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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2018

Hosted by Brent Raynes, with co-hosts Lynn Miller and Barbara Mango

Rob Freeman

Researcher and filmmaker Rob Freeman has produced a UFO documentary entitled “Making Contact, Be inspired.” Rob was just 12 years old, when he saw the unexplainable from the roof of his parent’s house, with a self-made sky watching kit. Fifty years later he’s traveled to over 10 countries and 30 cities, now with a state of the art sky watching kit.

In 2015, he formed CSSAA (Center for the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies), and is an active in-the-field researcher. Alongside the Making Contact Project Team, Rob is connecting to the experts, and documenting his extensive experiences, all within this new age of UFOlogy 

Audio Interview 1

Link: http://www.mcbiproject.com/making-contact-team/


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