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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2018

Humanoids in the Holy Land

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Al Sarafand, Israel
Date: 1967
Time: night

A local resident watched a luminous egg-shaped object land nearby. As he watched he heard a telepathic message inviting him very amicably to enter. He accepted the invitation and entered the object through an opened hatch. Inside he was met by several short gray creatures with large hairless heads and huge black eyes. He then noticed what appeared to be several ‘operating tables’, and begged the aliens not to examine him. He exited the object and walked backwards keeping his eyes on the object when suddenly a bright beam of light struck him on his stomach and sent him flying a distance of several meters. When he was able to move again the object had vanished. That same night other local residents reported seeing a bright UFO in the sky. Source: Gil Bar, UFOs in Israel Timeline Translation by Albert S Rosales


Location: Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Date: 1974
Time: afternoon

A 36-year old shopkeeper Z. Kolman was on reserve duty with the Israeli Army. He was sent to a military post opposite the Egyptian fortifications of Omm Hasheibah. One day he felt compelled to climb to the top of a mountain close to where his unit was camped. While there he had a ‘fairly routine abduction experience’ accompanied with a certain amount of missing time. The beings he met were described as follows: “Their bodies were clear like milky glass; their heads were hairless; their eyes were outstanding. They were shorter than I was, standing partly on the ground and partly above.” When he returned to his fellow soldiers at the camp, both Kolman and his bunkmates were astonished to discover that a strange ‘electric shock’ was being transmitted from his hands whenever he touched one of them. Thus began Kolman’s struggle to both understand and to make compassionate use of his mysterious powers to heal. Source: Hans Holzer, “The Secret of Healing: The Healing powers of Ze’ev Kolman, a True Story” (1996) in Luis Gonzalez Manso’s “Firsthumcat.”


Location: Kiryat Gat, Israel
Date: 1974
Time: night

A soldier reportedly was abducted by short aliens onboard a large silvery rectangular ‘spaceship’. He was later returned with most of his memory gone and cuts on his body; however, he was able to remember a message in Hebrew given by the extraterrestrials that said, “There will be destruction.” No additional details.

Source: Gil Bar UFOs in Israel Timeline


Location: Kfar Hasidim, Israel
Date: January 1978
Time: evening

Construction contractor Moshe Vanunu had just finished dropping off some workers and had reached a fork on the road when he saw to his left, three short figures wearing square helmets and wearing white silvery suits who walked in a sort of “Indian File” taking measured steps “like robots.” As he approached them in his vehicle, the middle one aimed a kind of “flashlight” at him from which a thin, concentrated beam of light emerged. It was originally green and then blue. Moshe immediately lost his sight. When his sight returned he realized that he had kept driving and could no longer see the entities. When he arrived home he told his wife about the incident. After the incident he noticed on his left shoulder, close to the chest, three reddish circles in which the skin was normal. On the left shoulder he discovered another circle. The circles disappeared and reappeared for the next several months. He felt no pain or discomfort.

Source: http://ufoisrael.com/


Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Date: Summer 1988
Time: night

The witness was a student at a local boarding school which hosted American students as part of a delegation of Jewish students. One early evening the witness slept for about an hour in his room when he suddenly woke up and opened his eyes to see a bright flash of blue light which exploded into the shape of an “atomic mushroom” which appeared in the center of the room. It lasted about 2 seconds. The witness ignored the event thinking that it might be some ‘type of eye disorder’. He walked out of the room into the dormitory hall, which was dark and on to the showers to wash his face. As he attempted to turn on the lights in the shower room they did not work. He looked up at the ceiling and again saw flashing bright blue lights that appeared to be flashing in sequence, sort of like “Morse Code.” He stepped outside of the shower room and met a friend who he asked if he could accompany him to the water cooler area where the American students were located. The area was deserted and as they walked towards the cooler they noticed something strange, the surrounding sounds of crickets and frogs suddenly ceased and both began to hear a low voice whispering in their ears something that they could not understand. His friend panicked and ran away back to the dormitory building. He was left alone in the outside compound. Now he could hear the whispering voice ‘loud and clear.’ It was a woman’s voice, which was very soft and gentle and said in Hebrew the word “come to me.” She repeated this several times. The witness looked around for the location of the woman but could not see anything, even though the compound was clearly lit by the full moon. The area was still deserted. Suddenly a white-blue bright rectangle appeared on the ground close to the witness, the size of about 1-meter or so. He approached the rectangle and using a flashlight attempted to locate the source of the light but could not find any. He stood over the rectangle and introduced his foot into the bluish rectangle for a few seconds. He suddenly felt fear and ran back to the dorms. Apparently he did not see the light or hear the voices again. Source: MUFON CMS


Location. Yatzitz, Israel
Date: December 22, 1994
Time: 2100

The same night that two young brothers videotaped a strange object over the eastern sky and strange tracks were found near their home, two men, Danny Ezra & Herzl Casatini were relaxing at the latter’s home when they suddenly heard an explosion that shook the house. Herzl opened the door to investigate, and was confronted by a nine foot giant wearing metallic coveralls, standing in front of the house. A “glowing haze” blurred the giant’s facial features. Herzl slammed the door and motioned his friend to the window to look. Danny stared at the giant for 15 seconds. Herzl called the police, and when they arrived the giant had vanished, but strange footprints & tracks were found in the area. Fruit trees, which were growing beside the giant tracks produced weird genetically altered products the summer following the incident.

Source: Barry Chamish


Location: Kfar Hawald, Israel
Date: October 20, 1996
Time: 2300

Eli Hawald had gone outside his home when suddenly out of nowhere he saw a gigantic green light descend from the sky. He ran into the house, locked the door and watched from a window. When the light was ten meters above the ground, it dimmed and three figures descended towards the ground from the light. The figures were human-like but very dark in appearance. They acted oddly, fanning out, and then quickly returning to the same place. Their speed was fantastic and they seemed to emit a siren like sound. At this point the witness alerted his wife and children and they ran out the back door. They did not see the entities and light depart.

Source: Israeli UFO Investigation Group


Location: Ashdod, Israel
Date: September 6, 2006
Time: 2245

That night a witness named Ilan was looking out from his apartment balcony located on the 17th floor of the complex when he noticed a “humanoid” form floating nearby. Thinking at first that it was a child’s balloon he ignored it, but then looking more intently noticed that it was brown in color and hovered without moving at about 20 meters from him. The body of the figure seemed to be “jelly” like and the witness saw two eyes that stared intently at him. The figure hovered there for about 15 minutes and then small blue and white lights became visible on the feet area and then it moved up into the sky, quickly disappearing from sight. The night had been clear with a full moon.

Source: direct from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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