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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2018

From the files of Brent Raynes
Fantastic Story of Boy in Olavarria

by: Brent Raynes

He Spoke with the crew of a UFO Who Gave Him a Paper. They Wore Red Sweaters. The Lower Half of their Bodies Was Transparent. The Paper Did Not Get Wet.

Newspaper: “La Tribuna,” Rosario, Argentina
Date: Wednesday, July 3, 1968

Today at mid-day, “La Tribuna” held a telephonic conversation with Mr. Pagano, editor of the Olavarria newspaper “El Popular,” to get firsthand news about the facts of a spectacular event that occurred in the zone. This is the fantastic story that Mr. Pagano told “La Tribuna”:

An unusual and fantastic happening has stirred the town of Olavarria. The incident took place yesterday, Tuesday, 2nd, a little after mid-day in an area close to the village of Sierra Chica.

The correspondent of the Olavarria newspaper “El Popular,” Mr. Heriberto Propatto, called the editorial offices of the paper to give them the news. A reporter and a photographer immediately rushed to the scene of the occurrence, which was the home of Mr. Heriberto Iriart, whose son, Oscar Heriberto, aged 15, was the one to see the apparition.

The mother of the boy cried disconsolately, because she said “they” had told him they would return to take him away with them. The Iriart family consists of the parents and four children. They are honorable people. Oscar, the protagonist of the incident, is a fair-haired boy with light colored eyes that have a frank and intelligent expression. He is a book-keeper and helps his parents with the work on the farm.

Oscar repeated his story to the reporter. He said that at about 12:30 yesterday he was (revisiting) the farm on horseback. At that particular moment he was headed for the spot where several fence posts were deposited, with the idea of picking them up to take them home.

“I was riding along the fence,” he said, “when, near a corner of the field, I saw two people who made signs to me to approach them. At first I thought they were people who were hunting birds, so that I went nearer without any fear. When I was close to them, I saw a strange machine standing nearby.”

At our request, Oscar made a drawing of an object of elliptical shape, with three legs on the underside. It was two meters long and about 60 centimeters high. He declared that the legs measured about 55 centimeters and that one of them was set further back than the other two. It was painted silver gray and was perched near a culvert at the side of the road. It consisted of two parts, divided longitudinally by a line that separated what appeared to be the top of the lower half.

The boy continued his descriptions by saying that those who had called him had a human look about them, and they spoke in a way that was exactly similar to that of people here on earth. They had very little hair, but what impressed him most was their eyes, which were sunk into the sockets and had a fixed look, that is to say they did not move them at all.

From the waist up they were dressed in a red garment which the boy Oscar compared to a sweater. But the most surprising thing was that from the waist down they were completely transparent, so that you could see the space behind them. Their feet were visible and were covered by some kind of black boots.

Oscar said that they told him he was going to know the world. To which he replied that he would when he had money, thinking that it was a joke. Then they gave him an envelope with a paper inside, on which was written in ill traced letters, the following message: “YOU ARE GOING TO KNOW THE WORLD.” They then told him to put the paper in water.

“I went close to the fence,” said Oscar, “and put my hand through the wires to submerge the paper in a pool of water at the side of the road near the flying saucer. You can imagine my surprise when neither the paper nor my hand got wet!”

“We are not taking you with us now because we are loaded, but we will return for you.” This is what the boy declares the strange beings said to him. Then they went to the flying saucer, lifted the top and got in. Soon after the apparatus took off vertically and disappeared without making any noise. It was lost in the mist at about 30 or 40 meters up.

“I would like to have run away on my horse,” Oscar declared, “but I couldn't do it, because the animal would not respond to the whippings I gave it. It was only after they had disappeared that the animal started to gallop.”

Reporters from “El Popular” went to the spot where the incident happened, which is a few thousand meters from the Iriart house. There were three depressions there, clearly marked in the ground, forming almost a perfect triangle at first sight. The photographers from “El Popular” took some pictures and measured the sides of the geometrical figure with a piece of string. To their surprise they discovered a complete equality of two sides of an isosceles triangle. If the boy's tale was amazing, even more amazing was the proof of it! They then measured it precariously with what means they could find at hand. They drove small stakes into each one of the angles of the triangle, and they fixed a piece of string to pass through the center of each of the holes, thus marking the perimeter. Later, with pieces of newspaper conveniently folded, they made a model of each of the angles, and their surprise increased on proving that each of them coincided perfectly. This meant the triangle was perfect. The depth of the holes was the same in every case, about 11 ½ centimeters, which, added to the measurements they had taken of the sides and angles, allowed them to make an experiment. They drew the triangle formed by the legs of the flying machine on a clean sheet of paper, and the measurements were the following:

Base: 2 meters 58 centimeters along each of the side; height: 1 meter 21 centimeters; base angles: 50 degrees each; upper angle: 80 degrees while the angle formed where the height bisected the base was 90 degrees. This showed the perfection of the isosceles triangle. All these measurements served to dissipate any doubt that the reporters might have had regarding the origin of those little holes. What means could a youngster in the heart of the country have had to trace such a perfect figure with such equality in the depth of the depressions that they also formed a perfect cone with a slight slope toward the geometrical center in their upper part?

“If we had had to do it ourselves to play a trick,” the editor of the Olavarria newspaper “El Popular” told us, “we wouldn't have been able to do it half as well.”

Sergeant Colonel Fired His Gun Against a Saucer

The telephonic story of the sub-editor of our colleague, “El Popular” of Olavarria, ran like this:

“There is something very interesting in this terrifying apparition. It is this: 47 year old Sergeant Colonel, in charge of the service that guards the street in Sierra Chica where the Police Post is, received the announcement of the Iriart boy as a joke, saying, 'It's all fantasy! I don't believe in any saucers other than those that my wife puts on the table.' Nevertheless, he walked chuckling toward the place indicated by the boy. Four neighbors accompanied him.”

“What happened after that, colleague?”

“Well, he now believes in flying saucers! On reaching the site of the apparition, he had to stop brusquely. About 75 meters away, some 100 meters up in the air, was the phantasmagoric saucer. Suddenly, to the horror of the five men, it swung toward them. It was a moment of logical terror. The saucer, amid an infernal noise, was coming straight at them! What did they do at that dramatic moment? Well, they threw themselves on the ground. The sergeant, who had not altogether lost his serenity, fired several shots at the saucer with his service pistol. The saucer passed over them, flying from north to south. Terrified, they watched it fly away and later disappear, all in a lapse of about four minutes.”

“Have you seen these people, Mr. Pagano?”

“Yes. Yes, they came to our offices. I must tell you that they arrived here still under the influence of terror, their eyes completely red to a maximum degree.”

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