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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2018

Not your typical Bedroom Visitation

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Barrio La Plazuela, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Date: December 2002
Time: 22:30 – 23:00
The witness, a young woman, (anonymous) had just gone to sleep when she suddenly woke up realizing that there was a figure standing at the edge of the bed. The human-like figure appeared to be wearing a sort of metallic mask which frightened the witness. She told the strange visitor not to hurt her and then she heard a strange voice telling her, “Don’t be afraid. I am not going to hurt you”.

However, the witness insisted and begged the stranger not to harm her, that she had ‘somebody’ that needed her and depended on her. The stranger responded, “I know that you have an autistic son. Don’t be afraid”. Immediately after the stranger took off the metallic mask. The witness noticed that the figure was about 1.60m in height, with smooth features, a gray colored face covered in what appeared to be acne-like blemishes. It had very large dark eyes. Since it had been a hot night she was practically naked. However, the stranger did not look at her body; just stared directly at her eyes. The figure then led her to the kitchen and sat her on top of the table and then proceeded to place what appeared to be a very sophisticated needle on her right temple, just above her eyebrow. He then placed another needle that resembled the hands of a watch in between both eyebrows, almost in the center of her forehead. She was unable to move, and felt as if she was “hypnotized”. The stranger then placed a small computer-like object in the center of the table. She could hear everything around her but could not move. The needle in the middle of her forehead seemed to move around as if measuring impulses.

While she watched another figure appeared, this one about 2-meters in height, with white skin, who then looked at her intently. This second figure was carrying a sort of clay-like base that contained small purplish flowers. He then produced a small container and in that container placed the flowers. He then went into the kitchen and the witness could hear him moving things around. From the kitchen this second figure asked the first one if he was tired, if it needed any help. However, the first figure answered, “No, I like this job. I like doing this very much”. “But you seemed tired” answered the second figure. He then came out of the kitchen carrying some sort of purple liquid which he had apparently made from the little purplish flowers. He then rubbed some of that liquid on the first creature’s forehead. This one then said, “I have my energy back”. For several more minutes he stared at the witness’s eyes while he manipulated the needle and seemed to take notes.

The taller creature then approached and asked the first one to ask the witness if she was married. He answered, “No she is not but is involved in a serious relation. She is very valuable” and kept taking notes. Moments later he removed the needles, first the one on the center of the forehead and then the other one by the right temple. Then without saying a word he carried the witness back to her bedroom and dropped her on the bed. The witness, who felt disoriented did not notice when the strangers left and soon fell asleep. She woke up around 8 a.m. (she usually woke up around 6am). She told her family what she had experienced and remembered that both creatures or figures were wearing “astronaut-like” outfits and spoke perfect Spanish. Apparently, they were able to read her mind.

Source: Jorge Montenegro, “Extraterrestres: Los Ovnis en Honduras” pp. 295-297                                                   

                                       Translated by Albert S Rosales

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