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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, November 2018

The Myth Of Man:
Hidden History and the Ancient Origins of Humankind
by J.P. Robinson

Earthrise Books
Kingston upon Hull, England
2018, Paperback, US $21.99
ISBN: 978-1986555470

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

The author strives to bring us back up to speed once again on so many scientific terms, definitions, theories and hypotheses that we were forced to wade through back in our school days. However, this author/teacher doesn't arrive at or settle upon the same definitive conclusions that were required of us to absorb back in our early days of school education and indoctrination. Instead he challenges the existing status quo of the scientific and academic mainstream establishment.

Robinson begins by explaining how written history itself only goes back so far, roughly some 5,000 years. Thus the written record provides us a very limited window into our past. However, he adds, there is ancient mythology, typically perceived by modern man as delusional and fictitious, but then, Robinson wonders, how about the widespread global myths of a cataclysmic happening, like the great flood that appears in our Christian Bible and so many other “myths” of other cultures throughout the world? The author further points out how in the ancient world these myths, preserved in oral traditions, were regarded as embodying truth, something earlier people had lived through and may have survived, and were not seen as merely tall tales.

So how about the Great Flood? Plato's Atlantis? How about Bigfoot? Stories of Giants? Robinson delves into many areas, asks many questions and seeks new clues to things that the academics typically avoid like the proverbial plague. He paints a disturbing picture wherein our supposed scientific grasp of human history and evolution may not be that firm after all. In his very first chapter, entitled The Death of Darwinism, he shows how this theoretical discipline of science is on some shaky ground, though it gave the scientists the upper hand to loosen the grip of the Creationists.

Robinson takes us on a fact finding journey across our planet to carefully sift through and examine some of our most intriguing myths and the thought-provoking and emerging evidence that modern researchers are unearthing that point to potentially needed revisions in our historical backgrounds and the deeper meaning and implications of many of those myths from our dim and distant past.


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