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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2018

Recent encounter in Las Vegas

by: Brent Raynes

On October 18, 2018, a young 30-year-old wife and mother near the Lakes community in Las Vegas, Nevada, was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by a rustling noise around the area of her kitchen and living room. Thinking that the family dog and cat were probably playing with one another, she called out to the dog, who soon arrived in the bedroom in an excited state, its ears perked up with its attention focused back in the direction from which it had just come. Still hearing a rustling noise, rather like fast and small footsteps originating from the kitchen, she next figured the sound was from her cat. But then she noticed that the cat was laying on the bed nearby. Oddly, she noted, even though the cat could easily hear the noise also, and normally reacted to such things, it failed to do so. In addition, her young son was asleep in bed with her, and so she began to fear that there was an intruder in the house, and thought about getting her gun.

Just then though she was distracted by an extremely bright light originating from outside that brightened up her bedroom. Out a nearby window she could see the underside of an enormous craft, hovering very low in the sky, that reminded her more of Star Trek's USS Enterprise than the typically described UFO. Grayish cream in color with multiple white lights around a square section, there were also round sections. The craft had a hazy appearance surrounding it.

She remembered later how she was thinking to herself “I have to try and remember lots of details, because Mom will ask a million questions.” Her mother is a UFO/paranormal researcher and an experiencer too. In addition, she was thinking “Lots of people have to be witnessing this!”

Hovering for no longer than 20 seconds, the craft soon took off at high speed in a southeast direction. As it was moving away she could see the entire craft. [See drawing] It was football field sized. When and where she lost sight of it there was like a flash of light in that area. Was it a lightning strike, she wondered.

She wanted to check the kitchen afterwards, but instead went easily back to sleep, which she found odd and disturbing, under the circumstances. When she got up around 6:50 a.m. she found a lower cupboard door wide open, which she was certain she would have seen earlier that morning around 2:35 when she had been awakened by the cat and went into the kitchen to get it some food. She was puzzled, stating that neither of her animals could have done it and her son never woke up that night.

That morning she was surprised and frustrated that the local TV news wasn't abuzz with reports of a massive UFO. She was certain other people had to have seen it.

The mother, who lives in Ohio, explained to me: “As my daughter was relaying this tale to me, I suddenly recalled searching the internet a couple weeks ago for a spaceship with a shape reminiscent of the Star Trek Enterprise. What I was looking for didn't look exactly like the Enterprise, so I was searching for other craft on the series that might look more familiar to me. I felt frustrated, because all I could find was profile images, and I needed to see it from a top angle to identify what I was looking for.”

“After literally spending about an hour trying to find what I was looking for, I gave up, telling myself that I just wasted an hour for nothing. I remember forcing myself to quit my OCD searching by closing the search app.”

“But the bigger question is 'why was I initiating this search?' What prompted me? I have no idea. I do not have an intense interest in Star Trek and couldn't even tell you all the main character's names.”

Interestingly, the daughter had something like an intuitive sense during the entire UFO incident that it “wasn't for her.” That made no sense to her, however. Afterwards she complained of all sorts of electronic problems going on in her apartment.

I specifically asked the mother in Ohio if there had been other odd instances of unusual dozing off to sleep episodes following anomalous events. “YES!” she replied. “I know that my eldest son and I have experienced this on numerous occasions. In fact, I was looking through my old notes of crazy things that happened over the past 3-4 decades and came across this classic example: 'My husband (at the time) and I were awakened by a beeping sound reminiscent of the noise a smoke detector makes. We commented on it, and then went back to sleep. I wrote it in my notes, because it made no sense. If we thought a smoke detector was going off, why didn't we investigate?'”

The eldest son, like the daughter, have had UFO experiences and a lot of paranormal episodes too. “I see spirits of deceased and can sometimes communicate,” the daughter noted. “Once I spontaneously channeled someone. I have no recollection of it, but my cousin witnessed it.” The brother recalled a time when a female ufonaut appeared in his bedroom one night when he was away at an out-of-state grad school and he was taken aboard a craft and soon was orbiting the earth in the company of the grays.

The curious falling to sleep aspect I've been aware of for quite sometime. For example, I was visiting a woman in Massillon, Ohio in 1975 who describing having a series of UFO related encounter events. She recalled how one morning around 3 a.m. she awakened to see a “green globe” suspended over her stomach. “I'm looking at it not at all upset,” she told me. “Like it was the most common thing in the world. Like maybe I was watching a fly walk across the ceiling or something. And I just turned over calmly and went to sleep and the next morning I woke up and I said, 'What in the world was that?'” That same year, while visiting a woman experiencer at her home in Mayport, Florida, she described seeing a disc-shaped UFO up close and having poltergeist activity soon after, followed by 3 a.m. visitations by a humanoid figure at her bedside. She added: “In any event, anytime I've had these experiences I've always fallen right asleep and slept very well, and woke up feeling very refreshed.” In 1975, I also had an experience where I saw a swarm of small pulsating white translucent spheres of light in the hallway outside of my bedroom in Hallowell, Maine. Uncharacteristically I had no fear whatsoever during this odd experience, and even though I somehow knew there was someone standing behind me, I never turned around, but instead continued to stand in the middle of my room facing the open doorway, where the lights appeared. Soon it was all over, and I immediately found myself back on my bed staring up at the ceiling. I later found a name for this kind of altered consciousness, called “trance logic,” wherein you don't react to things like you normally would. They're fairly common in religious visionary experiences [I was going through a spiritual crisis at the time] and the so-called alien contact syndrome.

I continue to hear these stories. A few months ago, a woman experiencer was telling me of how three humanoid beings appeared one night at her bedside. She said she reached out and touched one on the chest. “You'd think I'd be freaking out,” she told me. “I just kind of non-chalantly rolled back over and went to sleep. Like it was nothing. It wasn't until the next day that it was wow. I didn't feel threatened. I didn't feel fear. It was almost as if it was normal.”

Just prior to putting this final version of this story online, I'm informed that the young Las Vegas mother has been having “some uncanny intuitive things happen since her UFO experience...”

Here's two examples: 1) At her job she told her manager that their supervisor, who only shows up at the work site once or twice a year, was going to visit the next day. Sure enough the next morning she walked in the door! She was asked afterwards, “Are you psychic or something?”

2) The next day, this supervisor phoned and said she was missing her security badge. It was felt that it was perhaps somewhere at the work site, but again the young mother told her manager that the supervisor would find the badge on the floor of her car. Later a call came in that the badge was found on the floor of her car...call off the search!


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