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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2019

A Case of UFO Healing
“Shannon Dunlap”, a pseudonym:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

by: Interview by Joseph Burkes, M.D.

The witness requests anonymity and that no personal identifying details be included in this case report. She is referred to as “Shannon Dunlap”, a pseudonym. Dunlap had her first UAP sighting at age sixteen. It was witnessed by several members of her family. Several years later Shannon subsequently had what she described as recurrent alien abductions with beings whose appearance matched the “Gray” alien stereotype. They were four to five feet in height and communicated telepathically. They reportedly carried out medical procedures on her. These encounters started in her late teens and then recurred every three or four months during her reproductive years. As Shannon Dunlap entered middle age the experiences decreased to once or twice yearly. At the time of this report, December 2017, Mrs. Dunlap stated that she has not had a visitation in four years. In addition, there were numerous UAP sightings. One was a triangular shaped object that was seen by her and other witnesses. Shannon stated, “Neighbors observed a craft landing on family property, and it left physical trace evidence on the ground. However, I did not personally see the craft. In a separate incident, my neighbors observed a craft hovering near my home. I have had several additional sightings, including two close encounters. One occurred when I was being walked to a craft that had either landed or was hovering above the shoreline.” On another occasion a conscious link was established prior to her sighting. Mrs. Dunlap described the incident as follows, “One night, shortly after my husband and I had retired to our bed, I received a telepathic message to look out of my bedroom window. I opened my eyes and saw the bright lights of an unconventional craft hovering approximately 1000-2000 feet from my window.”

I asked the witness several questions about her recurrent contact experiences.

Dr. Burkes: What kinds of communication occurred between you and the non-human beings that you repeatedly encountered?

Shannon: I have a long history of contact with one particular entity whose apparent role is to reassure me that I am safe and will not be harmed. He informed me that I am part of their family and loved by them. This information was communicated telepathically. His demeanor seems gentle and highly spiritual. He told me they are pleased that I can be trusted.”

Dr. Burkes: Did they tell you about what their intentions are?

Shannon: No harm is intended. They are simply monitoring our planet and are very concerned with regard to our use of nuclear weapons and our failure to respect our planet's environment. Medical tests have been run periodically to determine the level of environmental toxins in my body. They are concerned about our survival, as this toxicity could lead to the disintegration of our species, due to changes in the DNA structure that is being caused environmentally. They are attempting to propagate our species while they study us. They are also very concerned because there is so much misinformation being disseminated by those who wish to cast them in a negative light. They said that they are sorry for frightening us, but they do their best to work quietly and without interfering too much in our lives.

Dr. Burkes: What are some of the spiritual messages that you have received during your close encounters? Shannon: Our planet is transitioning to a higher dimensional vibration and they have worked with me repeatedly to elevate my vibrational frequency. They are positive, spiritual beings, here to assist our planet in an evolutionary process that will elevate us to a higher realm.”

In her forties Shannon developed the sudden onset of profound fatigue, muscle aches, sore throat, swollen glands and fever. Her doctor initially diagnosed mononucleosis. Instead of improving over the following months her severe fatigue and other symptoms persisted. Any kind of physical exertion made her feel worse. Shannon also described experiencing sleep disturbance and loss of mental concentration. Her condition worsened to the point where she became disabled from a highly respected profession that she loved. Shannon was referred to an infectious disease specialist and a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) was made. The witness reported that during exacerbations even simple household tasks such as preparing food could not be accomplished. The symptoms waxed and waned in severity but the disabling fatigue continued. At times Shannon had to use a cane.

In 2012 she heard about an individual that claimed to be channeling extraterrestrials. Being somewhat skeptical of his assertions she decided to put him to a test. She asked that he request a medical healing for her from the “ETs” that he allegedly was in communication with. Several nights later Shannon awoke and found herself in unfamiliar surroundings with intense pain in her muscles. It had an electric quality as if she was being electrocuted. Shannon could not move. Above her she saw either some kind of video screen or holographic like technology that showed the outline of a human form that she presumed was hers. On the display overhead, the left side of the abdomen where the spleen is located was colored mint green. The right groin where Shannon had enlarged lymph nodes was colored pink. The witness also reported observing several tall Gray ET beings that had a glow around each of them. She then reportedly lost consciousness.

When Shannon awoke she was back in her bedroom and it was morning. To her delight all symptoms of her disabling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had completely disappeared. Her ability to exercise was now normal. She could walk several miles, a task that had been impossible for nearly two decades. She was able to work out at the gym for over an hour without any risk of triggering a relapse as had been her plight before the healing. Shannon had no recurrent fevers, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, or sleep disturbance. Her mental concentration was also restored.

Dr. Burkes: Were any explanations provided as to why you were selected for the recurrent visitations?

Shannon: They told me that I was selected, because they are studying the DNA in my family line and watching for changes in the DNA structure.

Dr. Burkes: What explanations, if any, were offered as to why your request for a healing was granted?

Shannon: I was informed that they heal their own.

Dr. Burkes: How did the healing influence your thoughts and feelings about your long history of encounters?

Shannon: I feel very grateful to have been healed. It is a clear indication to me their agenda is benevolent.


Joseph Burkes MD: The medical history documented in this case report is classic for all the major clinical features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS is a persistent disabling illness of unknown cause for which there is no cure and has no effective treatment. It goes by several names including, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS). The witness provided me with a page from her medical record dated November 13th, 2002. It was initialed by her personal physician and the diagnosis of CFIDS was on this patient’s problem list. A diagnosis of CFS is made on the basis of a chronic history of profound fatigue that is unrelieved by rest. There are no laboratory tests that can make certain a diagnosis of CFS, but testing is important to rule out other illness that result in persistent fatigue. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is thus a diagnosis of exclusion. The witness provided the results from a battery of blood test results done in the early 1990s when she was first diagnosed. The tests were essentially normal as is typical for patients with this condition. The only exception was a test for the Epstein-Bar Virus that indicated she had a past history of infection by the microbe that causes the common illness mononucleosis. This blood test is often positive in CFS patients but it is also positive in many people that never develop chronic fatigue symptoms. The long-term prognosis is not good for this illness of unknown cause. In medical studies that follow patients over decades, symptoms persist in the majority. Even when patients state that they no longer have the condition their functional level is far below normal.11

In recent years major scientific advances have occurred indicating that patients with CFS are exhausted at a cellular level. Experiments have shown that the profound fatigue is related to the loss of the ability of human cells to burn sugars to produce energy in the normal ways. This explanation explodes the misconceptions promoted by both clinicians and researchers alike that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome might somehow have a psychosomatic origin. It is particularly shameful that many victims in the past have been labeled malingerers and the trivializing term “yuppie flu” was applied to them. For decades, some physicians have recommended that patients should exert more “will power” and gradually increase exercise, despite the reality that exercise typically makes the symptoms worse.12

In a speculative vein, one might suggest that if the intelligences associated with UAPs have found an effective treatment for CFS, as this case indicates, then the therapy might have to be directed at every cell in the body where the energy producing mechanisms involving the metabolism of sugar occur. In contrast, Reverend Carter’s and Alina del Castillo’s conditions involved one body part, the lower extremity, and they were reportedly cured by an intervention that took place in their homes. Shannon with a systemic illness, now understood to be associated with metabolic abnormalities in billions of cells all over the body, apparently required transport to another location (ET spacecraft?) where perhaps a “higher level of care” could be administered.

Preston Dennett: Dunlap’s report of being healed of CFS answers many questions and raises others. In most respects, it’s a typical case of a CE healing. A person with a lifelong history of contact, suffering from an illness (chronic fatigue syndrome) is healed by grey-type ETs using what appears to be advanced technology. The description she provides of seeing her own organs displayed is one I have heard many times before. And yet, there are unusual elements. The pathway to Dunlap’s healing was largely her own doing. She asked for the healing, and it was granted. The question is, why did the ETs wait so long? Dunlap had suffered for many years from CFS, and the ETs did not cure it.

Asking for and receiving a healing is somewhat rare. The fact that the healing was the result of a visit to a channeler is very unusual, but not unique. I have interviewed other individuals who visited a channeler and requested actual ET contact, and it was granted. The fact that the healing occurred in this way shows how complex and interdimensional ET contact is.

Reposted with permission from Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence, Volume 1, 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1721088652. Editors Rey Hernandez, JD, MCP; Dr. Jon Klimo, Ph.D; Dr. Rudy Schild, Ph.D.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE), a 501c3 Academic Research Institute.


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