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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2019

My Physics Friend

by: Rey Hernandez

My Contactee Friend, Fernando, passed away one year ago. He was 42. He left behind a wife and two children. The following is an excerpt from my DIARY discussing one event with my friend Fernando. This event occurred 19 months after my wife's and my initial ET Contact Experience with an Energy Being in our living room that miraculously cured our paralyzed dog. This diary excerpt was dated "Friday, September 13, 2013 - I HAD DOUBTS AND THE ANGELS SENT ME A MESSENGER".

"On Friday evening, September 13th, 2013, the husband of a lady that was cleaning our house came by to pick up his wife. We have known this couple for over 8 years and have helped them out many times. I was previously assisting them with a legal issue.”

“The year before, my daughter told this housekeeper friend of ours of the spaceship we saw outside our house. This lady then told her husband and at that time he told me a story of when he was a teenager in Argentina he meditated and that he had seen a UFO. He never told me any other details.” “Now one year later, that Friday night, when he came to pick up his wife, he asked me whether I have seen anything else in the last year. I did not want to talk to him and told him that he would not understand because it dealt with ETs and Quantum Physics. He then told his wife and small child to get in the car and to wait for him. Over a 5 minute period he then told me a story that literally blew me away.”

“I asked him if I could go to his house the next day, Saturday, to discuss this topic further and if I could invite Blanca and Enrique Delgado, two individuals who had an interest in UFOs and who also understood Spanish. Even though he spoke English, his native language was Spanish and we mainly communicated in Spanish. I wanted witnesses so they could verify his testimony. He agreed because I had helped his family many times but he was reluctant to tell anyone about his 'crazy' experiences.”

“This is the story he told me. At the age of 13 he was taught to meditate by a group of older teens in his neighborhood. During his first meditation session, he started to have Out of Body Experiences, OBEs, and even had what can be called remote viewing. He told me during his first OBE how he travelled to the home of the eldest member of his meditation group, a 19 year old, and told her exactly what her house looked like and that there was a young woman with long hair on her bed. The 19 year old told him that he had described her house perfectly but he had 'screwed up' because there was only one female in her house and it was her mother who was elderly and had short grey hair. When she returned to her home that night, she discovered that her sister had a fight with her husband and was sleeping on her bed. His OBE story was validated.”

“With time, he started to travel to a multi-dimensional reality like in the movie the 'Matrix.' In this Matrix reality he began to have communications with many conscious beings that were human looking. Later, some of these conscious beings, who he identified as Pleiadian looking, began to appear in his room. They were about 7 feet tall, long silver/blond hair, light eyes, muscular but toned, dressed in a blue skin tight uniform. All communication was telepathic. Later on, they then began to transport him into a 'higher dimensional reality' and began daily and nightly interactions with this Non Human Intelligence.”

“These ETs began, almost on a daily basis, to teach him many things. He learned to put baby kittens to sleep by rubbing them. He then would wake them up by rubbing them again. He told us of a story where he would put his finger in the back of the head of a child in his classroom and immediately the boy would start rubbing the back of his head like it was on fire. He also said there were many types of 'tricks' that he was taught.” “He told me of many experiences when he returned with multiple pages of his own handwriting of Physics and Math equations together with drawings of a Torsion Field Physics Machine that operated the craft. He was taught a lot of advanced physics and would wake up many mornings with many papers filled with advanced physics. This lasted for years, from 13 to 16 years of age.”

“It got to the point where he thought he was going crazy. His mother was diagnosed as a paranoid schizoid who spoke to non-existing beings and she was placed in a mental institution. His father then became an alcoholic. He became afraid that this was going to happen to him as well. At the age of 16, after 3 years of daily downloads and experiences, he told the ETs to get lost and that he wanted a normal life. He also stopped meditating. The ETs complied with his request and they never returned. He has never spoken with anyone, even with his wife, of these events. His wife just knows that he has seen UFOs when he was young.”

“When he decided to stop these experiences, he threw away all of his physics documents because he wanted to forget everything. Even to this day he constantly fears that the ETs will come back into his life if he meditates or even concentrates on these experiences or even if he watches an 'Ancient Aliens' show. These entities did not do anything bad or evil to him but, as Dr. John Mack has stated, he could not deal with the ontological shock of his altered states of reality created by these entities.”

“After he told his detailed story in front of us, Enrique turned to me and told me that I was a 'Contactee Magnet' because over the last few months I had told him of so many 'strange' encounters with other Contactees in Miami. He also knew of my encounters with 'My Physics Friend,' who I also consider a living ET being. I also told Fernando Garcés-Soto from this board of this experience as well.”

“It is important to note that what this Argentinean man told me was the same exact history that 'My Physics Friend' had told me. The only difference was that my Physics friend continued with his experiences and then later he developed relationships with other 'higher level' ET beings who had no form and were pure energy. He informed me that they were the highest level of spirit, right underneath 'God Consciousness'. I had previously stated that my major experiences have happened with 'My Physics Friend' but I rarely talk about the details of these experiences. Only a few members of our FREE Board know about these experiences.”

“This Savant medical doctor friend also had similar experiences to this Argentinean fellow--

“1) They both learned to meditate at a young age. My MD friend started as an 8 year old and Fernando at the age of 13; “2) both entered another dimension when they meditated and where they encountered ETs; my MD friend actually lives in this reality when he is not working as an MD.

“3) These ETs were also similar in that they appeared human looking in the beginning; for my MD friend, the human looking beings served as the intial contact vessel until he was 12 years old and then he was transitioned to a 'higher level' non-physical multi-dimentional spiritual being; “4) These ETs also taught them Advanced Physics; my MD friend is the most intelligent person I have ever known. I have attended graduate school at Cornell and UC Berkeley and not come close to the intellect of this person. His IQ could never be tested per his aunt who I know. He also was one of the leading physicists when we had a FREE physics group comprised of Ph.D. physicists. He clearly understand all of his physics teachings even at the age of 12. Fernando had no formal education outside of high school and clearly did not understand any physics. My MD friend was doing advanced calculus and physics for entertainment at the age of 8.

“5) These ETs gave both of them angelic and spiritual teachings as well. My MD friend can quote verbatim almost any ancient mystical text, including all of the ancient Vedic scriptures, by page and line. One time he told me of the dualistic nature of our reality, explained how the physics of Entropy can explain all of this and then went on to explain the Entropy Dualistic nature of our reality (which I could not understand) and then quoted extensively from Mani, a 3rd century Persian philosopher whose philosopy later came to be known as Manichaeism, a dualistic religious system with Christian, Gnostic, and pagan elements whose system was based on a supposed primeval conflict between light and darkness. He told me by reading his teachings I might be able to understand the dualistic nature of our universe. My MD friend clearly understands highly advanced physics. Fernando, who was not highly educated, did not understand these physics and spiritual concepts.”

“Once again, it is important to note that I never told Fermando, the Argentinean fellow, anything about 'My Physics Friend'-- nothing. Why were their stories so similar? Remember, this occurred a few days after I began to have doubts of my own reality and started to drink heavily for 5 days in a row, mainly because I discovered that 'My Physics Friend' might not be human after all. I was carrying a significant burden and after all of my extraordinary experiences with this human 'Avatar' that I started to drink because I could not take it anymore. With this person I had experiences of Channeling, Past Lives. I was able to understand highly advanced physics equations, and he also demonstrated to me that he was not human but yet living in our 3D reality.”

“One day I had the most mind blowing experiences with this MD Avatar which I can not detail because it also involved other members of FREE. For 5 straight days after the most major experience yet with this MD avatar, I freaked out and began to drink for 5 straight days. Then on the 5th day, at 5 pm in the afternoon, after Fernando told me his story, I began to relax because once again I was given a 'message' from these beings to 'chill out' and that I should not continue to question 'My Physics Friend'-- that everything is being coordinated. I just need to 'go with the flow' and to trust what is developing. My Physics Friend was validated and I have not gotten drunk since that date. I now know that all of my experiences, including the identification of My Physics Friend, is very, very real. Fernando helped me to validate these experiences. I know it all sounds like the writings of a mad man but if you have had these types of experiences then you will understand.”


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