and some on the Second Progress Report. Some had begun working together before Roswell.” Near the time of the Roswell crash, the Vanadium Corporation of America (now called Shield Alloy) were brought fragments that appeared to be similar to the Roswell, debris, but from “gouge material” from the crash. Scientists Dr. H.W. Gilliet, Dr. C.H. Long, and Howard C. Cross appeared to be principal investigators. This event appeared to have happened in August or September 1947. Out of the ranks of employee relatives, anecdotal stories of Roswell emerged such as the then 84-year-old Dominick T. Rex and student Kevin Meggs. Whatever happened at Timken Metal Works, however, was highly classified. “Jones and I investigated additional reports about the examination of Roswell debris,” says Scott, “including one involving the Monsanto Research Corporation near Dayton, Ohio. The Monsanto report included stories about government contracts with WP for reverse-engineering studies of gravity waves.” (p. 186) .


Scott has quite a collection of photographs of special areas of WPAFB, as well as original correspondence of Dr. J. Allen Hynek which reflects, in part, Hynek’s struggle to bring to light the growing suspicion that the phenomenon was paranormal. Scott covers major UFO cases such as the April 17, 1966 Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur case, the 1973 Captain J. Coyne helicopter incident, and the October 11, 1973 Pascagoula abduction, not to mention persons such as the late Leonard Stringfield and his SITUATION RED: THE UFO SIEGE. Scott details the process that the so-called Silence Group employed to mislead investigators, such as Hynek, while at the same time, filtering and conducting more clandestine investigation. Scott tells us how the statistical findings of the “massive” SR-14 “were ignored and lied about,” as well as “the lying behind the Robertson Panel” and the “inside view of the interactions” of the Pentacle Memo. “And they show things that are not under human control,” summarizes Scott, “which our controlling government and religious structures do not seem to tolerate – the entire universe should be entirely under human control.”

******* Steve Erdmann, May, 2019 *******

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