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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2019

Camouflaging and Cloaking Techniques of Other-Worldly Craft

by: Diane Tessman

“I know what I saw!” When we spot a UFO, we assume that we are looking at the image of a strange object in the sky. However, visitors from other times, dimensions and/or planets, may have methods of cloaking or camouflaging their craft.

Why would they do this? The reason may be the same reason they do not “come on down” and meet all of us. They wish to remain hidden, they feel it safer for themselves, and maybe safer for us, if we do not gain knowledge of them or their craft. This may even be a policy which has no real specifics other than “Security.”

Invisibility is the most obvious cloaking technique. We grew up with Star Trek’s Romulans cloaking device, later stolen by the Klingons. Is this idea science fiction? The U. S. Air Force has real planes with advanced stealth technology which works as an invisibility shield. The X-86b is the world’s first truly invisible airplane, states the Air Force information office. The details of how the cloaking mechanism works are still classified, but it uses an array of carefully-modulated dark-emitting diodes (DED) which make the craft invisible to the naked eye.

“DEDs consist of a small semiconductor chip with a P/N junction coupled to an embedded quantum vacuum cavity; when reverse-biased, the cavity absorbs photons proportionally to the current flow through the junction,” explains the Air Force Information Officer.

Most of us might not understand the Air Force Information Office’s description of DEDs, but we can assume that advanced intelligence, whether from another planet, another dimension, or another time, would understand this technology and have gone far beyond it with their own craft.

This concept leads to another similar theory which postulates that advanced craft might have a matrix built into their skin; the outer material of the craft is called the skin. This matrix would be similar to the holodeck of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” So, take the holodeck and build it into a jet’s outer covering.

This jet can now project augmented-reality images. People on the ground will see this image and assume the craft looks like the augmented image. In fact, it looks nothing like this holographic image. Coincidentally, I recently investigated a case wherein the witness said the skin of the craft looked like it had a “matrix” on it.

This idea is one step beyond the currently popular virtual reality. Augmented reality (AR) blends synthetic, virtual objects with the view of our own physical reality. In AR, we can interact with virtual humans inhabiting our physical space or we can work with our children, for example, to build virtual LEGO houses on real tables in our own living rooms. Or, the real pilot of the advanced, real craft, can turn on the “holo-skin” of his craft, and project an augmented reality outward of what his craft looks like. This image will be no more real than a giant oak tree in “Star Trek: Next Generation’s” holodeck.

A variation on this method of camouflaging craft which extraterrestrials, time travelers, or other-dimensionals might use, was possibly caught in the authentic photo below. Witnesses on the ground in Anaheim, California, spotted a brilliant white UFO. They managed to take photos of it. When analyzed by an expert, it shows the brilliant white light to be probably a projection, while the actual craft seems to be a short distance away and has the appearance of a multi-colored doughnut.

Another strange aspect to this photo is that the white light seems to be dripping, almost like candle wax. Of course, the white area could be a craft (or two craft?), perhaps just manifesting into solid form, or de-manifesting.

If this strange bright light is a projection to shield the multi-colored doughnut craft, then it seems a simpler camouflaging device than the concept of having a matrix on the craft’s skin which projects holograms.

Whatever the specifics of the advance intelligence’s cloaking technology, we have to wonder if this concept explains UFOs sightings which are described as cube-shaped. Also, there are several reports throughout the years of “flying buildings” and other incredible and definitely not-aerodynamic shapes! Of course if a UFO uses, for example, anti-gravity for propulsion, it does not need to be an aerodynamic shape but, the cubes and flying buildings seem to make little sense.

Cube UFO over Texas

Example of a flying building: There is a 2011 report from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, involving the Wachovia Building. in the Wachovia event said this, “My first thought was that I had never seen the Wachovia Building looking like that, but simultaneously I felt disoriented because my "landmark” was out of proportion - it was wide, misty and hovering.” “It seemed very close. In a split second I realized that I was seeing; what came to my mind was ‘a mothership.’ It was huge! It seemed to be oval with a dome. I got an impression of textured, slightly reflective surface, barely distinguishable windows, and a few widely spaced lights. Most of the lights where white, with a couple of blue-green lights and a rose-colored (not red) light.”

“I couldn't see the entire ship because it was surrounded by a mist/diffuse cloud that gave me the impression that it was trying to blend into the city skyline.”

Perhaps some species of alien race has gone to the Space/Time Intelligence High Council, if one exists, and announced that the methods used for cloaking and camouflaging have gotten extremely complicated and it is proposed that plain old Earth clouds are a simpler answer to keeping things secret from the humans. The list of solid reports involving strange clouds or mists around unidentified flying objects is a long one stretching over many years. The main reason that we do not confront this undeniable evidence which illustrates that UFOs camouflage themselves with artificially generated clouds, is that the implications are enormous. We sense that this way lies madness; are we to start questioning the legitimacy of all clouds in the sky? Are we being monitored from behind that low-flying cloud?

Most clouds which hide alien craft are said to look like cumulus clouds, dense, puffy and white. There are many cases to choose from, but here is one case from MUFON files. An Idaho witness at Idaho Falls reported UFO sightings over a period of time, including a “huge, camouflaged triangle,” according to testimony in Case 88223.

“Witness reports seeing a massive triangular craft while camping near a lake,” Thunstrom wrote in his report. “Triangle shape, changed direction, changed shape, cast light, hovered, affected cell phone, appeared solid, glowed, reflective, glowing, mist/shroud, larger than aspirin in apparent size, white surface lights, pink/rose exterior lights, red-orange, yellow-orange, and blue surface lights, pulsating lights, no sound, 20 feet or less from witness, lowest altitude at over 500 feet, flight path stationary, unknown direction first and last observed.”

Idaho MUFON Field Investigator Scott Thunstrom closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle. https://www.mufon.com/cases-of-interest/cases-of-interest-shapeshifting-ufos

Lenticular clouds which form over mountains are suspected to be motherships; yes, they are usually just mind-boggling natural clouds, but there are also reports of UFOs being sighted near mountains famous for lenticular clouds such as Mount Shasta, California. The military’s radar capabilities are not blocked by a mere cloud; therefore, a UFO behind a cloud is perhaps to keep the craft hidden from common people.

It might also be that dimensional and/or time travel produces a cloud of vapor in traversing from there to here. Well-regarded United Kingdom UFO researcher Jenny Randles has written a book called “Time Storms” which deals with possible time travel and the vapors this quantum procedure generates.

Randles writes of the bizarre experiences of people who come into contact with this mist. They then experience something similar to an alien abduction, not knowing when or where they are, and possibly becoming out-of-body. These victims often end up disoriented in a place they do not recognize, days later.

An example of one of these strange mists is the famous Rendlesham Forest Case in the United Kingdom: In the wee hours of December 26, 1980, security personnel from RAF Woodbridge entered Rendlesham Forest, to investigate some strange, pulsating, colored lights moving through the trees which they thought at first might be a downed aircraft. Local constables were called and participated in the observation.

Base personnel described the craft they pursued as metal and conical, with a bright red light above and a circle of blue lights below, and suspended in a yellow mist. A yellow mist? Many UFO witnesses have seen and experienced similar mists.

This topic is an example of applying our level of understanding to an unknown phenomenon. Many questions remain. An outstanding question, do any of these camouflaging or cloaking methods hide the craft from radar? The answer would seem to be no. Perhaps radar is somehow deflected, blocked, or misguided, but that would be mere theorizing.

The phenomenon of UFOs camouflaging and cloaking is a real one, but why do UFO occupants use these deceptions? We continue to try to apply our level of understanding and investigation to unknown phenomena but we must make the effort to leap beyond into their realm of reason and logic in order to find the answers.

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