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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2019

True Truth, Freedom2Change, and Native American Spiritual Beliefs Applied to the Human Condition

by: Dr. Greg Little

In general I have kept my two, very different careers separated. I am known by some as a writer in alternative history and in topics related to unusual phenomena and experiences. The alternative history aspect has primarily related to the settling of the Americas and Native American spiritual beliefs and customs. It was in 1990 when I found out that I had an ancestor who was Native American (Seneca), which was revealed to me after I began writing a lot about mounds and earthworks. While my ancestor was said to be full-blooded Seneca, I have had genetic testing done and now know that she was probably 25%. My other career has been as a Nationally Certified Psychologist, licensed professional counselor, and a specialist in criminal treatment and trauma treatment. I have authored or been the first author of nearly 40 treatment books and workbooks that have been used in the treatment of over 3 million offenders in all 50 states and in 9 countries. In recent years I became interested in the life-coaching movement and began writing a series of unusual self-help materials with several new coauthors. During the same time, while writing book manuscripts on Native American spiritual beliefs, I found a rather startling connection between the two seemingly unconnected areas. I was immediately struck by the usefulness of these Native American ideas to people striving to better their lives in some way.

There are many possible reasons why people read self-help books. However, it’s likely that there is a common and simple thread running through all those reasons. People are trying to improve some areas of their lives. They want to change something for the better.

In some cases, there are deep-seated problems and issues that require professional help. But perhaps the vast majority of people who read self-help books want to cope with their issues on their own or without engaging in formal counseling or therapy. Many of them turn to life-coaches. Life coaching has various definitions but all of them imply that the person seeking to improve his or her life gets assistance from another who gives some guidance and mentoring. If you need professional help, seek out someone qualified for whatever your needs may be. And if you are seeking a life coach, there are a lot of them out there. However, there are many people, for whatever reasons they may have, who want to deal with their issues in their own ways, without involving a professional. I suggest you think of this as “self-coaching.”

In our most recent book on self-coaching, a Kindle-only format entitled “True Truth,” the idea of self-coaching is described. However, the term True Truth was derived from the 1800s and was used as a way to see past the conflicts taking place between the many White settlers and miners who were displacing and essentially invading Native Tribal land. It was a terrible time in American history that has left an indelible stain. The two very different perceptions of the disputes back then have been described as “Red Truth” and “White Truth.” The concept of True Truth took a very different perspective.

As it applies to individuals who want to change their lives, True Truth is what remains after all the lies, deceptions, excuses, and blame are removed. Looking at your life from the perception of True Truth can allow you to truly understand your life and see a way forward. But True Truth was just the start of the connection between Native American and more modern conceptions in psychology.

A Bigger Surprise—How The Universe Was Created

In 2018 Andrew Collins and I coauthored a book that will be issued by Inner Traditions in September 2019. It is entitled, “Denisovan Origins,” and it traces the movements of ancient people into the Americas. The book also delves into the cosmology and deepest spiritual beliefs of America’s very ancient Mound Builder culture. Buried at the core of these Native American beliefs is a long-hidden conception of how and why the universe was created. The cosmology of the ancient ones has been one of their closest guarded secrets. Chances are that very few people are aware of this idea. It describes how a single spot of spiritual energy was present at the “beginning.” This single spot of energy began to swirl and form into two opposites very much like the yin and yang forces are depicted. The moment these two opposite forces came into being within the single spot, they split apart and instantly formed the physical universe. The concept is described in a very similar way to what physicists call the “Big Bang.” According to the concept, the physical universe was created as a way for these two forces to fully manifest themselves while also being kept into balance. The best way to describe these two forces is that one is the process of continual creation while the other is the ongoing process of entropy. Entropy is the concept in physics that describes the eventual breakdown of every thing that exists, which begins at the moment of anything’s creation. As things dissolve and break down over time, creation springs forth from the ruins. In brief, everything is temporary and everything evolves through the processes of creation and entropy. To be very honest and open here, I was surprised when I first encountered this very ancient Native American idea. There are similar conceptualizations in psychology—and physics—but finding it in the midst of ideas explaining we humans’ role in the universe was unexpected. It applies to our lives, relationships, jobs, homes, and everything. else And it is a useful idea to employ in self-coaching, therapy, and in managing one’s life. Also buried deep in this sacred cosmology is the purpose of life in the universe, and I’ll leave that for a future article.

The key point here is that the ideas of True Truth, spiritual balance, creation, entropy, and the temporary nature of everything are all very useful conceptions for improving one’s life. Our goal has been to make these ideas useful and practical. The books and workbooks we have created serve that purpose. In January 2019, a main book (entitled “Freedom To Change”), three workbooks, and a series of audio-visual materials will be available. If you are interested in following what is available and how this progresses, visit the website: www.freedom2change.org


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