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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2018


I have pondered for many years the story of a preacher in the church I belonged to as a teenager and young adult (Assemblies of God) who had a series of visitations by angels. The whole thing is compelling and it's one that 'stays' with me. Lots to the account, but what popped into my mind was when he had an OOBE while preparing a sermon late one Saturday night. He went to a heavenly realm and was told a series of events that would happen in the near future. These were 'written' instantly on a piece of what appeared in the 'vision' to be parchment. These events though were instantly retrievable in his memory, so there was no need to even read them, although they were ledgible on the 'paper.' He returned to his study room, and it was only as he saw the whting hairs at the back of his head that he realized he was out of body. So, he's now fully awake at his desk, and IN HIS HAND is the 'sheet of paper'!! He further described that it was like a piece of leather, torn at the edges. He didn't know what to do with it, so left it on his desk at the church and went home and told his wife about it. The next morning, a Sunday, on returning to the church, he went into his office and the paper was now a thick layer of lacy, fluffy, grayish-colored ashes! These were apparently seen by a number of folks and eventually 'evaporated' completely, leaving no residue! Shades of Angel hair!

The story and the whole context are available in public domain from the remarkable books about Pastor Roland Buck, Angels On Assignment and The Man Who Talked With Angels. These books are both online at: https://www.angelsonassignment.org/

The story is in Chapter 4, entitled “My Visit to the Throne Room.”

Chip in Florida

Wednesday, May 29, 2024