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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2019

The Children from Concordia

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina
Date: late 1997                                         
Time: evening

Three young children, Andres, 9, Jorge, 8, and Carlos, 7, were playing with other neighboring children on a field located close to their home. Their mother was close by and was able to hear them when the children began to scream in an unusual manner. She ran out to see what was happening and saw a huge golden object, approximately 25 meters in diameter, hovering over the group of children. Full of panic, the mother, Carmen, yelled for her husband, but they couldn’t do anything. Suddenly, according to the parent’s testimony and three neighbors that saw everything, a beam of light came out of the hovering craft which enveloped the three brothers and carried them aboard the hovering object.

Terrified both husband and wife watched helplessly as the craft suddenly disappeared from sight containing their three children. The three brothers couldn’t remember how much time they spent aboard the craft, since they didn’t know if it was night or day. They described the ship as a huge golden craft that took them up to the sky. According to the young children, “God was driving the object.” They described the assumed God as a tall human-like being wearing golden metallic clothing, with long silvery hair that emitted a strong glow. According to the children this entity was very kind to them and told they that his name was “Lalar.” The children said that they were taken to the moon and to other planets in the solar system. When they got hungry, he gave them a sort of white bread, which was very tasty and made them feel full. At the beginning, they had felt some fear, but it soon went away as they became more comfortable.

During this time, Lalar was always very kind to them. The ship was very large and there were other men aboard similar to Lalar, but they did not glow as much as he did. Before they were brought back home, Lalar scratched their faces with a white stick-like instrument, and later stuck some needles on their backs. They felt no pain. The youngest of the children, Carlos, said that there were many lights all inside the object that blinked on and off. Lalar was described also as having a large head and large yellow eyes. All the other beings aboard the craft were very friendly towards the children. Their parents, Emilio and Carmen, reported that on Tuesday night after the police had conducted a fruitless search of the area, including overflights of military aircraft conducting grid searchers, they had remained awake hoping for the safe return of their children. That night they were sitting in their living room when suddenly the field next to the house became intensely illuminated. They ran out and found their three children descending back to Earth from the same golden hovering ship which had originally taken them. Overcome with emotion they ran to their children crying and took them back home. The father contacted the police immediately. The next day the couple took their children to the doctor and this one informed them that their children had been subject to several medical examinations, as the needle marks were clearly visible on their backs. These needle marks were photographed by the local authorities.

Also, a military spokesperson, neither confirmed or denied that a UFO had been detected by their radar on the day the children had been abducted, or if something was seen the night they were returned. Additional information was never released by the local and military authorities. Years later, when investigators attempted to re-open the case, they could not find any members of the family as they had apparently been “relocated” to another location. It was speculated that they had also changed their identities to prevent any more investigations.

Source: Guillermo Gimenez, citing investigator Armando Azparen https://www.ellitoral.com.ar/corrientes/2018-6-30-4-0-0-los-tres-chicos-llevados-por-un-ovni                                                                                                                                     

Comments: Other sources have given the date of 1986, but this seems to be the more accurate source.

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