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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2018

Quantum Entanglement and Synchronicity
Part Eight
The Truth Is All Important
Part Nine

by: Stan Morrison

Part Eight

The general public seems to find it difficult to realize that space is not only “out there,” but that we – our Earth – is part of “out there,” so to speak. It is difficult for most of us to envision ourselves, our realities, our planet, as a mere object in an outer cosmos, rather than being a central or center of the cosmos. It is normal and natural, at our present stage of awareness, to be “cosmo-centric.”

The matter of the matter is “dark matter.” Dark matter is a fact of physics, quantum physics, and basic astronomy.

The effects of psi and the other invisible part of the Universe, “dark energy” and “dark matter,” are rather simple and unmistakable. We've always known that quantum physics must be at play in haunted houses. Now we know it is at play throughout our physical reality, including our beings.

Dark energy, as we have accepted it scientifically, makes up three quarters of the Universe, and is responsible for what gravity can't explain. It's the cause of the expansion of all visible matter we can either see or deem in the EM spectrum we know. Dark energy, as far as science knows, is an omni-present energy. The scientific confirmation of “dark energy” is from the coalescence of astrological bodies, mainly galaxies, and further the expansion of the Universe.

Dark matter, is another matter, only in the sense that its effects are identified as localized for certain in our Milky Way Galaxy. It explains causation not visible by any spectrum analysis. Yet, through material observation, must exist, and can pretty much be seen by its results. The “matter” remains unidentified, but there are plenty of suspects, such as exotic things like neutrinos and “nonzero masses.”

I know those objects “flew” out of the back rooms at the Morris house (psychokinesis). Perhaps it's uncommon, but in my field – parapsychology – these events occur and are real. Again, the quantum mechanical effects and effects resemble dark matter and energy beyond chance, in my opinion.

It wasn't until 1998 that the dark matter/energy theory became so widely accepted by science, including astronomy and astrophysics, that today it is pretty much considered fact.

Astronomer Dan Hooper, in his book Dark Cosmos: In Search Of Our Universe's Missing Mass and Energy (2006), points out how it took the hard work and dedication of namely scientist Vera Rubin, that the “invisible part of the Universe,” became accepted and realized. Others participated in the effort, of course, and Hooper writes how Vera Rubin along with W. Kent Ford published in 1970 a focus on dark matter entitled, “Rotation of the Andromeda Nebula from a Spectroscopic Survey of Emission Regions.” It appeared in the Astro-physical Journal. “By the 1980s,” Hooper writes, “much of the astrophysics community had come to accept the conclusion of Rubin's work...”

Instantaneously, the phenomenon of “telepathy” (imagery and even verbage) transfers from point “A – B” (brain to brain) without any physical EM interference, interruption, or hesitation. This is “quantum entanglement,” as experienced by a telepath; and his/her receiver. And the quantum entanglement nature reveals its dynamics even more dramatically as a telepath (or psi agent) ventures further into this realm.

Whatever causes these numerous individual cases of quantum entanglement as a psi agent, meaning whether it be physiological and medical or something else, it is more common than we realize.

The psi agent life in quantum entanglement is a life not easy. It happens at different levels, from uncontrollable mediumship, to universal telepathics and PK. Those we usually trust, medical doctors (psychiatrists) brand them schizophrenics. When a person understands what is happening to them, i.e., a paranormal experience, and it is confirmed by someone, management of the crisis can be achieved. The limitations of a happy life dwindle, and a true purpose – whatever that may be - will manifest.

I'm sure most readers have heard of Ted Serios and his “thoughtographs.” Serios appeared on the psychic scene in the early sixties, with the claim he could – through forced-thought alone – manifest locations, other various images, etc., directly onto photographic film contained in a camera. His photographs were very impressive. He even was tested while in a Faraday Cage (electrostatic shield) and was still able to, it is claimed, produce images onto film located outside of the cage. Of course, this would suggest the source of the phenomenon was not anything electrical coming from him.

I have included a photograph for this chapter that I received in 2000 from my mother who snapped the pic with a cheap, 35 milimeter camera containing a flash. She believed it was extraordinary, and felt she could identify images of “hearts” among the smoky formations surrounding the man being photographed, her husband Herb Moulton.

When I first saw the photo, I recognized it as no different than the “ectoplasmic” photos I once had in my collection, and which formed images (mostly crude outlines). In an earlier chapter, I described how I burned these photos because of the dozen people who lost their lives in the Morris Tornado.

But as with those photos, I still received from this one the same opinion about their nature. I'm sure the “phenomenon” in the photo(s) is not cigarette smoke, even though both photographers smoked. These “ectoplasmic-type” photos are not as uncommon as one would think. I'd seen others that are even more impressive than the ones I've had.

In my opinion, what we are seeing is a manifestation from an intelligent force, external, appearing in an omni-visual field of perception, that not only is connected to the mind, but the environment, the planet, and universal energy, originating all around us in space, locally and non-locally. It knows a lot more about us than we do about it. It is both benevolent and benign, and probably is a cosmic force we're just beginning to recognize and understand. Right now, we could consider it both physical and non-physical. These manifestations shine a light on the “dark” in dark matter.

Demonic, devilish, or evil entities, as a haunting reality, do not negate the central idea of dark matter and its role behind psychic phenomena. Demons, etc., are products of a larger force. Human beings, not concerning the internal nature of our biology, are confronted all too often with the demonic in its exterior form. It is said Jesus placed us above these beings, and even the angels, for those who “love him” and “keep his commandments.” Even though the demonic situations may change, the overall cosmic force does not change. Perhaps through knowledge and technology, there will be an ultimate elimination of actual “Evil” and the “demonic.” Let's hope so. It should be said that the malevolent nature of psi is a stasis state only when dark matter is meshed with our nervous systems, brains, consciousness, and systems of belief. There would be no Evil without us.

Everyone likes and enjoys physicist Stephen Hawking, the scientist who unfortunately had a severe

cerebral stroke many years ago and still operates (and even writes and teaches) from a high-tech wheel chair and a great medical device that allows him to speak. His scientific influence and opinions are almost taken as divine fact. It is little known that he has been wrong on a few documented occasions. Stephen recently announced to the world that we should be careful (if not cancel operations) when using radio telescopes in attempts to contact high-tech, extraterrestrial civilizations via radio telescopes. His “scholarly” opinion is that we may be welcoming “hostile” intelligences and alert them about our safe and secure location in the galaxy.

Though one of the great scientists of our time, Hawking, as with many others, knows virtually nothing about UFOs and UFO research. But that's the way it's always been – great scientists writing off the UFO phenomenon as anything real or significant.

In 1990, Stephen Hawking had an open bet (the handwritten contract is reproduced in Hooper's book) with Kip Thorne as to whether the star Cygnus X-1 was centered by a black hole. Hawking bet a one-year subscription to Playboy that it did not, while Thorne put up a six-year subscription to Private Eye that it did. Ultimately, Thorne enjoyed a subscription to Playboy, as it was a black hole, as was long suspected.

It should be said that not all UFO intelligences are benign, covert observers. There are many cases and examples of UFO “hostility.” No one ever said they were boy scouts, but clearly the overall phenomenon poses no direct threat to our civilization. They evidently are playing an anthropological/sociological role by merely being observed. And often they appear in clear and magnificent ways.

As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, I believe, based on observation, that “synchronicity” is often a projection and can be traced to the structure of our brains, the R Complex, and mostly the participations of the right and left cerebral hemispheres; and along with a deep psychokinetic source.

When many people, schizophrenics and possession victims (sometimes one in the same), experience an almost overwhelming synchronistic life, they are operating in the experiential participation of the left hemisphere (rational, three-dimensionally grounded) and the right hemisphere (intuitive, automatic, and spacial). It results in many forms of coincidences, as a projection, so to speak. It's all in coordinated actions of the right and left hemispheres. One can observe this as it happens, if one pays attention to the event. The energy source is lower parts of the brain and can even be external. I suppose a possessing agency could do this at will, if it has control of the brain.

It can also happen as a PK agent is responsible for the odd movement, and even levitation, of objects in the perception field, the energy source being in the system of the agent.

There are countless cases of synchronicity available in the literature and on the internet that would make sensational copy regarding examples of para-coincidences. Analysis would be from an outside, third-person perspective. Therefore, I'm using only those I've witnessed myself, and have been able to observe the probable causations and insights for these “visible traces” with “untraceable principles.”

There have been many times, even during the course of writing this book, that a thought containing a precise and highlighted word will be on my mind, and, upon entering the living room, things will synchronize and the word will be a major focus in the dialogue of a TV show then playing. It is all internal within me, but nonetheless is a synchronicity and not a pure “veridical hallucination.” This has happened enough times that I've been able to observe it numerous times. To me, my theory of a bi-polar

projection/production (the coincidence) has only been verified over and over. It took several observations before I became completely convinced I was correct concerning the bio-mechanics and projective nature of many synchronicities. I believe this is what mostly happens when “coincidences run amok,” as John Keel would say. For usually these agents/focuses of the coincidences are suffering demonic possession and even pure neurological disorders.

I've also had the opportunity to experience synchronicities where it is doubtful they are direct projections, no matter what type of psi could be in play, i.e., telepathy, PK, etc. The following is an example of “externally mediated synchronicity.”

Back in 2008, my wife, Linda, and I had visited my mother in Glendale, Arizona, sixty or so miles from our place in Mesa. Linda had done all the driving, there and back. At the time, we had a lot of things on our plate. On the way back I really got under Linda's skin, and so she was not taking any nonsense, and stopped our car in the middle of an offramp, took the keys and ran off. Even though I put cones around the rear of the car, it was a dangerous situation. For some reason, I walked down to the freeway. I had been asking God for help.

Immediately, as I reached the freeway, I looked to my left, and coming slowly in the slow lane was my uncle in his truck, Kenny, the minister. He stopped and picked me up, and by this time Linda had come back to the car. I thought it was amazing how Ken was there, considering the freeway was jammed with traffic. I figured one chance in ten thousand. We drove our way to the car, I got in, and Linda and I went on home to Mesa. She had forgiven me.

Later, I could in no way explain Ken happening, or being there, right at that time, other than the event being a miracle. Any psychic analysis simply lacks logic.

The fantastic coincidences where no central person or individual is concerned (and I'm sure the reader might be aware of many) only strengthens my idea that a number of synchronicities are due to an external source, or force. At this point, the metaphysics only has “logical positivism” to count on, since the math doesn't make sense.

Does this prove the external or X factor in such phenomena or synchronicities, as far as it being intelligently manifested? It certainly proves an X factor, but it does not explain the dynamics and mechanics. Unless we consider an X force of which we are only slightly aware, I think the “dark matter” fact should be taken into consideration.

Who knows as of now? Perhaps it will always be a case of an omnipresent and omnipotent Intelligence behind the scene; or great Being in charge.

Part Nine

The above is a quote from Ann Druffel of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in a letter she wrote to me back in the seventies. Ms. Druffel, a longtime colleague in the UFO business, gave some great advice. I was merely a small time, local L.A. writer, but I since then always took that advice as a bolstering of my journalistic ethics to remain objective and write only what I considered the truth.

In this final chapter, it is only what I as a psychonaut and journalist perceive to be the truth, no matter how complex events became or how strange the experiences became. It's always the “truth” that grounds one.

I've become more and more convinced that the entity attack back in the seventies was meant to be fatal. In other words, that “thing” tried to kill me. Maybe if I wouldn't have fought like a banshee, so to speak, it would have killed me. There is no doubt that the resultant infarct from the attack is a very serious medical matter, or a significant wound, resulting in a life-long disability because of the severe convulsions it causes.

Merely because there is a cosmic-physical reason behind psi and the paranormal in general doesn't mean there is no intelligence responsible for our supernatural beliefs. These supernatural or paranormal events – that reinforce our notions/beliefs – occur daily.

Perhaps it is all due to something that is “natural,” as I have pointed out. Again, this doesn't mean that this X force is non-intelligent. Dark matter is intelligent, if biological beings are involved. Clearly, it is omniscient, and perhaps omnipotent when it comes to us. Maybe we should realize its true cosmic identity. The truth is important.

Just to be safe, we should probably have a belief system with which to rely and ultimately feel a sense of safety. Sometimes many people are much better off living in a comfortable “bubble,” where complete truth is not necessarily a bad thing, but is absent. Clearly, this book is not for them. This book is merely a long-due culmination of years of research – the last stage. Some may disagree with what I deem to be the “truth.” But I've always tried to do the best I could.

I personally believe it is true that the phenomenon of synchronicity holds some ultimate answers to many important cosmic questions. In the mechanics and dynamics lie cosmic and ontological answers long sought by our greatest minds in several scientific disciplines.

I was given another interesting photograph back in 1999 by Linda, and which I published in the winter of 2000 in a feature article in Alternate Perceptions. I considered it a “synchronicity photo,” and appeared under the title of “Illusions of the Trickster.” Thanks to the experience and insight of editor Brent Raynes, he understood the central message of the piece. I've chosen to reproduce it here, as it reveals my notions from that far back on synchronicities being an indicator on the nature of profound issues. Unfortunately, I cannot locate the original photograph. But in the article, the photograph is reproduced, along with a blow-up focusing on the primary phenomenon.

“Whatever the force is behind psychic photographs, one thing becomes clear when such photos are analyzed – the agent that produces them is an illusionist, using existing light and minute movements to fabricate the manifestations. Indeed, as Keel, Little, and others have written, the source is a true 'trickster.'

“And, as psychic photos tend to suggest, the source behind external psi manifestations acts as an 'elemental,' simply because it is using conditions and energies in the material world to create images. Of course, this form of manifestation is probably what is occurring with many non-photographic manifestations such as ghosts and apparitions.

“The difference between a ghost or apparition sighting and a photograph manifestation is that the latter can be studied and analyzed at will. When it becomes evident that it is the existing conditions in the photograph that make up the (apparent) paranormal image, a number of parapsychologists will reject it outright as a flaw in the photograph. This, apparently, is what the intelligence behind such images wants, i.e., to be ignored and its true face to remain hidden and unknown.

“As an example, the accompanying photograph reveals how light reflected from the flash and light originating from a source being photographed can produce an unusual image. It is not that the images are a mere flaw in the photograph or that the percepients are faking such photographs, it is that the unseen or invisible force responsible is doing the faking – it creates an illusion of sorts. Such photos seem to always have been taken at night or indoors, where a flash unit (the source of light) is used.

“The accompanying photograph was taken on New Year's Eve, 1998, only a few hours before midnight. My wife, Linda, is sitting on the left in the photo while her friend is sitting on the right. My wife is pouring a glass of wine as the shutter is released. The anomalies in the photograph can be explained as due to movement and reflections from the flash. In the upper right-hand corner of the photograph were small, multi-colored Christmas lights. The trails extending from the small lights indicate camera movement. The anomalous image appearing around my wife on the left could be explained as due to the same movement or perhaps the movement of my wife. It looks like a classic ectoplasmic formation, but that would be an illusion for it almost definitely is a reflection (and movement) issuing from Linda's bright white blouse.

“Above my wife, on the closed window shade, is another reflection. It is small, but one can see the trails or light tracks extending to the left and the right. This is due to movement of the camera as the film is exposed. Could we write this photograph off as a mere flawed photographic image? Of course, one could come to that conclusion.

“Notwithstanding, perhaps we should take into consideration the light trail in the upper left-hand corner. It forms an obvious '99.' Is it mere coincidence that '99' would be visible on the eve of New year 19'99'? It could be just a coincidence – especially if it is assumed that other psychic photos were created the same way. But can it not also be suggested that an intelligence could lie behind them? If so, it's quite possible that the '99' synchronicity is not a mere coincidence.

“Spiritualists and spiritistic parapsychologists have long believed that normally invisible 'spirits' tap bioenergies from people in order to manifest as a ghost or apparition and become visible. These spirits also, it is believed, tap and manipulate elements and energies in the environment to create a visible form. The same is true in psychic photographs where the invisible force uses energies and existing conditions to create and produce a visible form.

“In fact, after studying a number of psychic photographs, I believe the unseen forces will utilize just about any existing condition to produce an image.

“Because the imges that manifest in many psychic photographs seem to be due to a deceiving intelligence hiding its true identity, the spiritistic theory is, in my opinion, quite viable. Back in 1976, Ed and Lorraine Warren (spiritistic investigators) outlined in The Demonlogist the typical activities of demonic spirits, such as when they are most active, where exactly they reside in the bio-system, etc. They found that demonic activity, including possessions, occur most frequently during the Christmas holidays. This also seems to be the case with psychic photographs.

“An equally valid hypothesis, on the other hand, would be that the true force creating such images in photos is a dynamic of the collective unconscious. This would explain why such images appear almost subliminally in photos. And it is true that many psi manifestations seem to issue from the subconscious.

“Of course, there is no way to be 100 percent certain as to the identity of the agency responsible for these phenomena, whether it be spirits or a purely internal force such as the collective unconscious, but I wouldn't be surprised that the true answer lies somewhere in between.”

I now believe that “somewhere in between” is the cosmic force – the psychic X factor – we now know as dark matter. It permeates us and our world. We know this now as a scientific fact. Dark matter possesses the same queer qualities as what is observed in haunted houses. Such as levitating objects, and other phenomena and events of a “quantum” nature. Perhaps external entities are composed of dark matter. Perhaps others are hyper-projections of primarily an electromagnetic nature. One clue most likely is the “luministic” characteristics of some ghosts or apparitions. In any event, I'm convinced both energies are normally blended, in a purely natural way.

UFOs seem to be very similar, some entirely an EM energy form, some physical constructs but with a reality altering X factor – dark matter. The technological intelligences behind the latter clearly understand the complete principals of dark matter – an integral aspect of the biological. Man has only recently realized this major force is a reality.

That subtle movement of the camera, which created the “99” from a lens flare, was intentionally created (a synchronistic photograph) by dark matter in unison with what we call the “collective unconscious.”

I believe what we know as “spirit” to be dark matter. This includes individuals and the universal. The X factor is both inside us and outside us. It all has become much more tangible since the discovery of dark matter and dark energy.

The complexities of biology, physics, and the Universe can be viewed in a simplistic way – and still be precise and accurate. When it comes to the brain, as complex as it is, certain observations reveal a brain function and nature in how it operates in our daily world, both collectively and individually.

Politics has been presented or made out to the average person to be much more involved and complex than it actually is. In American politics and most others, it manifests as merely a right-left brain hemisphere dominance of our physical and social reality. I've seen it from the inside out, and though it is coupled with our spiritual and religious systems of belief, the truth is the truth and the facts are facts. We are all both left and right wing. In other words, reality is one thing, while our right or left political beliefs are another, based on perception. It all depends on ones position in life and other learned data as to what we'll accept as “politically correct.” All of this is fueled by the basic functions of the hindbrain or R Complex and the rest of the nervous system. Beyond this is spirit, or that quantum area I believe to be dark matter in its pure form. This is that intelligence that came from the solar plexus immediately after The Fifth Process, and just prior to the Morris Tornado.

I don't want there to be any misunderstanding here; I'm not saying it is a positive and negative force operating externally. It is above and beyond positive and negative. To me, the deadly tornado was the result of local earth energies, EM in nature. It was like a rubber band being held stretched for a considerable time (four years), then released suddenly. It was a psychokinetic effect.

Decay, and sometimes the spirits of decay (demons, etc.), are a purely space-time continuum issue with which we are all confronted on Earth. Some people, however, are in tune with pure spirit, and often overide this obstacle for many, many decades. They live, to our puzzlement, a hundred years or more. Power to them.

I've carefully examined the bigfoot issue in the United States, written a number of articles on the matter, and even had an encounter. Out of all the experts, I sincerely believe we should stick with the research and investigations of Canadian John Green, and, most especially Loren Coleman. There is a lot of data out there, but if one wants logic and consistency, it is those experts who any student of the phenomenon can surely trust. This “monster” phenomenon could be one of the greatest scientific issues, if we can attain physical evidence (DNA, remains, etc.), ever in our lifetimes.

There is a great deal of research, backed by evidence, that the creatures/beings are paranormal/extra-zoological that the hypothesis should be considered. And it has. Some apparitions in haunted houses or areas, as I have said, can be solid, and leave solid evidence. Glowing eyes, or other luminosities, are often observed in haunted environments.

As far as the hairy bipeds observed in the hundreds across America, and around the world, and from my personal experience in Chino, California, I lean more towards cryptozoologist Loren Coleman's logical conclusion that these entities are likely some sort of Homo robustus, a believed-to-be extinct early biped. We know they existed from the fossil record. I put my money on this possibility.

The big “important truth” that is sought, and always has been sought, is the answer to the question of do we, as humans, consciously survive or continue intact after physical death. This is something we all definitely have in common.

My uncle, the pentecostal minister, somewhat recently gave me a bestselling book about a small boy who died and through medical technology was brought back to life. He remembered his time in “Heaven,” and even said, reportedly, that “in Heaven no one wears eye glasses,” as he did. Somewhat recently, it was disclosed that the whole story had been made up, a pure hoax or fallacy. That's unfortunate, as his story was so inspirational.

I stand firm that the “out-of-body experience” and/or “astral projection” does not prove that we humans survive death. It only proves there are potent phenomena that can be observed and recorded by us, in the living state. Survival has been the “big issue” as far as we are concerned.

Psychics and mediums communicating with and observing the dead, and long dead, are convincing. I had a friend who was in a terrible motorcycle accident and near to death (actually, he flatlined). In that state he told me he observed various souls of the dead walking around, in their hospital gowns. It certainly convinces the experiencer, and gives us all hope.

Virtually all of today's parapsychologists are convined by the evidence that we survive death. They are more modern and smarter than I am, so I'm not here to argue with them. I just feel all of that evidence which is presented can be explained by the entire paranormal scheme: ESP, projections from our innermost being, and psychokinesis. It really takes a personal experience to convince one that the dead are “alive,” so to speak. It seems it all is today taken for granted.

I'm surely hoping that the ghostic hell state is not what is in store for us and our loved ones. I think the real deal is only temporary. Perhaps some people can be photographed after death, but these are cases where, such as a poltergeist in most cases, are short-lived. These are not ghostic or apparitonal haunting phenomena, or at least the photographically captured. It lies somewhere in between what I once heard an experienced psychiatrist state: “There are no haunted houses, only haunted people.” There is truth to this. Our consciousness plus EM energy can produce all sorts of oddities.

Ever since the founders of psychical research, such as Sidgewick, Gurney, Myers, and others, “survival” was the target of their fantastic research and exploits. Wouldn't that be terrific – to prove we survive death, and the dead are in an existence all around us on the planet? I hope that's not what happens at my demise.

There is a considerable amount of data that we as researchers or investigators are encountering mostly a deceptive force(s). See “Encounters with the Unknown: Distorted Apparitions,” Alternate Perceptions magazine online, September 2013 (apmagazine.info).

Merely because I don't think the parapsychological data “proves survival of physical death,” doesn't mean we should become depressed, or conclude there is no “meaning” for our lives or existence. My notion can, I admit, create a great deal of arguement and dispair, or maybe make us confront the “truth,” since this is supposed to be important.

The somewhat new findings in astrophysics concerning dark matter/energy however (and that's a big however), may be a cosmic fact that “proves” more than simply “star stuff,” and the previously unknown magnificience and omnipotence of a “living universe,” but that we, after decay, may indeed have a soulful future.

Considering this solid fact, anything is possible, even real “survival.” Keep the faith. The answers may lie in future facts and science.


There were several issues I needed to record in It Is What It Is, but perhaps, in our larger scheme, and individually, the most important issue is what does all of this really mean to me?

Right now (2015), it appears to me that societal indications suggest that the natural forces of the Universe (entropy) may be the reality in our futures. Decay is a natural process, as death is a part of life. Clearly, we are in some sort of transition. The question is, will we survive this transition? It doesn't look so good right now. In my opinion, the United States needs a huge infusion of good jobs for people here, and this will not only bolster and enrich the country in general, but enrich the citizen – all citizens – spiritually.

I truly believe that if we don't already, we will in the future, survive death. As a species, we must first survive our current transition.

For the ufologist, we study and observe UFOs and UFO intelligences. Instead of being hostile Martians from science fiction, they appear to be intelligences “similar” to us who have survived transition and have evolved both physically and psychically (spiritually). This could be our future if we get our act together.

I seriously doubt we could survive – as a species – a World War Three. Life probably will, but I doubt we will.

God and nature know what they are doing, but mankind must be vigilant and brave and make correct assertive decisions. We owe it to our children.

SMC, 2015

Thursday, June 30, 2022